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Mangum presentation


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Published in: Education
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Mangum presentation

  1. 1. Jeff MangumTranscendence in folk musicMike Levine
  2. 2. Neutral Milk HotelElephant 6 / Athens, GA
  3. 3. In the AeroplaneOver the Sea Released 1998 (Merge)
  4. 4. Holland, 1945
  5. 5. Oh Comely
  6. 6. Consideration in Folk Tradition Seeger Mangum  Primary interest in folk music of the world  Performs repertoire as sing-alongs  Uses music to promote activist agenda
  7. 7. “[W]hat are you supposed to do if you becomepart of the suffering?You’d be completely lost. On the contrary,beauty remains, even in misfortune.”(Frank, 1997, p. 208).