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LG Nexus – Is it Real or Just Another Hoax?


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LG Nexus – Is it Real or Just Another Hoax?

  1. 1. LG Nexus – Is it Real or Just Another Hoax?Speculations relating to LG’s Nexus device have been doing rounds over the web for a monthnow. It’s only now that we might obtain a glimpse of LG’s forthcoming gadget, many thanks toseveral leakages coming from numerous information boards.The very first crack coming from XDA online forums verifies the software variation as Android4.1 (Jelly Bean).From the images, the mobile phone looks a bunch like Samsung’s GALAXY Nexus due to itscircular corners.On the other hand, this yet-to-be revealed unit recreations a noticeably different, quite glittery,back board. Supposedly, LG is expected to announce this handset next month. While no sourcehas yet confirmed the device’s specs, you can easily anticipate a 4.7? screen, 1.5 GHzquad-core CPU, and an 8 MP video cameraGoogle will co-host the launch event with LG, where it will certainly introduce the followingvariation of Android– version 4.2, rumored to be named Key Lime Pie– along with a brand-newphone, most likely a Nexus based on LG’s recently revealed Optimus G. Picture Credit: 1/2
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