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Presentation Slides for "CRM and Social Media" @CRM Business Revolution 2010, Singapore

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Crm and social media

  1. 1. CRM AND SOCIAL MEDIA Roland Hor, Catalyst Connector Roland Hor, Catalyst Connector CRM Business Revolution 2010, Singapore
  2. 2. CRM AND SOCIAL MEDIA CRM AND SOCIAL MEDIA • Technology trends for CRM and Social Media • Social media applications and tools for CRM Social media applications and tools for CRM • Measuring and monitoring • Social media for CRM use cases
  3. 3. "CRM systems used to capture all the dialogue— y y between seller and customer.  Only now, they’ve  realized that was only 5% of the real dialogue.   The other 95% of the real dialogue happens  The other 95% of the real dialogue happens between customers."
  4. 4. CRM Social CRM
  5. 5. Social Customer – Customer Ecosystem Social Customer Customer Ecosystem • How to manage the relationships with customers to increase  • Customers dictate how they will purchase and consume— revenue opportunities where, when, and how much—using a variety of channels  • How to capture and aggregate enough customer data to give How to capture and aggregate enough customer data to give  configured by them configured by them a well‐rounded record of customer information • Using community‐based online tools (social networking, book‐ • Holy grail of CRM  ‐ the consistent 360‐degree view of the  marking, shopping) to guide one another, customer, available to who needed it, when they needed it. • Populating social networks, composed of the people they trust,  and their networks are becoming key distribution channels for  marketing and promotion. • Populate the online world with ratings and reviews, videos of  what they’ve bought or consumed, and comments on corporate  reputations and consumer brands
  6. 6. What is Social CRM? What is Social CRM? • “Social CRM is a philosophy & a business strategy,  i l supported by a technology platform, business rules,  workflow, processes & social characteristics,  kfl & i l h t i ti designed to engage the customer in a collaborative  conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial  conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent business  environment. It’s the company's response to the customer’s  ownership of the conversation. ownership of the conversation."  ~ Paul Greenberg, CRM at the Speed of Light
  7. 7. Social Media Social Media • Tools – bl l blogs, wikis, and podcasts. iki d d • User‐generated content (UGC) – reviews, social  tags, social bookmarks, comments, rankings,  ratings and photos, and videos. • Social Networks – Facebook – Twitter – Linked In – Ning – Xing etc. etc. g
  8. 8. Before vs Now Before vs Now
  9. 9. Uses new Seeks support online to connect channels and with like- like new minded peers communication tools Reads and creates p product The Trusts in advice by online y reviews, product Social S acquaintances and strangers – rankings and Customer ‘people like me’ blog posts Wants to Expects better provide customer feedback experience about the product and customer service
  10. 10. Evolution of Customer Touch Points Evolution of Customer Touch Points CRM Social CRM • Blogs g • Microblogs • Price comparison website • Phone • Phone • RSS • Podcast • Fax • Fax • Email • Wikis • Email •S i lN t Social Networks k • Service • Service + • Letters • Letters • Widgets • Personal contact • Personal contact • Video sharing • Company’s website • Company’s website • SMS • SMS • Photo sharing Photo sharing • Instant Messenger • Instant Messenger • Forums • Chat • Chat • Auction website • Media • Media • Slides sharing •R i Reviews and ratings in retail sites d i i il i • Social Bookmarking • Wish lists • Single view of the customer based on the interactions  •Single view of the customer is far more complex to achieve.  history, customer profile data residing in the company’s base  Besides internal information, the company must rely on external  and data integration with internal systems information such as customer profiles in social networks and his  behavior when participating in a community. • Company owns the data but it is limited to previous  interactions •Customer and other web 2.0 sites own part of the precious data
  11. 11. Evolution of Technology Evolution of Technology Monitoring /  Interconnecting  tools Conversation tools Data Customer mining Owned Data RSS Forums Process Support Process Support Account Management Account Management g Contact Management g Contact Management Activity Management Blogs Activity Management Widgets Lead / Opp Management Lead / Opp Management Campaign Management Campaign Management Sales Management Sales Management Service Management… APIs g Service Management… Open Id Open Id Podcast Wikis • CRM Solutions focused in automating and supporting internal  Social Networks Cloud  business processes Computing Brand monitoring services • CRM Solutions focused in community creation internal and CRM Solutions focused in community creation internal and  externally
  12. 12. Applications and Tools Applications and Tools • Blogs/Podcasts/Twitter • Wikis • Social Tagging and Folksonomies • Social Search • Social Networks and Communities Social Networks and Communities
  13. 13. Stuff to put on your Blog Stuff to put on your Blog • Company news;  awards, contract wins etc C d t t i t • Stories about people in your business • Offer  industry expertise Offer industry expertise • Views on the industry/your marketplace • Video of your company environment & your people Video of your company environment & your people • Information regarding your industry such as  exhibitions, trade shows etc , • Product | service reviews • Industry interviews y • How you work with your customers • Case studies and testimonials from your customers
  14. 14. Uses of Blogs Uses of Blogs • They offer direct access to senior  g management for customers  • a place for customers to collaborate on ideas  • a place to deal with customer service issues  l d l ih i i that invites customers to help solve problems.
  15. 15. Blogs
  16. 16. Wiki
  17. 17. Uses of Wikis Uses of Wikis • Di Drive collaboration  ll b ti between customers and  employees  • Tool for project  management  • Repository for a Repository for a  dynamic knowledge  base and on‐demand  content delivery system  t t d li t • You to tap external  resources for  resources for knowledge and insight 
  18. 18. Search Add Comments View Revisions Edit Page Tags provide  context Citations Add Links Add Links Add   Attachements
  19. 19. Social Tagging Social Tagging
  20. 20. Tag Cloud Tag Cloud
  21. 21. Social Search Social Search • Social search takes Search a step further. • It combines corporate structured data with It combines corporate structured data with  external unstructured data, such as profile  information from Facebook or customer  information from Facebook or customer feedback from external forums, and make it  into useful knowledge. f lk l • InsideView ( has a ( has a  product that
  22. 22. InsideView Combines social  search and some  analytics that  analytics that provides you with not  only the corporate  data that you expect  y p from Reuters or  Hoovers, but also  information like who  has moved to  another company,  who has been  promoted, what  acquisitions are  made—and has  integrated it into the  i di i h respective or  SugarCRM S CRM dashboards, among  others.
  23. 23. Social Networks Social Networks • Th The primary difference between the digital social networks  i diff b t th di it l i l t k and the traditional ones are that you don’t have to  physically be in the presence of the other members or the  key intersection points of the network (called nodes) to  f ( ) have an impact on the network.  • You can capture the data that is provided by the members’  You can capture the data that is provided by the members conversations. You can respond to the members’ concerns,  fears, disgust, or love, even if you had no idea that the  member was conversing about it that day.  member was conversing about it that day • You can uncover and analyze the conversation a lot easier  than in the past. All the information is right there for the  picking.  • Transparency is the operative word.
  24. 24. Social Networks Social Networks
  25. 25. Twitter • Wh t What are  you doing  right now? right now? • Web, IM,  Phone  Phone • Real time  interaction  interaction in one  sentence
  26. 26. Uses of Social Networks Uses of Social Networks • Meet your industry peers M t i d t • Find and source industry contacts • Find prospects Find prospects • It opens doors previously closed • Build and develop business relationships p p • Raise your profile in your sector • Develop your brand • Place very targeted adverts • Cost effective marketing, branding and recruiting • To listen! Consumers and the media are talking about you  T li t ! C d th di t lki b t in real time, openly and honestly • To learn about the competition p
  27. 27. SCRM for Business SCRM for Business • SocialText – Wiki i l iki • Six Apart – Blogging p gg g • – CRM + social media  integration • Lotus Connections –Social Tagging • Lithium – Social Network h l k • Jive Software – Social Networking g • INgage Networks – Social Networking
  28. 28. Jive Software 39
  29. 29. Next Up – Location Based Next Up Location Based • Location based: – Foursquare q – YELP (YELlow Pages) – ShopKick – Google Lattitude
  30. 30. Monitoring – C ti Continuous and immediate discovery of conversations  di di t di f ti with the purpose of learning, engaging, helping and  collaborating g – You can do this with anyone, whether it’s your  customers, prospects, industry thought leaders,  former customers, partners or others former customers partners or others – More real‐time than measurement, as one of the  p p purposes is to track keywords as they appear, with the  y y pp , goal of quick reaction – Monitoring answers the question “Who is talking  about [insert keyword] right now and what are they  about [insert keyword] right now and what are they saying?”
  31. 31. Monitoring ‐ How it works  Monitoring How it works • Typically, monitoring is performed on a  y y keywords basis. Relevant keywords include  your brand name, product name, etc.  • Based on your keywords your monitoring Based on your keywords, your monitoring  system of choice goes out to the social  networks you specify, grabs the relevant  k f b h l articles and messages, and hopefully arranges  them for easier digestion and action.
  32. 32. Monitoring ‐ Why it s important Monitoring Why it’s important • S i l Social media – “l di “largest cocktail party in the world”; a  t kt il t i th ld” room filled with people driven by one desire to  communicate, share, digest and relate, while carrying  , , g , y g on many independent conversations.  • Some of these conversations can be about you, your  competitors or your industry.  tit i d t • Some of these conversations could be people looking  for a product like yours.  for a product like yours • They will talk about all these topics regardless of  whether you are listening or not.  y g • However, you wouldn’t know any of this if you weren’t  listening.
  33. 33. Measurement • Unlike monitoring, measurement is more  lik i i i concerned with metrics over a specified time  period. • Measurement answers questions of  q – “How did my keywords perform over time?”  – “How does that compare to my competitors?”  How does that compare to my competitors? – “What are some trends I can glean to make my  product more usable by these people who are  product more usable by these people who are giving me feedback?”
  34. 34. Measurement ‐ How it works Measurement How it works • Similar to monitoring, your system of choice  i il i i f h i goes out and looks for articles where that  specific combination of keywords occurs.  • It then tabulates these occurrences and  presents them to you in relevant data reports. • You need to be able to slice and dice the data You need to be able to slice and dice the data  by source, date, and other dimensions, as well  as drill down to the social media  atom level as drill down to the social media “atom” level  — the individual message — if you need to.
  35. 35. Measurement ‐ Why it s important Measurement Why it’s important • For management or client accountability, need to  provide some metrics that justify your company’s  social media marketing or listening program.  • Constant benchmarking is the only surefire way Constant benchmarking is the only surefire way  to know if things are working. Social media is a  quickly evolving beast, so if you don t routinely  quickly evolving beast so if you don’t routinely measure and course‐correct, you could be  marching down the wrong path.  marching down the wrong path • The idea is to “fail fast.”
  36. 36. Monitoring and Measurement Monitoring and Measurement • Google Alerts, Analytics • Twitter • A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions –
  37. 37. Goto Google Alerts  Google Alerts Google Alerts Then goto manage  page‐ enter the search  your alert page and  term, type, frequency of  change delivery option  alert and your email  l t d il from ‘Email’ to ‘Feed’. f ‘E il’ t ‘F d’ address.  Google Alerts Click on confirmation  Click on confirmation link for the alert. RSS Readers -Bloglines Blog Searches -Google Reader g Detail Searches -Technorati -Feedreader -Ice Rocket -Wordpress -Boardreader Del icio us As pointed by Google Blog, besides the RSS feed option – now alerts are  delivered faster. Some alerts will also include images, wherever possible
  38. 38. Tracking Twitter Tracking Twitter •Twitoaster •Tweetree •ThreadedTweets • • •Tweetbeep •MakeUseOf on Twitter •
  39. 39. Monitoring & Measurement Tools Monitoring & Measurement Tools Free Measurement & Monitoring  Free Measurement & Monitoring Fee‐Based Measurement &  Fee‐Based Measurement & Tools Monitoring Tools • Monitoring • Filtrbox, – T i Twitter Search,  S h • Radian6, Radian6 http://www radian6 com • Evolve24, – TweetGrid,  • Vibemetrix, http://www tweetgrid com • Brandwatch,  • Measurement – SocialMention,  • Nielson Online, http://www.nielsen‐ http://www socialmention com – Twitalyzer,  • TNS Cymfony, • MotiveQuest, –, y, p // y/ • Cision, Ci i h // ii –,‐ • PollinateMedia,  url
  40. 40. SCRM Use Cases SCRM Use Cases Source: Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management, Altimeter Group 2010
  41. 41. Case Studies Case Studies • Faceconnector (, Facebook) • KLM Club China and Africa KLM Club China and Africa • Old Spice (Youtube, Twitter)
  42. 42. Faceconnector
  43. 43. KLM Clubs KLM Clubs Meetups and  Sharing with  News in  Events Community Context Best Practices Best Practices Twitter Feed
  44. 44. Old Spice Old Spice • Old Spice seeded various social networks with an  Old Spice seeded various social networks with an invitation to ask questions of Mustafa's character,  a dashing shirtless man with over‐the‐top humor  and bravado.  • Then all the responses were tracked and users  p who contributed interesting questions and/or  were high‐profile people on social networks are  being responded to directly and by name in short,  funny YouTube videos.  • Old Spice integrated the main social media  Old S i i t t d th i i l di channels successfully – Twitter, Facebook and  YouTube were all deployed.  • You saw the tweet, wanted to look at the YouTube  video and then sign up on the Old Spice Facebook video and then sign up on the Old Spice Facebook page.  • The most important factor of this campaign was  that they monitored and listened to their social  media traffic and responded in a way that  delighted and amused their audience.  d li h d d d h i di
  45. 45. Local Efforts
  46. 46. NeoRewards Propensity Modelling Direct Marketing Reporting Step 1: Propensity  Step 2: Direct Marketing  Step 3: Reporting Tools Modelling Interface S M S @ SMS E-mail
  47. 47. Take Aways Take Aways • CRM  Social CRM: Customer  p Experience + Social media and  Knowledge Management • Outside In vs Inside Out Outside In vs. Inside Out • Transparency • Technology is an enabler but  SCRM is a strategy SCRM is a strategy
  48. 48. Resources • The Facebook Era, Clara Shih. • CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM  Strategies, Tools , and Techniques for Engaging  Your Customers, Paul Greenberg Your Customers Paul Greenberg