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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The trip to china By Caitlyn Lenz Illustrated by Caitlyn Lenz (How a baby polar bear learns about her self and the world!!!!)
  2. 2. Selena was born on January 22 nd . Her mother got out of hibernation 2 months before she was born. She had been hibernating for a little bit more than 8 months total. Most polar bears hibernate for about 10 months but not all all of them hibernate for that long. The father has not yet come back but most of the time they don’t. Hibernate means: To be in a closed space during the really cold times. This picture represents that these cubs will be going into hibernation once they get in. These polar bears are mating and then the female might have a baby cub in a little bit.
  3. 3. She grew older and older from three to five and almost six years old. Later in her life she became more adventurous during her ageing. Little Selena didn’t know that most polar bears live to be about 25 but no later than that. She has a long time to go but its cool to know. Her mom grew old and then she was dead. But her daughter never new that she was dead. From just born, to few weeks, to about a month and soon about 3 months, to a year, and then 24 yrs. Adventurous means: to want to go out in the world and try new things and have challenges that you over come. Life Cycle means: to start young or old and go older or younger and it shows how big what you star out as and what you end at (what you look like while this happens).
  4. 4. When most polar bears become 15 the men start mating and fighting over the women. When teen polar bears date they sometimes mate. But not usually. Its like kissing and they hug and play with each other (like wrestling). Its kind of weird to describe how they mate but some how they mate but some how they do. As usual like any teenage animal Or human-being they are till learning so Selena is now learning about this. But at her age she learns by doing more than just walking around while she learns. These two polar bears are mating and they might even have a child, but most likely not. This is the happy face of a child when they have fun learning
  5. 5. On one very un normal Tuesday Selena decided to travel around the world to get away from all the craziness’ at home. Some things are learning every day and going to see different people every day. The first place she wanted to go to was China. She will never know when she will get there but sometime she will. “Hey guess what Mr. Tomas I am going to China!” shouted Selena. As you can tell she is very excited to go. The first place she will be starting from is Brevig Mission in Alaska. Then she will make a long trip to China through the ocean. This is where she will be coming in. This is a part of Hong Kong. This is the place that she wanted to go to and the only place she really wanted to go to.
  6. 6. She never really new that polar bears could swim. Well they can. They can swim under water and above water. They are like humans because they can’t hold their breath for a long time either. Once she started on her way there was a floating ice block and she hoped on and went on a ride. Once it broke apart she had to swim. It took about four hours till it broke. Then she swam to the nearest ice place. That was about three miles away. The place below was where she stayed for her first night. This was her very first stop of the first day. It is a huge ice block.
  7. 7. Selena wanted to learn more so on her second day of her trip she started very early so she could Get there and see what she wanted to see. She got there really late at night. As she pulled in to what it looked like it was really bright cause they had lots of lights on. This is what it looked like through one of Selenas’ eyes.
  8. 8. Once she was there she figured out that she cant walk on this kind of land because it is very hot And dry so she walked and walked until she came to a zoo type place. Here the night guy saw her And took her to the place where the other polar bears were and he let her in. the next day Selena Woke up and she didn’t remember anything that happened. “Hey where am I” she asked the other Polar bears. “Well your at the Hong Kong zoo” all the others said in unison. “Man I don’t remember Anything that happened today”. So Selena was stuck here for the rest of her life. This was her polar bear habitat. She really loves it now.