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Bazaarvoice partner benefits


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Why should you partner with Bazaarovoice

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Bazaarvoice partner benefits

  1. 1. Partners The Bazaarvoice platform offers partners an opportunity to deliver a wide range of services that help clients realise value through social customer engagement.
  2. 2. The Bazaarvoice Platform Bazaarvoice provides a SaaS platform that enables brands to create, capture, analyse, and share customer conversations. This drives acquisition and advocacy, increases sales, boosts customer loyalty, and reveals insights to improve the entire organisation. Conversations Bazaarvoice Conversations lets brands and retailers create social communities on their website and Facebook. Features include: • Ratings & Reviews • Questions & Answers • Campaigns • Moderation services • Rich media support • Brand to retailer content syndication • Facebook integration Connections Unanswered questions stop shoppers from buying. When brands interact with consumers directly on external retail sites, conversion rates increase and return rates decrease. Bazaarvoice Connections enables brands to engage end consumers in the retail channel in a highly scalable manner by answering questions at the point of customer need.
  3. 3. The Bazaarvoice Platform Intelligence Bazaarvoice Intelligence lets businesses uncover specific product and service insights that drive smarter innovation, development, and merchandising. Insights also identify advocates and influential consumers, letting businesses target their marketing efforts for better returns. • Spot and fix potential issues to decrease returns and improve satisfaction. • Learn exactly which products, services, and features consumers want, optimize your portfolio and drive new product innovation. • Power more profitable retailer-supplier relationships by sharing insights and building better consumer experiences. Moderation and Authenticity All content on the Bazaarvoice platform is screened by trained moderators to ensure brand protection, regulatory compliance and relevance, all based on client-specific guidelines. Moderators also tag content for specific business insights like product improvements or service comments. Moderation is available in over 30 languages. Customer trust is built on authenticity, and the Bazaarvoice platform includes fraud detection software that ensures that the content submitted is not fraudulent or in any way manipulated.
  4. 4. The Service Opportunity Creating customer centricity involves a lot more than technology. It requires a methodical approach and a range of services. For service providers, this means a wealth of opportunities to deliver measurable results each step of the way. Plan Plan 1-3 months Engage 3-6months Scale 3-6 months Learn 4-6months Transform 6+months Engage Scale Learn Transform Ensure that all parts of the business are involved and engaged • • • • • • Form project teams Social strategy alignment Analytics/measurement planning Performance assessment SEO/SEM alignment Launch planning Design, build, launch and integrate Conversations • UX/Design of site integration • Technical integration • Volume campaigns via email, site promotions, social networks, contests, gamification and more • In-store and print campaigns • On-going UGC-related campaign creation Widen the scope and usage of usergenerated content • In-store • Mobile • Contributororientated marketing • Loyalty programme integration Apply insights to enhance marketing efforts • Customer segmentation • Adjust marketing copy to reflect customer voice • “Top rated” based marketing • Identify and rectify product marketing gaps • Targeted marketing based on profile and sentiment Integrate voice of the customer into business processes • • • • • • • Community engagement • Influencer/Advocacy programme • Content syndication • Social networks • CRM integration Product innovation and development Trading and merchandising Customer Service Marketing Implement channel question answering Consolidate learnings for use in other brands and geographies
  5. 5. Why It Matters 86% 84% of UK shoppers rely on customer ratings and reviews to make a purchase decision. of 15-34-year-olds report that user-generated content influences what they buy. Customer loyalty/advocacy is the #1 digital priority of CMOs About Bazaarvoice Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Stockholm and Sydney, Bazaarvoice brings the voice of customers to more than 1,800 clients globally. Bazaarvoice social software helps clients like Best Buy, Costco, Dell, Macy's, P&G, Panasonic, QVC, and USAA create social communities on their brand websites and Facebook pages where customers can engage in conversations. Contact Gonzalo Higueras Hare European Partnerships Director o: +33 1 5660 5484 m: +33 634 660118