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Gender Roles


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Gender Roles

  1. 1. Gender Roles Both women and men are stereotyped. Women are known as “housewives” while, men are known as the “providers”. Through the years they have broken down these stereotypes into what is common today.
  2. 2. Women Stereotypes Women from the 1930’s were commonly stereotyped as a domestic housewife. Females were often related with household chores and gossip.
  3. 3. Women Evolving Women are powerful enough to take men’s positions. 1956 females move up the corporate ladder. Females become liberated.
  4. 4. Women Over the Years Women have grown from stereotypes little by little. They have been breaking down the walls and showing everyone, including themselves, that they can do anything. That women do not need a mans’ help.
  5. 5. Women Today Women today have grown from the stereotypes that were common in the 20th century. They have developed into the thinking that they can take control.
  6. 6. Men Stereotypes Men were always seen as the strong one compared to a female. They were seen as the “providers” and the leaders. Men were always the one expected to work, and provide shelter food and support.
  7. 7. Men Over the Years Men have evolved from the stereotypes of being just the provider. They are not only seen as the provider but, the head of the households too. Males have changed the expectations that women and they themselves had.
  8. 8. • Much more men today stay home and are happy letting their wives be the “Breadwinners”. Men are also, known as the caretakers to children an d they occasionally work from home. Men Today
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  10. 10. Gender Roles Period 2 By: Amanda Gomez