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RGA - Public Affairs - 2010


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Information about our public affairs division, our strategy and the type of services we offer in the lobby area and public affairs.

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RGA - Public Affairs - 2010

  1. 1. Public affairs and lobbying Civil society in motion
  2. 2. Public affairs and lobbying | StrategyAlliances and relationships with governments and parliaments are strategic. Ci il societyAlli d l ti hi ith t d li t t t i Civil i tand governments benefit from these alliances. Make the relationship work well on bothsides depend on different factors: o Good knowledge of the Public Sector o Political reality knowledge (opportunity analysis) o Political, social and economic context knowledge (g g (general interest analysis) y ) o Knowledge of main actors and how can we influence them o Negotiation and a win-win sustained approach (…)
  3. 3. Public affairs and lobbying | Empathy and negotiation What s What´s the main reason for establishing a dialogue with Government and Public Sector? o The politician is a professional of politics; he needs «experts» to rule a sector o There is no sector or activity out of the scope of rules and political impact o The Spanish regional state multiplies the complexity of this phenomenon and the need of a dialogue o Spain is a highly regulated country with a deep ruling specialization o We are living a reality more and more interdependent that demands ongoing relationships
  4. 4. Public affairs and lobbying | Spain, Brussels,… o RGA / rosa gómez-acebo i an i t ó b is integrall communication consultancy o The consultancy has a Public Affairs and Lobby division strengthen globally trough strategic alliances with Waggener Edstrom and Omniconsul PT.
  5. 5. what we can do for you | services SUPPORT OPPORTUNITIES ALLIANCES C S Analysis
  6. 6. Consulting| The diagnosiso Concern analysiso Opinion climate analysis around a specific issue. issueo Political/parliamentary opportunity analysiso Issues (general interest?) Identificationo Strategy definition for each issue: o Scope (supranational, national, regional…) o Public map definition: o Who´s deciding? – How can I reach him/her o Who´s influencing? – How can I reach him/her o Who has interest similar to mine o Definition of a schedule for action ANALYSIS
  7. 7. Alliances | The unity and the strengtho Building allianceso Definition of the Company role inside the allianceo Main actors attractiono Leadership in coalition p p positioning: g o Definition and purpose of a joint strategy o Creation of shared basic contents ( media,…) ALLIANCES ANALYSIS
  8. 8. Opportunities | with open eyeso Identification of political/parliamentary opportunitieso Issues Monitoringo Anticipation of EU, national and regional agendas OPPORTUNITIES ALLIANCES ANALYSIS
  9. 9. Support | a continuos reinforcemento Documentary support improvement (legal, economic,…)o Contacts and meetings managemento Political documents adaptationo Speechwritingo Training for negotiation, public speaking…. SUPPORT OPPORTUNITIES ALLIANCES ANALYSIS
  10. 10. An what else? | the interdependenceo Support in th media when it´ S t i the di h it´s necessary. RGA has a professional team specialized in media relationships supporting the lobbying strategy. o … We are living in a world straddling the traditional and the on line realities. Knowing the rules of both sides and making this transition work is our mission. i i
  11. 11. The team| ‘we’ here and thereo RGA team: t o Rosa Gómez-Acebo, founder and CEO o Carmen Muñoz Jodar, Executive Director Jodar With the support of its international network: o Waggener-Edstrom team: o Hermann Schepers, Brussels office manager o John Jolliffe assistant manager Jolliffe, o Omniconsul Portugal -Joaquim Martins-Lampreia, CEO
  12. 12. Thank you C/ Príncipe de Vergara 55 4ºC - 28006 Madrid 55, 4 CPhone: +34 915 642 878 / Fax: +34 915 642 862