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Article review


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Article review

  1. 1. Much Stuff Is Too Much Stuff? The Art of DownsizingThe article is mainly about the relationship between of the value between happinessand collection of personal materials.People are increasingly sounding alarm bells over our dependence on material items:gadgets, clothes, and technology and the affect it’s all having on our well being, not tomention the planet.Author Graham Hill recently talked about his struggle with consumption for the NewYork Times “Somehow this stuff ended up running my life, or a lot of it; the things Iconsumed ended up consuming me.” He added, that how simplifying his life havehelped him finding his own happiness.The trend indicates that people are realizing, which is one of the Buddhists’ believes,that material wealth does not lead to satisfaction, but rather suffering -- for ourselves,and the Earth. The Dalai Lama wrote in The Path to Enlightenment, that a materialisticmind is extremely fragile and unstable, since its happiness is based on the physicalcircumstances, which does not last long.
  2. 2. This article is related with our garbage issue, since garbage is closely related topurchases. If people start to follow the trend of simplifying their lives and decrease theirpurchase rate, then less garbage will be dumped, which both contributes on the Earth’sand their happiness.Have an idea about the 5 creative ways of simplifying your life and contributing on yourhappiness by visiting this place: