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Omni-Channel Retailing


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There is a lot of talk about Multi & Omni Channel Retailing.

At RetailCare we are radical innovators. Our perspective always focused through the eyes of the business owner and translating their business needs into automated workflow.

One system, one company, multiple Retail and Wholesale purchase points and leveraging a single product multiple times.

Scalable, efficient and market proven.
Suitable for Retail or Wholesale or both ranging from the Single store or Franchise or Multistore chain.

If you are throwing people at the problem, if you’re running multiple businesses then we should have a coffee.

The cost of switching if often less than the cost of trying to adapt your existing system and all good innovation is measured against the cost of labour that it replaces.

This is how to do it.

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Omni-Channel Retailing

  1. 1. How Omni-Channel Works - The Systemic Perspective One System… Multichannel Online Secure Branded Generic Online POS @ Wholesale Retail Clearance Market Bricks & Mortar Operations online Online Online Place Retail Store(s) POS in Back Head Retail Office Office Store(s) Automated Centralised Smart Effective Phone & Dispatch Invoicing Shipping Efficient Web Warehouse Reporting Leveraged Real-time Supported One Company…RetailCare Fully Integrated Omni-channel Retailing For Bricks & Mortar Businesses With A Physical Product And Inventory RetailCare Pty Ltd – 3rd Generation eCommerce – 1/240 Chapel St, Prahran. VIC. 3181 – – 1800 811 821