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Road Trip Emergency Kit Checklist


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Here is everything you might need in the event of a road trip emergency.

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Road Trip Emergency Kit Checklist

  1. 1. ▫▫First-aid kit ▫▫Fire extinguisher ▫▫Road flares/ emergency cones ▫▫Jumper cables ▫▫Flashlight and batteries ▫▫Safety gloves ▫▫Tire gauge ▫▫Spare phone charger ▫▫Duct tape ▫▫Blanket ▫▫Snow shovel ▫▫Ice scraper ▫▫Bottled water ▫▫Nonperishable snacks such as granola bars or protein bars ▫▫Road atlas ▫▫Multipurpose tool such as a Swiss Army knife ▫▫Can of foam tire sealant ▫▫Rain ponchos ▫▫Hand sanitizer ▫▫Antifreeze ▫▫Motor oil ▫▫Washer fluid ▫▫Rags PREPARING FOR A ROAD TRIP MEANS MORE THAN PACKING YOUR SWIMSUIT. BEFORE YOU HIT THE ROAD, MAKE SURE YOUR CAR’S EMERGENCY KIT HAS EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT NEED IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY. ROAD TRIP EMERGENCY KIT CHECKLIST