Infinite Myriaads launches 2 new programs


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Infinite Myriaads (P) Ltd is a multi domain vocational and corporate training company having trained over 15000 employees in the last few years.

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Infinite Myriaads launches 2 new programs

  1. 1. Infinite Myriaads launches 2 new programs Infinite Myriaads (P) Ltd is a multi domain vocational and corporate training company having trained over 15000 employees in the last few years. India -- -- Nov 21, 2013 -- We offer training programs across Retail, Financial Services, Hospitality which includes sales, service, products, operations, soft skills etc. We have launched 2 new initiatives 1. Training for Students and Teachers in Educational Institutes o Myriaads Kids – Myriaads Kids program enhances on life skills, which are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable children to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Conducted for students from calss 5th to 10th o Myriaads Corporate Readiness Program from Infinite Myriaads is a specially designed programme for students from colleges to help them get their dream job and make a smooth transition into the job when they start working. The programme seeks to make the participants introspect, hone up their corporate skills, enjoy the fun-filled activities and gain knowledge & self-confidence. o Myriaads Teacher Facilitation Program has been designed for teachers from schools and colleges to help them combine the knowledge with the social skills to make the students feel both valued part of the class as well as an individual with a unique contribution to make o Language Development Program – There are 3 levels of English speaking courses we conduct which the learner can choose from depending on the level of proficiency they have for the language Read about the programs here: 2. IM-Elearning - is our 2nd initiative added to our portfolio of services. IM-Elearning is our branded elearning offer for individual and corporates o CORPORATE ELEARNING CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS - Our customised e-learning solutions allow you to take training to the next level. We develop customised e-learning solutions based on your requirement and use wide range of Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. presentation tools including digital imagery, video, and voice over to bring life to your material. We utilize simulations, tutorials, games, slideshows etc to explain the concepts to your employees while keeping them completely engaged. o INDIVIDUAL ELEARNING MODULES - E-learning has now been adopted and used by many individuals to gain knowledge at their own pace. Key advantages of E-learning are, Improved open access to education Improved interactions between students and instructors. Provision of tools to enable students to independently solve problems. Acquisition of technological skills through practice with tools and computers. About Infinite Myriaads: Infinite MyriaadsPvt. Ltd is one of India's leading education and learning & development solutions provider. Established in 2007 it offers a gamut of learning solutions to Retail, Financial Services, Education, and Hospitality sectors. Please Visit for more info: Contact Us: Infinite Myriaads Pvt Ltd. Corporate Office, Mumbai 14,Hingu Bhavan, 2nd floor, Sahar Road, Next to Andheri Station, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400 069. Telephone: 022-26834213 Fax: 022-26834237 Email: Website: Contact Information: Name: Sanjay Engineer Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. Company: Infinite Myriaads Pvt Ltd Telephone: 022-26834213 Page 3 of 3 Powered by TCPDF (