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The document highlights about the profile of Identity Brand Consultants and the services offered by the company. The company over the period has earned great insights in the MSME sector, through its clientele.

Feel free to connect with us, to know more about us.

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Identity brand consultants profile

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  2. 2. identity brand consultants Marketing and Communication solution for MSME and Services sector2
  3. 3. Who we are?Identity Brand Consultants is located in Thane; the company offersyou a complete range of Web Design, Advertising, Marketing andBrand Communication solutions, with more focus towards Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises. As of now we are the only companyin Vasai Industrial belt to offer Marketing Con sultancy Services.The company was established with a sol e perspective towardshelping and guiding MSME’s in the industrial belt of Vasai, DistThane. The agency is located in Vasai has a sprawling office, nearVasai rly stn. We have a team of high level w ebsite and cataloguedesigners who can manage all types of projects from Ecommercewebsites to Product manuals, etc. In today’s world it has becomeimportant to target your customers with the help of differentmarketing strategies.Most of these companies are more focused towards manufacturingof engineering products, while the rest focus on different sectors.While 80% companies focus on exports and 20% cater to thedomestic markets. Identity Brands plays a major role to help theMSME’s in strategizing th e marketing activity.The company plans to diversify into a full -fledged MarketingConsultancy for all types of business from manufacturing to trading,and from service sector to Healthcare and Pharma sector. Thecompany plans to introduce the concept of Out-sourced MarketingAgency which would partner with its client based on the assignedbudget to promote the company and its products to the targetaudience.
  4. 4. What We Do?Reaching out to the right target audience results in better ROI(Return on Investment) for marketing spend. Identity BrandConsultants offers a range of solutions for MSME (Micro, Small andMedium Enterprises) located in the industrial belt of Vasai East,District Thane like: Website designing and development Brochure / Catalogue designing Product catalogue and Manuals Business stationery Pay-Per-click and Search Engine Optimization Marketing Consultancy Public RelationsWith more focus on creating awareness and educating the usage ofcorporate websites, Identity Brands also plays a pivotal role indesigning company catalogues and brochures. We offer acomprehensive list of services to meet all requirement related tomarketing.2
  5. 5. Website DesigningWe provide small to large business web hostingand website design , following are some of ourpackages..Website design packages: 1. Ecommerce website 2. Professional Static website 3. Dynamic website with user login 4. Website Maintenance 5. Website re-designing1. Ecommerce website: E-commerce website is mostly relevant for online portals, and clients targeting products directly for customers which have an online facility of payments. We develop a variety of Ecommerce websites from online portals, shopping websites to only single ecommerce company website. Identity Brands can help you do business online, through a variety of powerful e - commerce development solutions along with software’s to facilitate the automation. We can help, to implement your idea of selling your services or products over the web, an integrate web store with payment gateways, shopping carts and your inventory database – integrated Ecommerce website.2. Professional Static website: Website Designing involves conceptualization, designing a collection of web pages that are collectively known as Website. Identity Brand Consultants offers different types of website designs – ranging from being as personal as sharing information and photographs with friends & family to professional web pages w hich act as a marketing tools providing information about your company.
  6. 6. 3. Dynamic website with user login: Easy to use, modify, update, and delete a web page that is what a Dynamic Website is all about. Dynamic websites are ideal for companies and industries offering products or services that change with time or are upgraded. On dynamic websites the information can be updated by the site admin without any technical expertise. These type of websites are most popular kind of websites for the companies , where in they have all the flexibility to change the content of the website especially companies trading in commodity items or the items in which content, prices, specification changes frequently, even the website with regular product addition / updating requires a dynamic website, such websites are database driven. Identity Brand Consultants designs and develops dynamic websites as per your requirement, and can feature the dynamic system in those particular pages, where frequent changes are required.4. Website Maintenance : All web sites need to be maintained in order to keep them up to date with the latest happenings in the company. Some sites need daily updates, for which they can opt for dynamic websites, while some others need occasional maintenance, which can includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date or adding of new web pages. I dentity Brand Consultants also monitors your site on an ongoing basis and make changes that improve the website perf ormance for faster download and improved content spread. We also install analytics, which help us to analyze how many visitors visit your website, and what they look at, which pages they visit, we can help in better re – structuring of website contents and navigation elements for increase business. We can manage PHP codes for all sorts of web applications. We provide monthly / yearly maintenance packages for minor updates to existing pages.4
  7. 7. 5. Website re-designing: If your website has been around for a while, with the same look and navigation it had, the excitement loses. Most of the regular visitors also feel the same, which can result in losing out on large chunk of business, just coz your website is outdated. Int ernet is one of the fastest growing medium, and most of the users are more interested in website which is clean, bright colors and loads faster. There are other reasons also like your business has changed its vision and is now focusing on other aspects of the business, your competition has much better website than you, the website content is outdated, also you might not be manufacturing / supplying the products listed, or the website has lots of broken links, etc. In such cases it is important to opt for r e-designing your website, we can give your website the most modern look and feel, with international colors.
  8. 8. Catalogue and BrochureDoes your catalogue command a second look? Does your company profilemake a statement? If NO, then you MUST check out our catalogue designservices. We will design your print communication from companycatalogues to product manuals to business communication. Our teams ofexpert designers are experienced and capable of delivering uniquecatalogue designs for your company, which can command a second lookand help in communicating your image better.Below is the list of services offered by IdentityBrand Consultants in the area of cataloguedesign: • Catalogue designing and printing • Leaflet Designing and printing • Sticker Designing and printing • Labels designing and printing • Letterhead designing and printing • Envelope designing and printing • Packaging designing and printing • Business Card designing and printing
  9. 9. Search Engine OptimizationWe provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions based on thetarget requirement of the client and their website. Through our in -houseteam we suggest tips and tricks to enhance your website for bettersearch engine rankings. SEO is connected and linked to the brandawareness and credibility of the company, as search engines rank thewebsite in their organic searches. With our SEO team’s help thecustomers can build credibility and get good search engine ranking.By optimization of your website, youget: • Higher Visibility • Higher Credibility • Increase traffic to website • Increase in leads and more customers • Increase in brand awarenessOur SEO services include the following • Search Engine analysis of your website • Link trading • Search Engine Optimization consultation • SEO Copywriting • Maintaining Blog • SEO Planning
  10. 10. Google Ad words or Pay-Per-ClickThere are more than 400 million searcheseveryday and for websites and information.Pay-Per-Click advertising is based on theidea of paying a search engine to display asmall ad within a page of search results forrelated searches of user’s choice. PPC allows the website to unnaturallygain a high visibility & receive traffic using paid placement platform. Theamount that th e customer has to pay to reach number 1 rank will dependupon the number of other advertisers that are bidding against you for thesame position and for that particular keyword. Our PPC specialists willdesign the whole campaign for your company based on t he industries youcater and the number of searches for those particular keyword.Your PPC campaign will be targeted towards relevant search phrases &preferably ones that only a few other advertisers are targeting. Thesuccess of PPC campaign is determined by analyzing the right targetgroup of search phrases that the customer wants to trigger. The best partis the customer can get record of each click and this can be used tomeasure the ROI for each new customer gained.Also at any point of time the number of keywords can be altered orchanged based on seasonality of the product.8
  11. 11. Internet MarketingWith increasing internet penetration, it hasbecome necessary to market the products orservices on internet. This is done throughsearch engines, managing portals, launchingblogs and online public relation exercise. AtIdentity Brands we focus on helping ourclients build their business through bestpractice in online media and offline activities.Below are some of the specialized areas in internet marketing: • Marketing campaign plan drafting • Campaign focuses on PPC, SEO and online portals. • Making video of the product or service usage and posting on YouTube and other video sharing websites • Creating presentations about the product/service unique points and posting on websites like slide share, etc • Linking with other websites have similar services/products • Launching blog • Mailing e-newsletters to the clients customers and prospective clients • Creating social media plan • Reaching to target audience using face book, twitter, Skype, blog, emails, YouTube, flickr • Blog meet for bloggers, when introducing new product /services • Twit met for twitter followers • Being part of online forums those discuss on the products and services of clients sector • Posting in online directories like ask me, India mart, hot frog, etc
  12. 12. Marketing ConsultancyWith most of the companies in MSME sector focusing on finance andsales, we offer our services of marketing consultancy. Trough thisservice, the clients can outsource the total marketing department toIdentity Brand Consultants and we partner with our clients for theirsuccess. Right from planning to strategize to implementing is managedby Identity Brands, with our team of experienced client service personnel;we manage the whole gamut of activities.Below are the detail of our activities and the processes: • Taking the brief from the c lient • Understanding the problem areas • Understanding the products • Understanding the competition • Presenting the plan • Monthly break down of the plan • Implementation of the plan • Monthly update on the detail work done • Qtly survey with the target audience • Survey analysis presentation • Fine tuning the plan for better focus • Implementation of the new activities.10
  13. 13. InfrastructureAt Identity we believe that having the right infrastructure is the key tosuccess. Infrastructure for us means the people we are associated withand our employees.We have a team of website designers having a niche for creativity. Webelieve in designing creative websites and offer turn – key solutions forour clients. Right from the time client signs the agreement; we work ondeveloping content relevant for the website, re – touching andhighlighting the pics, drafting the site map to finally approvals andcompletion of the website.Our team consists: Website designers Business Development Client Servicing AccountsOur office is also strategically located, less than a minute’s walk fromVasai Station east, Dist Thane. Vasai with an area of 418 sq kms is one ofthe largest industrial hubs with more than 4000 Small and Medium sizecompanies and 80% of these companies focus on exports. This makes aviable option for us to work for the MSME sector, which is growing atmore than 15% per annum.Moving ahead Identity Brand Consultants, plan to launch full – fledgedmarketing consultancy to offer services for MSME sector.
  14. 14. ClientsOur list of clients is spread across all sectors, below is the sector wisebifurcation of our clients: 1. Omax Elevator 2. Lakshmi Marketing 3. Bless Shipping and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. 4. Inventure Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. 5. Aadarsh Flexi pack Pvt. Ltd. 6. Mohan Aromatics Pvt. Limited 7. Shree Trikutaa Minechem Private Limited 8. Welders World 9. Fitwel Engineering Works 10. Mesco Precision India Pvt. Ltd. 11. Om Galaxy Mold Pvt. Ltd 12. Swastik Perforater 13. Intercode Technologies 14. Bhanoba Hotel Equipments 15. Lawrence Powertech 16. Nicholas Motors 17. Sports Syndicate India Pvt Ltd 18. Sara Glass Enterprises 19. Blue Whale Shipping LLC 20. Sai Yuva Sanstha 21. Pipette Clinic 22. P & B Pharma 23. Metalica India 24. Shrinath Auto CNC 25. Synco Billiard 26. Synco Carrom 27. Stephenson Pumps 28. Silvo Plast 29. Rapid Plast 30. Spraywell India 31. Ortho Med Surgical 32. Conwed Metal Ceilings 33. Three3G Info 34. Mcheoch – Marine 35. Mehta Enterprises12
  15. 15. 36. Mehtech Tools37. Vsource38. Bagri Air Courier39. Advance Abrasive India40. Agora Meditechnic41. Polytropic Corporation India42. Always Perfumes43. Davidson Facility Services Pvt. Ltd.44. Shree Kay Kay45. Bluline Thermo ware46. Talent Value India47. Tetraspace Tech India48. Ecphc49. Mobile Recharge 24x750. Klimatech Corporation51. Zaino India
  16. 16. Connect with us @ Address: 401, 4th Floor, Sohan Commercial Plaza, Opp. Shiv Sena Office, Navghar, Vasai rd (East). Dist Thane. Pin 401210 Hand phone: +91 9833961636 Landline: +91 250 3211390 Email: Website: www.identity-brands.com14