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Build a conversation using social media be there online conf - nov. 2011


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Build a conversation using social media be there online conf - nov. 2011

  1. 1. Seth GoldsteinPresident/Creative Director Goldstein Media LLC
  2. 2. Goldstein Media LLC (215) @goldsteinmedia © 2011 Copyright All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Seth GoldsteinEmail: Google+: Twitter: @sethgoldstein Facebook: sethmgoldsteinYoutube: goldsteinmedia/A2SMOfficial
  4. 4.  A way to connect people together via the Internet who have similar interests and want to share their thoughts and ideas A way to stay connected  With family  With friends  With brands and companies
  5. 5.  Humans are very social animals Humans connect to thoughts and ideas that they agree with Brands on Social Media need to tap into this sentiment Brands need to provide value to their customers not only in their products but in the information they give.
  6. 6.  Brands on Social Media need to focus on a few different things  What message are they trying to convey to their fans  What are their goals for being on Social Media  Customer Service  Brand Knowledge and Reach  Promotional  Transactional
  7. 7.  Where are your customers hanging out online? Just like traditional media you need to put your message in the right place… in front of the right people. A message is only worthwhile if the people it is meant to reach are seeing it
  8. 8. There might be more than one Social Network that works for your brand.
  9. 9.  The FIRST social network You own your content and control the experience Should blend nicely with your site  Similar style, navigation and navigation to your main site is important  Hosting your own blog on your server allows for more ease of use and flexibility Can and should be connected to other social networks Long form content starts here Best way to convey your message Put content here and link back to it from the other networks
  10. 10.  More than 750 MILLION users. Families connect with each other, share photos, send messages and keep in touch Friends stay in touch with old classmates, work friends, travel companions and other people they have met in their travels Business owners network with one another Businesses can use pages to connect with customers  A great way to build brand recognition  A great way to interact with both potential and current customers
  11. 11.  200 Million Users Short form messages 140 characters maximum Great way for people to share links and breaking news Quick text message like way to keep up with friends and share ideas Great for corporate news, events, promotions, deals Amazing for customer service and client relations  Comcast via @comcastcares has turned around its once horrid customer service reputation by utilizing Twitter A more technical audience
  12. 12.  120 Million Users Used for business networking Great for finding talent and looking for jobs Completely business-centric Often treated as an online resume Basic Useful Features  Groups offer more specific/targeted ways to discuss issues and topics  Many organizations have groups that allow for a targeted discussion about the organization and associated ideas  Topic driven groups allow for a more broad discussion  Answers allows people to ask questions and share their knowledge by answering questions  Great for building reputation as a thought leader  Company Profiles allow corporate entities to share updates and company news
  13. 13.  More than 50 Million Users (in less than half a year) The new kid on the block Google’s 3nd attempt to get social  Google Buzz and Twitter clone was plagued from the start  Slated to be shut down  YouTube (to be discussed later) is a huge success, but an acquisition by Google Innovative features  Circles all for an easy click and drag approach to organizing who your connected to and how you share  Hangouts allow up to 10 people to video chat in realtime  This alone has revolutionized how people interact  The Stream is not original but the ability for threaded conversations allows for easier and longer conversations about each post  Hashtags and Search both allow for easy searching on topics  Large Amount of 3rd Party Browser Plugins allow for the tweaking of the system for each individual user’s needs  Better Privacy Controls allow users to know how public or private their interactions are Business profiles are being rolled out Real names are required
  14. 14.  490 Million Users Second largest search engine after Google (its parent company Video sharing Branding ideas:  Great place to do promotional videos for products, services, company  Tutorials/How-To Videos are very popular  Interviews with important figures in your company  Creative videos (Viral) that will cause people to want to share them across the Web Different types of style work differently on YouTube  Not all successful videos on YouTube are professional an polished  The video style should be determined by the message being conveyed
  15. 15.  Keep all your long form content here Connect your blog feed to your other accounts  Via Twitterfeed connect your Blogs RSS to Facebook and Twitter for quick and easy syndication Post your YouTube videos here with descriptions on the substance of each video Install a comment management system to control and moderate comments  Disqus or Intense Debate are two great services Install the various Social Media widgets on your sidebar for quick interaction with your audience on the other platforms
  16. 16.  Facebook  Keep your personal profile and your corporate page separate  Come up with a editorial schedule for posting on the corporate page  Be sure to respond to any interaction on the page  Design a custom welcome page with a clear call-to-action (newsletter signup, “Liking” the page, etc.)  Put up a relevant logo  Connect your blog feed to your Facebook stream  Link to your YouTube videos  Engage!
  17. 17.  Follow industry leaders Follow people who you know Run searches on terms related to your business Use 3rd party apps to help with engagement  Hootsuite  Cotweet  Tweetdeck  Seesmic Design a custom background for your Twitter page that points your audience to your other profiles/pages on Social Media and the Web Build a custom URL shortener to allow for better link tracking and brand recognition  This can be used across mediums Come up with an editorial schedule to make sure you tweek on a regular basis Be cognizant of not being to “salesy” Be genuine, contribute to the converstation It’s not about the sale, it’s about the relationship
  18. 18.  Be sure to post your blog articles here Remember to be professional and only post items that are relevant to your business or topics that are business related Setup a group on a relevant topic your business is involved in  Be sure to assign someone to moderate and engage the community Answer question in the Q&A section Find colleagues, business associates and industry leaders  Technically they should be someone you know in some way  Though there are reasons to link to people that you might not have been connected to before Setup a corporate profile and engage people that are relevant to your brand
  19. 19.  The network is still new Find people with similar interests Join Hangouts that are on topics that are relevant to your interests or those of your company Avoid being “salesy” and opt for being more of a brand ambassador and contribute to the converstation Keep your profile about you, not your company.  Use your real name  Highlight how you interact with your company and brand (Your role)  Be cautiously personal  Share some personal feelings, ideas, events  Be sure to keep them appropriate and not to revealing
  20. 20.  Let’s look at some different styles of YouTube Videos  The Vaynerchuk  The Brogan  The Suit  The Candid  The Viral
  21. 21.  To get the most out of Social Media you need to engage It is not always about the sale It is about the relationship Customer Services lends itself well to Social Media Sharing information and ideas will grow your network Branding your Social Media outposts is VERY important Set goals and stick to them
  22. 22. Scan to add Seth to your phonebook