GMA QLD Marketing Presentation - March 2012


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GMA QLD Marketing Presentation - March 2012

  1. 1. The Biggest Challenge forCurrent Day Club ManagersQld GMAPacific Golf Club, 6 March 2012
  2. 2. 2010 Membership Data Title of Slide % change % change % change Year End Year End Year End 2008- 2009- 2008-Region 2008 2009 2010 2009 2010 2010Brisbane 17,095 17,261 16,439 1% -5% -4%South Brisbane 8,171 7,771 7,451 -5% -4% -9%Gold Coast 14,215 13,981 13,935 -2% 0% -2%Sunshine Coast 14,435 14,515 14,422 1% -1% 0%Wide Bay 3,656 3,757 3,771 3% 0% 3%Other SEQ 3,918 3,899 3,802 0% -2% -3%Total SEQ 61,490 61,184 59,820 0% -2% -3%Rest of State 13,911 13,205 13,102 -5% -1% -6%Total 75,401 74,389 72,922 -1% -2% -3%South Brisbane = Logan to Ipswich
  3. 3. The MarketIn summary, probably the toughest wider environment that many ofyou have ever faced • Softening in member numbers, softening sub revenues unless price growth, a potentially busier golf course • Changing wider wants of consumer, relevance of a club – membership, golf course, F&B… • Higher level of marketing noise in society – more to cut through and compete against • Changing of the guard – traditional media v new mediaAdded pressure of funds available to enable you to be heard • Operational results, annual capex requirements, infrastructure investmentsWhat are you spending annually on marketing? • Total annual income, total marketing spend - % spend • Around the room….
  4. 4. The RealityYou cannot afford to not be getting results from your marketingactions.Coal facing selling must have a “call to action”You therefore need to:• Develop a relevant, realistic strategy Know what you are trying to achieve• Ensure no wasted expenditure Spend wisely based on knowing what works and can deliver results• Measure, measure, measure…!
  5. 5. Marketing – Where it fits…What are you actually trying to achieve? • To positively impact annual outcomes
  6. 6. Marketing – the GoalThe marketing process... Title of Slide The consumer decision process…
  7. 7. Marketing – Where? Title of SlideA vastly different landscape in terms of mediums availableWhat to choose? • Changing degree of relevance of some (old media vs new media) • Levels of effectiveness of each will vary dependent upon your strategy and who you are trying to reach
  8. 8. Marketing – 21st Century Title of SlideAll around us we are seeing changeJBAS view is that as technology has progressed and ascommunication has become more electronic, more personal, withmore information available, marketing has become even more ofa science, less an art.It is the science of understanding data, listening to what it issaying, then actioning.The winners will be those who can best develop and maintainrelationships, whilst getting as much from them as you can.
  9. 9. Case Study Title of SlideGold Coast Burleigh Golf ClubPrint Media - Inside Golf Magazine, Feb 2012
  10. 10. Case StudyInside Golf Stats • 42,000 copies printed per month • Distributed to golf clubs, social clubs, driving ranges and golf retailers throughout AustraliaAd Costs • Part of annual advertising package but retail cost of $1,000AD ROI • With joining fee of $2,200 reduced to $1,100 for spouse, ($3,300 total) needed to sell only 1 package to cover advertising costs and re-coup discount offered. • (if a club with no joining fee and lower annual fee then ROI becomes harder to achieve, harder again if ad costs are higher, and harder again if selling public rounds)
  11. 11. Case StudyReverse engineer the advertisement to understand why it wasdeveloped and what the strategy was.Why was is developed?• Management saw weakness in current level of spouse members• Appeal to relocation market• Appeal to local marketKey Points• Moving to Queensland• Husband and wife• 6 or 7 day• Make new friends• Save some $$
  12. 12. Case StudyWhat is the Market?• Annual population growth for Gold Coast is approx 13,000 – 15,000 people• 75% of this is migration• 40% are 45 years +• Av participation rate in golf of this market is 9%, half this for club golf.• Therefore, based on club location, the potential size of the market that this ad is relevant to (should they see it) is approximately 100- 200 people (assuming no prior research done on clubs to join, and disregarding any existing relationships that may exist – reciprocals, other friends clubs etc.)• So how much of this market can the club be reasonably expected to capture?
  13. 13. Case StudyOutcomes• Club sales target was 25• To date (late Feb) have sold 10 including sales to existing local residents (non movers)• Despite being below target has success achieved?• In this case, yes it has. Target was possibly too high given size of potential market• Very good return made on the advertising investmentAlternative option• Establish relationships with local real estate agents• Incentivise introduction to Club, green fee and / or F&B vouchers
  14. 14. Case StudyProcess• Reason for working through this is to show you that behind every marketing spend, in this case a print advertisement, there should be a strategy and outcomes that must be be measureable.• Otherwise a more appropriate classification for your marketing spend is Donation!
  15. 15. Your RealityMarketing requires:• Time• Resources• KnowledgeJBAS understands that without all of these you can’t:• Develop marketing strategies• Ensure effective execution of these strategies• Measure the results and outcomes achievedHelp is now to hand….