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Presented by Kate Goldvasser at the "Monetization and Video" Workshop sponsored by Brightcove on February 9th, 2010 in Paris.

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NYTimes.com - Video Monetization

  1. 1. The New York Times Media Group The New York Times Media Group delivers the combined power of: The New York Times The International Herald Tribune The NY Times.com & The Global Edition of The NY Times/IHT Boston.com About.com Reaching a Worldwide Audience of: Opinion Leaders Influentials® C-Level Executives Business Decision Makers
  2. 2. Large, Global Reach A news department staff of over 1,200 Worldwide in 37 news bureaus worldwide. 29.1 million uniques Over 886 million page views Toronto Cambridge London Berlin Moscow Source: New York Paris Prague Uniques: Nielsen US June 09 & ComScore Non US, September 09; +10 U.S. Pageviews: WebTrends Sep 09 Bureaus Frankfurt Rome Istanbul Beijing Tokyo Jerusalem Mexico City Cairo Shanghai Hong Kong Bogotá Dakar New Delhi Baghdad Nairobi Jakarta Rio de Janeiro USA 21.5 million uniques Over 703 million page views Source: US Nielsen Online NetView Sep 09 Pageviews: WebTrends Sep 09
  3. 3. WHAT IS OUR VIDEO PRODUCT NYTimes.com video The New York Times has established itself as a leading provider of online video content. Produced by a team of New York Times journalists, video producers and freelancers around the world, up to 80-100 new videos are uploaded each month. The main Video Channels include Latest Stories, News, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports, Opinion, Health, Environment, Arts, Style, Travel, Movies, etc. The New York Times has several Video Feed partnerships in place with Reuters – Breaking News Channel, CNBC – Technology, Business, Politics Channels
  4. 4. WHAT IS OUR VIDEO PRODUCT NYTimes.com video Unlike other news sites, our reporters are the primary force behind online videos. Regular weekly features include Movie Minutes (movie reviews with Times Critic A.O. Scott), Circuits (a series with technology product reviews), Minimalist, Executive Pursuits, and our international coverage including a regular weekly report from the Paris bureau at the IHT. David Pogue our technology reporter, David Carr (The Carpetbagger), our entertainment and awards reporter and Mark Bittman (The Minimalist), our food reporter are examples of great journalists who have lent their expertise to video and have a dedicated fan audience beyond the newspaper. David Pogue, in particular, who reviews latest technology products has gathered the trust of thousands of readers and viewers with his simple and entertaining videos. A great example is his video on the Windows Vista which had 1 million streams in one month. The video became a hot discussion topic in the blogosphere.
  5. 5. WHAT IS OUR VIDEO TRAFFIC NYTimes.com video exposure, traffic, audience engagement NYTimes.com videos are being heavily promoted on the Global Edition & US Edition Home Pages, on the main Section Fronts and through Article Pages Multimedia features. NYTimes.com video averages in millions streams per month. This breaks down between streams in the video library (http://video.on.nytimes.com) and streams on the Home Page and Article pages. The NYTimes.com video library contains more than 1500 regularly updated videos. The level of the audience engagement with the New York Times videos is quite high. The average amount of videos viewed per month is 3 videos per user per month.
  6. 6. WHAT IS OUR VIDEO PLATFORM NYTimes.com video library, video player NYTimes.com new Video Platform powered by Brightcove 3 was launched in October 2008. It offers several important benefits over the previous platform powered by TheFeedRoom: It allows for NYTimes.com video content to be more easily integrated into the content sections and provides an enhanced user experience. Players with a high definition format can be found on the Home Page, Article pages, Blogs and Video Library. A complete redesign of the Video Library Page with a black background that differentiates the content and allows for an easy viewing experience on the eyes like Hulu’s ‘’lower lights’’ feature. Widescreen format that displays high definition videos in 16x9 format. Individual player pages for each video for increased search engine friendliness. Social sharing features to post videos on Facebook, Digg, Mixx, Yahoo Buzz, LinkedIn.
  7. 7. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT NYTimes.com video ad products: Home Page Video Sponsorship Advertisers can align themselves with credible, trustworthy and superior video content on NYTimes.com. We are offering HIGH IMPACT Video Sponsorship opportunities: Home Page Video Sponsorship is an exclusive opportunity for one advertiser to associate their brand with high-quality video journalism featured on the Global Edition & US Edition Home Pages. Video Sponsorship includes: 15 second pre-roll ad served before the first & third video featured on the NYTimes.com Home Pages Sold on impression basis
  8. 8. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT NYTimes.com video ad products: Video Channels Sponsorship We are offering CONTEXTUAL Video Sponsorship opportunities: Video Channels Sponsorship: one advertiser can own one or more Video Channels and contextually align their pre-roll creative with relevant and high- quality video stories. Channels include Latest Stories, News, Business, Technology, Politics, Sports, Opinion, Health, Environment, Arts, Style, Travel, Movies, etc.* Video Channel Sponsorship includes: 15 second pre-roll ad served every odd video in the video channel Companion Big Ad on the Video page (336x280) Sold on impression basis for each Channel
  9. 9. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT NYTimes.com video ad products: Article Pages Video Sponsorship We are offering ENGAGING Video Sponsorship opportunities: Article Page Video Sponsorship: the Article page player allows our audience to read and watch related content in a truly immersive environment. This is a highly engaging user experience and one that an advertiser can use to reach users across NYTimes.com. Article Page Video Sponsorship includes: 15 pre-roll ad served every odd video Sold on impression basis for each channel
  10. 10. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT Custom video ad products: Video Lounge The Video Lounge provides an advertiser the opportunity to tell a story using long-form video. NYTimes.com readers can access the Video Lounge through a custom traffic-driving media plan as well as fixed video thumbnails featured on the site. When a reader clicks on one of the traffic drivers a new, exclusive window appears dedicated exclusively to advertiser video content. The Video Lounge features: Up to 100 minutes of long-form video advertising Unlimited video lengths (best practice for ideal user experience is approx five minutes per video) “Send to Friend” functionality to enable viral video sharing Click here for a live demo.
  11. 11. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT FedEx – Video Lounge Case Study Client’s Objectives Communicate the Strategic Corporate Vision of FedEx as well as extend the FedEx "Purple Promise" - "To make every FedEx experience outstanding." The New York Times Solution Via the “Video Lounge” on NYTimes.com, FedEx was able to take advantage of a high-profile, custom opportunity as well as showcase their long-form video content. Program Elements Online: For one month, FedEx owned 100% SOV of the Video Lounge including: Branded “thumbnails” featured on the NYTimes.com Video Tab Dedicated FedEx Video Player Co-branded traffic driving impressions Results Traffic-driving ads, thumbnails and the FedEx companion Big Ad on the Video Lounge had click-through-rates of unprecedented performance. Average time spent per FedEx video showed the majority of viewers watched the entire clip and engaged with the brand.
  12. 12. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT Multi Channel video ad products: Video Podcast Sponsorship Advertisers have the option of showcasing their video creative in other environments and ad units besides pre-roll video on NYTimes.com One exclusive advertiser can sponsor NYTimes.com video podcasts and be among the first to reach this influential, engaged audience on-the-go. Distributed through iTunes, video podcasts are roughly 2-3 minutes in length and range in content. Video podcasts include: Latest Stories, World News, Best of New York Times Video, Tech, The Minimalist (Dining & Wine), Movie Minutes and Science. One advertiser can feature up to :30 second pre-roll before each video Podcast.
  13. 13. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT Multi Channel video ad products: NYT channels Sponsorship on YouTube An advertiser can now align with NYTimes.com video content that appears on the New York Times channel on YouTube. This is a unique opportunity to align with the most viral content NYTimes.com produces. Watched more than a million times each month on YouTube, our content includes technology product reviews, movie reviews, travel features, style and fashion videos, dining, and more. An advertiser can own a 100% share of voice of the NYTimes.com video on a monthly basis. There are two ad positions available: YouTube In Video Ads: The Flash overlay ad will appear 15 seconds into the video. The user can click to display a video ad or interactive Flash ad within the YouTube video player or to go directly to a click-through URL. The 300x250 companion display ad is optional but highly recommended. These elements are road-blocked for same advertiser/campaign when presented together.
  14. 14. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT NEW video ad products: Full Page Video Interstitial This brand new, full page video interstitial is a unique opportunity for an advertiser to showcase video and connect with users. The page darkens and a large format video player streams up to 30 seconds of content, after which the user lands on their desired article page. Additional Opportunity: the resulting article page can feature a leave-behind roadblock composed of a synched Big Ad and Leaderboard that allows the user to replay the video. Advertiser Benefits: Leverage existing video assets Avoid creative burnout with 1X frequency cap/day Facilitate sharing; the unit provides the ability to link to your areas on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Specs: Video size: 430x800 (overall canvas 524x800) Click here for a live demo. Animation: up to 30 seconds Branding Logo: 88x31
  15. 15. HOW WE ARE MONETIZING OUR VIDEO CONTENT NEW video ad products: Times Cast Times Cast is an original daily video news digest, 5-6 minutes in length, and produced Monday- Friday. The video is featured in the main photo pod on the Home Page each day for a set period of time. This is the true insider’s view of how the news is created - reporters and editors will discuss the stories they are working on and the developments they are tracking. The show may feature a regular look inside the “Page One” meeting, the twice-daily meeting in which the editors make decisions about what will appear on the Web and in print. Advertiser Benefits: An exclusive Sponsorship Never-been-done before, above-the-fold Home Page opportunity Multiple ad units provide an advertiser with a dominating ownership presence Regular viewing time on the Home Page