7 Steps to a successful ServiceNow Implementation


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The key to getting the most out of ServiceNow, a great ITSM tool, is ensuring you have effectively captured your technical requirements and then have successfully implemented them in-line with your own business objectives. This avoids putting bad processes on an expensive tool, thus saving time and money.

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7 Steps to a successful ServiceNow Implementation

  1. 1. 7 steps to a successful ServiceNow® implementation
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  5. 5. Disclaimer:  Gartner  does  not  endorse  any  vendor,  product  or  service  depicted  in  our  research  publica6ons,  and  does  not  advise   technology  users  to  select  only  those  vendors  with  the  highest  ra6ngs.  Gartner  research  publica6ons  consist  of  the  opinions  of   Gartner’s  research  organiza6on  and  should  not  be  construed  as  statements  of  fact.  Gartner  disclaims  all  warran6es,  expressed  or   implied,  with  respect  to  this  research,  including  any  warran6es  of  merchantability  or  fitness  for  a  par6cular  purpose.    
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  7. 7. “  It’s seldom the tool that’s the problem ”  
  8. 8. April  27  –  May  1,  2014  –  San  Francisco,  CA   Industry Insight A significant number of ServiceNow® users admitted that their implementations failed, not because of the software, but because of a lack of attention to both process and requirements!
  9. 9. ”Leading CIOs understand that IT service management should be strategic, extending far beyond the operational use of ITSM tools and processes to provide a business-focused service leadership approach.” The IT Service Management Unified Framework: Linking ITSM to Business Value and Maturity - March 2014 Gartner Group ”Process is usually the lowest maturity discipline, but organizations that are more mature than average can see a 7% cost advantage over their less- mature counterparts.” Improve I&O Maturity to Drive Greater Cost-Efficiency - September 2013
  10. 10. Why do you think implementations fail?
  11. 11. There is no need for process, implement ”out of the box”. Process takes too long & it is hard work. We’ll just do a ”lift and shift” from our old tool. The last project that focused on process failed. Our management says - 6 months? Just slam it in! It’s SaaS, just turn it on.
  12. 12. 7 Steps to a successful ServiceNow® implementation 1.  Identify & correct process gaps 2.  Leverage templates 3.  Be inclusive and collaborative 4.  Don’t be a process snob 5.  Stay agile while limiting scope creep 6.  Remember - training is important 7.  Build a governance plan 7   Cri8cal  Steps  
  13. 13. Identify & correct process gaps •  There is absolutely no sense in putting “bad process” on great software like ServiceNow® –  Take to the time to assess: •  What works today •  Where is the process failing •  What aspects of the user experience needs improving •  How can you improve efficiency and reduce cost
  14. 14. Leverage templates •  Why start from scratch? –  Understand what works today and leverage that in your project –  Use best practices like ITIL®, CobiT® or ISO20000 as a guide –  Remember to insert your reality as there is no such thing as “out of the box”
  15. 15. What are you calling your implementation project?
  16. 16. Be inclusive and collaborative •  70% of a great ITSM program happens outside of ServiceNow® –  Processes built in a vacuum, in isolation, will not get adoption –  People need to understand “why” - understand your audience –  People need to be heard if you are to expect their support and adoption –  Balance consensus with getting things done
  17. 17. Don’t be a process snob •  You are not the ITIL® police –  Refrain from sentences that begin with “ITIL® says…” –  Who is to say what you are doing is not a best practice, or at least best for your organization –  Keep your diagrams simple, processes need to be easy to understand –  Remember that people learn in different ways, a Visio diagram may not be enough for some folks
  18. 18. Stay agile but limit scope creep •  Agile does not mean you can wing it –  Requirements should be gathered up front - “out of the box” seldom works –  Map business outcomes to tool and data requirements –  Identify the mandatory fields, define pick lists, figure out the triggers –  Make sure you are capturing the right data to produce metrics –  Validate often, but do not be afraid to push things to the next release
  19. 19. Remember - training is important •  Do not assume that everyone “gets it” –  People constantly ask for features that are already in the tool –  People need to be trained on the process as well as on ServiceNow® –  Build a plan that address all stakeholders –  Consider using multiple training formats, from instructor led to CBT –  Try to use respected “go to” people to deliver the training
  20. 20. Build a governance plan •  No sense in building a process if nobody follows it –  Processes naturally erode over time if left ungoverned –  Make folks accountable for the processes –  Establish control objectives and ensure they are met –  Make friends with your auditors and build a process that in in-sync with their requirements Process will erode if left ungoverned Avoid the thrashing
  21. 21. In summary •  ITSM delivers savings •  There is more to an ITSM program than a tool •  ServiceNow® is a great tool, do not put bad process on it •  There are many failed projects, do not add your name to the list •  Avoid “lift and shift” and the myth of “out of the box”
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