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Lean Six Sigma Develop Root Cause Hypothesis -


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Develop Root Cause Hypothesis

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Lean Six Sigma Develop Root Cause Hypothesis -

  1. 1. Develop A Root Cause Hypothesis Better Understand How To Develop Hypothesis Statements
  2. 2. What Is A Root Cause Analysis? • An opinion, theory, or guess around what is causing the problem to occur • Usually a hypothesis has not yet been proven • In oder to prove one, you would have to collect data in order to prove or disprove the hypotheses
  3. 3. Develop Root Cause Hypothesis • For every root cause, there is a hypothesis, theory or opinion to be researched, proved, or disproved • Clarity around the hypothesis is important in collecting the appropriate data to prove or disprove it
  4. 4. Histograms Help Prove or Disapprove
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