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Lean Six Sigma Documentation & Storyboard -


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Lean Six Sigma Documentation & Storyboard

Documentation Definition:

Storyboard Definition & Free Template:

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Lean Six Sigma Documentation & Storyboard -

  1. 1. Documentation & Storyboard Better Understand What Project Elements To Document
  2. 2. Why Document? • Documenting is important because: • It helps capture the project methods, successes, and lessons learner • Serves as a communication tool to share the project with others • A Storyboard tells the project story. A Storyboard can be: • A physical document • A 20-30 minute presentation
  3. 3. Project Storyboard • Finalize your Project Storyboard • Have a ready-to-go overview • Highlight the project as an example of real world application of the tools • Find opportunity to share with process owners that may have the same issue that was resolved
  4. 4. Storyboard Elements • Typically Storyboards include: • Executive Summary • Problem Statement • Picture of the Team • SIPOC • Response Plan
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