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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. When Pigs Fly By Annie
  2. 2. There were four little piglets named Charlie, Pam, Jim, and Dwight. They lived on a farm with other animals like cows and sheep.
  3. 3. But, there was one pig in particular that was different than the other pigs. She was small and never did things that pigs do. Her name was Nelly. Most of the time she kept to herself. She would lay in flower fields all day and have lots of fruit.
  4. 4. The blue jay was having a mornings breakfast of berries. Birds can tell if berries are poisonous. It’s their nature so if you are stuck in the wilderness don’t eat berries unless a bird is snacking on them. She noticed that Maggie the tiger butterfly was having some nectar. She wanted to fly like her too. Berries and nuts are a good source of food for birds.
  5. 5. Someday, Nelly thought… The cow Bella over heard and exclaimed, “Pigs can’t fly. Only birds and insects with wings can fly. It is absolutely nonsense. When pigs fly
  6. 6. Buckle and his twin sister Rhody Were out in the field. Running and playing with each other. Then they came across Nelly. “ You always daydream and just stare. Why don’t you come and play with us?” Suggested Rhody. Horses love to eat oats. It’s healthy for their body.
  7. 7. “ How can you fly mother hen?” asked Nelly “ I can’t fly. I might have wings but I can’t fly,” replied Mother hen. “ just because you have wings doesn’t mean you can fly.”
  8. 8. I will fly some day thought the pig. No matter what other animals say I will. That’s when her brothers and sisters heard. “ Nelly,” said Pam you need to eat potatoes peels and other things that humans don’t eat and maybe an apple for a treat sometimes.
  9. 9. “ You know birds can only fly because they have hollow bones. That way they are lighter,” said the wooly mother sheep. When pigs fly Some people take sheep to the fair. Then they have a judge to choose which sheep is the best. They get a blue ribbon.
  10. 10. “ Someday,” said the little pig, “ I will fly. Wait until they see me fly I’ll show them.” But the pig never did fly, and she kept trying and trying but never succeeded to fly so she finally gave up.
  11. 11. Two years later…
  12. 12. Now Nelly was a mother to three pigs and one of them wanted to fly just like her. “ Mama,” said the tiny thing “ I want to fly.” “ When I was young I did to, but I remember everyone telling me that I could never and then I learned pigs aren’t made for flying. Pigs are pigs and birds are birds. You be what ever you want use your imagination and dream all you want. Don’t let anyone bring you down,” Nelly said as proud as can be.
  13. 13. - - -