Ensuring a hit with your press release


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A presentation on how to write a great press release and pitch it to media / bloggers. The presentation focuses on different aspects of a press release, media, journalists, type of story, journalists behavior patterns and client expectations.

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Ensuring a hit with your press release

  1. 1. Who is the Journalist you are targeting for your Press Release?
  2. 2.      Malathy Iyar Malati Iyyer Malti Iyer Malaty Aiyar Maalathi Aiyer Always get the spelling right and yes, the designation too.
  3. 3.  Journalists work in a hierarchy just like other professions. Know who ‘writes’ the story, who ‘edits’ it, who decides ‘where’ and ‘how’ to put the story and who ‘decides’ whether to put it in the publication or carry it in a bulletin.
  4. 4.  Your Journalists’ problems are also those of yours. Lack of space, time, dullness, lethargy, confusion are all real as much for the journalist as for you. Try to understand the why and the how of a situation then get to solving the problem or getting round it.
  5. 5.  PR fills the gap between the ‘source’ of a story and a Journalist. In that sense you are the source of the story for a journalist. Build good rapport and a working relationship with the Journalist.
  6. 6. NEVER try controlling a Journalist, stopping a story, pushing a story, insisting on coverage.
  7. 7. ALWAYS expect the impact, the effect, the outcome of a story and then try to hedge round it.
  8. 8.  Every Journalist is equally important — whether he is a big name or not. All journalists start small. Today's insignificant hack could be tomorrow's high-flying media personality — and he will remember the people who treated him well in his 'small' days. 9
  9. 9. Nothing is as irritating as an excited young voice saying, "I'm calling to see if you got the press release we sent." Instead ask if there is something more, apart from the press release already sent, that you could offer to the journalist.
  10. 10. If two writers from the same publication contact you simultaneously don't ignore either. Different sections of a publication may tackle a topic from different perspectives.
  11. 11. Timing is all the more important. Don’t ever hold up a Journalist on deadlines. 
  12. 12.    Most reporters are in a tearing hurry and hate to do literature research. They don’t mind talking to people but ask them to read up and they won’t be very inclined. Journalists respect ‘sources’ of information more than information itself. All Journalism involves prioritizing events and presenting them. Not every story can go into the newspaper or channel, not every story makes it to the front page, not every story is ‘the’ story. So explain what makes your story ‘the’ story and do it quickly.
  13. 13. The last point A good Press Release is not one which is printed as it is. A good Press Release is one that generates another good story for the Journalist and more exposure for your client.
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