Drill Core LMS Property
About First Star Resources

Share Structure & Financials

Shares Outstanding: 8.6M...
WP & LMS : Property Locations
              p y
Exploration Target:

WP Property
WP Property – The Deal
      p y                                                                                   TSX.V:F...
WP Property
       p y                                                        TSX.V:FS

  WP is
3Km Away
3Km Away
WP Property
      p y                                           TSX.V:FS

•Located on and E‐W
 belt of high‐grade
WP Property
       p y                                           TSX.V:FS

•Altered granite‐
 monzonite intrusion.

WP Exploration Program 2010
       p            g                                    TSX.V:FS

•400m of core drilling
WP Exploration Program 2010
WP Exploration Program 2010

LMS Property  The Deal
LMS Property – The Deal                                                                            ...
LMS Property   The Deal
 LMS Property ‐ The Deal                                                                     TSX.V...
LMS Claim Block

•NI43‐101 inferred
 resource of 167,00...
LMS Property : Vertical section through Camp Zone Resource
       p y
LMS Target Area

•Target area: High grade
•Target a...
LMS Claim Block
LMS Exploration Program 2010

•Camp Zone: 1500m of
LMS Exploration Program 2010

•1500m of core
      y                                                         TSX.V:FS

 First Star’s key objective is to disc...
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First star presentation May 28 2010


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Exploring for Gold in the Tintina Gold Belt
Share Structure - 8.5 million out
2 Properties
WP - Adjacent to the Pogo Gold Mine
LMS - over $7mill spent to date resources and High grade gold target -ex 713g/t AU

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First star presentation May 28 2010

  1. 1. TSX.V:FS Drill Core LMS Property Previous Drilling 713.1 grams p/t over 2m LMS and WP Gold Projects Goodpaster Mining District, Alaska TSX.V: FS
  2. 2. About First Star Resources TSX.V:FS • Key objective is to discover a multi-million ounce gold ore body. • Properties are l P ti located in the prolific Tintina Gold t d i th lifi Ti ti G ld Belt, Alaska. • Two high potential gold properties near an existing and producing gold mine. (Pogo) • NI43-101 compliant resource of 167,000 ounces gold. • Numerous high-grade drill-ready targets for 2010 season. (Previous drilling 713.1g/t Au over 2m) • Highly experienced technical team. Pogo Mine Workers P Mi W k www.FirstStarResources.com
  3. 3. Management g TSX.V:FS Bill Wishart, CEO, President Bill Wishart CEO President Over 20 years experience in business and entrepreneurial  environments,  general management and corporate finance. Employed in the securities industry in Canada from 1986 to 2000 as a senior investment advisor for two full service brokerage firms  involved in raising millions of dollars in investment funds for a range of private and public companies. Dr. Karsten Eden, VP Exploration , CPG, EurGeol D K t Ed VP E l ti CPG E G l Certified Professional Geologist with 15 years experience in the exploration and mining industries.  Proven track record of success in the supervision and management of mineral exploration projects in Alaska, West Africa, Western Australia and Europe. Instrumental in gold discoveries in Alaska and West Africa. Patrick Forseille P.Geo., Director Patrick Forseille P Geo Director Mr. Forseille has worked in the oil and gas and mining industry for over ten years. Most recently he has been Chief Financial Officer  of Olympic Resources Ltd., an oil and gas producing company since 1997 and has also concurrently served as a director for various  other public companies in differing capacities including comptroller and exploration manager. Mr. Forseille is a Professional Geoscientist with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting. Previously, he was employed as an accountant and geologist with  Cameco Corp and Imperial Oil Resources Ltd. C C dI i l Oil R Ltd Ib Moller ‐ Director/Secretary  Mr. Moller is Director of First Star Resources Inc. He has owned and operated his own businesses since 1969. The scope of his business interests include retail, transport, real estate development and leasing, as well as management training and consulting with  licensees in 27 countries world wide. Mr. Moller has significant experience and knowledge in managing the growth of small cap companies and is a great asset to First Star Resources Inc.  Henry R. Hollett – Director Mr. Hollett is former Mayor of the District of North Cowichan on Vancouver Island, where he served as Mayor for over ten years.  Prior to becoming Mayor he served as a councilor of the District of North Cowichan for 11 years.  Mr. Hollett has been a successful  businessman for 45 years. He has extensive business experience and is very well respected in the business community in North  businessman for 45 years. He has extensive business experience and is very well respected in the business community in North Cowichan. He has acted as a director for a number of public exploration companies over the past 30 years. www.FirstStarResources.com
  4. 4. Share Structure & Financials TSX.V:FS Shares Outstanding: 8.6M Shares Fully Diluted: 12.5M Shares Fully Diluted: 12 5M Options/Warrants: 0.3M/3.6M  Current Price: C$0.25 52 Week High/Low: C$0.50/C$0.10 Management Position Management Position 40% Note: 10 for 1 Rollback June 2004 10 for 1 Rollback June 2004 5 for 1 Rollback December 2008 www.FirstStarResources.com
  5. 5. WP & LMS : Property Locations p y TSX.V:FS Recent News March 2010 KINROSS GOLD  KINROSS GOLD CORPORATION  ANNOUNCES PROPOSED  ACQUISITION OF  UNDERWORLD  RESOURCES INC RESOURCES INC (White Gold 1.4M oz Au ) www.FirstStarResources.com
  6. 6. Exploration Target: TSX.V:FS Intrusion‐related Gold Deposits of the Pogo and Fort Knox Types  Fort Knox Types (Multi‐Million Ounce Gold Deposits) Gold Deposits) www.FirstStarResources.com
  7. 7. WP Property TSX.V:FS N Fort Knox Mine W E p p •Properties optioned from  3.7 Moz Au S 0 25 International Tower Hill  KILOMETERS (TSX:ITH) (NYSE‐A:THM) g y •Pogo Mine: 3km away from WP •Fort Knox Mine : 125km away Fairbanks  Alaska Pogo Mine 5.6 Moz Au •Entire Belt Staked WP  WP •WP Property  Property 96 Alaska State Mining Claims 18.9Sq. Km. q Richardson Hwy •LMS  LMS  92 Alaska State Mining Claims  Property Pogo Mine Road 61Sq. Km. q www.FirstStarResources.com
  8. 8. WP Property – The Deal p y TSX.V:FS Optioned from International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. (TSX:ITH) (NYSE‐A:THM) and its subsidiary  Raven Gold Alaska Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, First Star has the ability to earn an initial 55%  interest, and a second option to earn a further 45% for a total 100% interest. To earn a 55% interest First Star will pay US$250,000 and expend US$2.8 million on exploration  over 3 years.  (Note: First Year $70,000 cash payment ‐ $400,000 work commitment.) To earn a 100% interest First Star will expend a further US$2 million or produce a NI43‐101 compliant inferred resource of one million ounces of gold. An NSR royalty of 3% or 4% on gold/silver and 1% on all other products will be payable to  Raven. The royalty can be reduced by 1% by paying Raven US$3 million. www.FirstStarResources.com
  9. 9. WP Property p y TSX.V:FS WP is 3Km Away 3Km Away Adjacent to  Pogo Claim West Pogo Claim Block Claim Block Pogo Mine P Mi 5.6 Moz Au www.FirstStarResources.com
  10. 10. WP Property p y TSX.V:FS •Located on and E‐W belt of high‐grade gold occurrences.  •Area of high grade gold mineralization confirmed. •Visible gold was found in several rock samples. k l www.FirstStarResources.com
  11. 11. WP Property p y TSX.V:FS •Altered granite‐ monzonite intrusion. •High grade gold mineralization (up to 118.5 g/t Au in rock samples) •Visible gold was found in several  rock samples. www.FirstStarResources.com
  12. 12. WP Exploration Program 2010 p g TSX.V:FS •400m of core drilling •400m of core drilling  planned. •Target Zone: Target Zone:  High grade gold mineralization assoc ated t associated with  favorable structural trends (E‐W Trend – NW Trend intersection) ) in altered intrusion.  www.FirstStarResources.com
  13. 13. WP Exploration Program 2010 WP Exploration Program 2010 TSX.V:FS •Drill‐test high grade gold anomalies along li l E‐W trending  structural zone. •Conduct  geochemical  surveys along surveys along with geological mapping to identify further identify further gold anomalies. www.FirstStarResources.com
  14. 14. LMS Property  The Deal LMS Property – The Deal TSX.V:FS N Fort Knox Mine W E p p •Properties optioned from  3.7 Moz Au S 0 25 International Tower Hill  KILOMETERS (TSX:ITH) (NYSE‐A:THM) g y •Pogo Mine: 3km away from WP •Fort Knox Mine : 125km away Fairbanks  Alaska Pogo Mine 5.6 Moz Au •Entire Belt Staked WP  WP •LMS  Property 92 Alaska State Mining Claims  61Sq. Km. q Richardson Hwy •WP Property  LMS  96 Alaska State Mining Claims Property Pogo Mine Road 18.9Sq. Km. q www.FirstStarResources.com
  15. 15. LMS Property   The Deal LMS Property ‐ The Deal TSX.V:FS Optioned from International Tower Hill Mines Ltd. (TSX:ITH) (NYSE‐A:THM) and its  subsidiary Raven Gold Alaska Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, First Star has the ability to earn an initial 55% interest,  and a second option to earn a further 45% for a total 100% interest. To earn a 55% interest First Star will pay US$280,000 and expend US$3.5 million over 3 years  on exploration. (Note: First year $100,000 cash payment ‐ $500,000 work commitment.) To earn a 100% interest First Star will expend a further US$3 million or produce NI43‐101  compliant inferred resource of two million ounces of gold. An NSR royalty of 3% or 4% on gold/silver and 1% on all other products will  be payable to Raven.  The royalty can be reduced by 1% by paying Raven  US$3 million. www.FirstStarResources.com
  16. 16. LMS Claim Block TSX.V:FS •NI43‐101 inferred resource of 167,000 oz gold for the ld f th Camp Zone. •Numerous gold in soil •Numerous gold in soil geochemical anomalies. •NW alignment of gold NW alignment of gold anomalous zones which includes the Camp Zone and NW Camp Zone and NW Zone exploration targets. www.FirstStarResources.com
  17. 17. LMS Property : Vertical section through Camp Zone Resource p y TSX.V:FS •NI43‐101 inferred NI43 101 inferred resource of 167,000  oz gold. •Resource estimate does not include any high grade values. •Target area: High grade gold mineralization, possibly of the Pogo type. Target Area www.FirstStarResources.com
  18. 18. LMS Target Area TSX.V:FS •Target area: High grade •Target area: High grade gold mineralization, possibly of Pogo type. •Grades running up to 713.1 g/t Au. Over 2m •System is open to the west, east and at depth. •Over 7 million spent on the Property  Target Area www.FirstStarResources.com
  19. 19. LMS Claim Block TSX.V:FS TSX.V:FS
  20. 20. LMS Exploration Program 2010 TSX.V:FS •Camp Zone: 1500m of Camp Zone: 1500m of core drilling planned •NW Zone: 450m of trenching planned. •Geochemical surveys planned along with geological mapping to identify further gold anomalies. www.FirstStarResources.com
  21. 21. LMS Exploration Program 2010 TSX.V:FS •1500m of core drilling planned. •Target Zone: High grade gold  mineralization associated with  Target Zone favorable structural trends (E‐W Trend trends (E‐W Trend ‐ NW Trend intersection). www.FirstStarResources.com
  22. 22. Summary y TSX.V:FS  First Star’s key objective is to discover a multi‐million  ounce gold ore body.  ounce gold ore body  The LMS and WP prospects are high potential gold  properties near an existing and producing gold mine   (Pogo).  Numerous drill‐ready targets with a high chance of  success. success Excellent share capital structure (8.6 million in shares).  The Exploration Budget for the LMS and WP Projects   combined is estimated with US$ 1,500,000.   Entering into private placements for the sale of Entering into private placements for the sale of   7,500,000 units at CDN$0.20 per unit for a total of  CDN$1,500,000.  Each unit consists of one common  share at  $0.20 and one share purchase warrant at  $0.25 good for 18 months with a forced conversion at  $0.90. www.FirstStarResources.com
  23. 23. Contact Information TSX.V:FS Contact: Mr. Bill Wishart Mr. Bill Wishart Website: www.firststarresources.com Address: Suite 214, 1118 Homer Street Suite 214 1118 Homer Street Vancouver, BC V6B 6L5 Phone: 604‐609‐‐0555 Toll Free: 1‐877‐609‐0555 Email: info@firststarresources.com info@firststarresources com DISCLAIMER This presentation includes “forward‐looking statements” within the meaning of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statement, other than statements of historical fact, included herein including, without limitation, statement regarding anticipated completion of engineering studies, potential results of drilling and assays, timing of permitting, construction and production and other milestones, and First Star’s future operating or financial performance are forward‐looking statements. Estimates of reserves and resources area also p , p g p g forward‐looking statements in that they involve estimates of the mineralization that would be encountered, based on interpretation of drilling results and certain assumptions, if a deposit were developed and mined. Forward‐looking statements involve various risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate, and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from First Star’s expectations include financing in the debt and capital markets; uncertainties involved in the interpretation of drilling results and geological tests and the estimation of reserves and resources; the need for cooperation of government agencies and Native groups in the development of First Star’s properties; the need to obtain permits and governmental approvals; risks of operations such as accidents, equipment breakdowns, bad weather, non‐compliance with environmental and permit requirements, unanticipated variation in geological structures, ore grades or recovery rates; unexpected cost increases, fluctuations in metal prices and currency exchange rates, and other risks and uncertainties disclosed in First Star’s Annual Information Form for the current year, p p y g y filed with the Canadian securities and regulatory authorities, and in other First Star reports and documents filed with applicable securities and regulatory authorities from time to time. First Star’s forward‐looking statements reflect the beliefs, opinions and projections on the date the statements are made. First Star assumes no obligation to update forward‐looking statements of management beliefs, opinions, or other factors should they changes. www.FirstStarResources.com