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  2. 2. Modules  Facility Database o Department & Sub Department Master o Services Master o Sponsor Master o OP Package Master o IP package Master o OP Tariff Master Sponsor wise o IP Tariff Master Sponsor wise o Wards Master o Beds Master o Bed Categories Master o Bed Charges Master Category wise o Miscellaneous  OP Modules o Patient Registration o Patient Enquiry o Doctor Appointment o Advance & Deposits o Refunds o Consultation Billing o OP Billing o Laboratory  IP Modules o Registration o ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) – DAYCARE o IP Billing o Operation Theatre Management
  3. 3.  Diagnostics Modules o Radiology o Laboratory o Non-invasive labs  Material Management Modules o Stores o Purchase o OP/IP Pharmacy  Electronic medical records o Doctor Module o Electronic Medical Records o Specialty based modules  Specialty Modules o Cardiology o Nephrology o IVF o Gastroenterology o Emergency  Support Modules o Blood Bank o CSSD o Diet and Kitchen o Physiotherapy o Equipment Maintenance  Enterprise Modules o HRD o Interfacing with Equipment
  4. 4.  Patient Registration o Provides all the demographic details about the patient o Provides access to patient procedures- Normal Visits, Follow-ups, Re-Visit and Emergency o Provides Unique Registration number for future reference, provision Of UID (AADHAR) o Patient Photo capturing o Assigning Doctor to a Patient o Doctor can view all his appointments o Patient ID card with Barcode/RFID cards  Admission o Booking of patient depending on the specialty of the doctor o Display of bed status based on color code (Vacant, booked, under maintenance Occupied, Retained) o Provision of TPA and Corporate authorization o Serving ordering  Discharge o Physical Discharge of patients with discharge summary  Transfer o Ability to transfer patients between wards and beds Patient Registration, Admission Discharge and Transfer
  5. 5.  Out Patient Services o Patient Enquiry o OP Billing/ Consultation Billing o OP Advances and Refunds o OP Due Bills o Capturing Patient data, scanning documents(integration with various DMS Solutions) and storing them for future reference o Medical History, Allergies, Investigation reports o Providing Drugs to the patients o Provision for ordering drugs and investigation  In Patient Services o IP Billing o IP Advances and Refunds o Bill Settlement o Viewing of In-Patients along with location in hospital o Recording all the observation during the stay of the patient o Recording of all the patient consultation o Provision of requesting for investigation, Drugs, Clinical Service Request. o Nurse chart where Nurse can input all the details of the patients on regular basis. o Provision of seeing medical history and investigation results  Shows the Availability of OT in the Hospital  Provision of Booking OT against any procedure  Charge slip  Equipment/ Medical gas usage  OT Notes  Progressive note  Consumables usage  Inventory  Anesthesia Notes  Built-in Templates for capturing information  Provision of calculation of OT charges based on surgery wise/Surgeon wise /Anesthesia type etc  Various Reports has been provided like OT usage, Availability of OT etc. Patient Consultation Theatre Management
  6. 6.  Drug Administration and Recording  Nurse Assessment Sheet  Investigation, Procedures, Surgeries and Package Ordering (as per doctor advise)  Indenting Bed Transfers  Doctor Follow-ups  Vital Charts  Discharge Indent Request  Diet Ordering  Ward inventory  Support for various stores o Main Store o Pharmacy Store o OT Store o Cath Lab Store o Department wise sub stores  Tax provision and calculation  Purchase  ABC Analysis  Rate Contracts  Quotation and Vendor Analysis  Good Received Notes  Gate Pass  Emergency Purchase  Item Creation  Store Stocks and Updation  Dynamic Re-order levels  Reports  Online stock Status  Sales Invoicing (Cash, Credit, Cashless)  Stock Level of various Items  Control over Expiry Nurse Station Inventory and Material Management Pharmacy
  7. 7.  Drug Expiry and Expiry aging Reports  Department wise Sales  Prescription wise Sales  Substitute Master  Dynamic Re-order Level  Sample collection  Central Lab  Section/work station/ sub department  LAB MIS  LAB kits consumption  LAB Inventory  Test to be conducted can be raised from OPD and wards  Report Indication using deviation data  Complete Specimen tracking  LAB related reports  Sample Collection with Barcode label generation  Quality control and initiatives  Templates stored in HTML and MS word Format  Integration with PACS  Appointment against the equipments  Quality control and initiatives  Departmental Inventory  Radiology consumables consumption  Reports relevant to Radiology  Result Verification and Reporting  Blood Inventory Management  Donor Registration  Collection of Blood samples  Donor’s Availability  Record of Blood and Blood Component  Reports on stock Laboratory Information System Radiology Information System Blood Bank
  8. 8.  Central repository for personnel information  Employee Master  Online leaves  Income Tax deduction and Form 16  Effective management of employee data from joining to separation and beyond  Better servicing through online MIS and timely/ accurate payroll/ claims disbursal  No repetitive work  Reduce employee queries  Avoid human errors  Strict compliance to HR policies and procedures  Interface with the Accounting software  Future scalability and maintainability by ensuring maximum parameterization  Integration with biometric attendance system  Roaster Management  ICD 10  ICP 9  HL7  DICOM  CIMS Apart from the above mentioned modules GHIS includes the following:  Emergency management  Quality Management System  Patient Inquiry and Patient Care  Medical Record Department (MRD)  Electronic Medical Records (EMR)  User Management  Security Management and form Allocation  Doctor Accounting  Wards and ICU Management  Document Management System  Audit trails Human Resource Management System International Standard Compliance
  9. 9. Goldstar Healthcare Private Ltd. S-5, 2nd Floor Aditya City Centre Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (NCR) UP – 201010 Ph.No. +91 120 4105005