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Ezgo Carts


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Click Here To Win Your Ezgo Carts on Seized Vehicle Auctions... Enjoy The Best Savings On Your Ezgo...

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Ezgo Carts

  1. 1. EZGO Carts < click here > to GO AUCTIONS
  2. 2. Ezgo carts EZGO carts : When you decide to purchase a golf cart for your golf course, you can choose E-Z-GO because it is the world's largest manufacturer of golf carts and utility vehicles. This will be a good decision for you and your company because the Ezgo golf carts are long lasting and very durable. E-Z-GO is a golf car and utility vehicle company based in Augusta, Georgia. Started in 1954, by Billy and Beverly Dolan, it was acquired by Textron in 1960. The TXT is the second most recent golf car produced by E-Z-GO since the introduction of the RXV in November 2007. The E-Z-GO TXT is still in production as a lower cost alternative to the RXV car. The competition from Club Car and Yamaha Golf Car both feature more up-to-date features than the TXT, such as independent front suspension (whereas the TXT still implements a solid axle) and ergonomically designed seats. <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT GOLF CART AUCTIONS <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT GOLF CART AUCTIONS
  3. 3. Ezgo carts EZGO carts : The TXT is powered by a 9.0 horsepower (6.7 kW) Robin Subaru EH-29 overhead cam engine. E-Z-GO has offered many vehicles over the years, the most recent being the RXV, introduced in November 2007. The RXV is offered in both electric and gasoline-powered models. There was a time when using a motorized golf cart was something of a luxury. Most players back then used either their shoulders to carry their clubs or a three-wheeled buggy looking thing that you pulled behind you. Ah, those were the old days. In most places it's not like that anymore. Golf carts are fairly common and almost the norm. You rarely see people walking the course. <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT GOLF CART AUCTIONS <CLICK HERE> TO VISIT GOLF CART AUCTIONS
  4. 4. EZGO Carts < click here > to GO AUCTIONS