Front range solutions support services general faq aug 2010 legal approved


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Front range solutions support services general faq aug 2010 legal approved

  1. 1. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQFrontRange SolutionsGlobal Support Services FAQThe information contained in this FAQ is offered as a means of providing practical answers andreferences to FrontRange Solutions customers currently under a Maintenance and Support contract fortheir FrontRange Solutions Licensed Software.As FrontRange Solutions’ Maintenance and Support offerings and processes are continuously updatedthis FAQ will be periodically modified. The information contained in this FAQ is not of a contractualnature and does not modify nor supplement the terms of any customer’s End User Maintenance andSupport Agreement. For further clarification on the information contained in this document please © 2010 FrontRange Solutions USA Inc. All Rights Reserved. GoldMine, HEAT, NetInstall, DeviceWall and otherFrontRange Solutions products, brands and trademarks are the property of FrontRange Solutions USA Inc. and/or its affiliates in theUnited States and/or other countries. Other products, brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners/companies.USE OF THE SOFTWARE DESCRIBED IN THIS DOCUMENT AND ITS RELATED USER DOCUMENTATION ARE SUBJECT TOTHE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE APPLICABLE END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA).The information contained in this document is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. To the maximum extent permitted byapplicable law, FrontRange Solutions disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties for merchantabilityand fitness for a particular purpose; and in no event shall FrontRange Solutions or its suppliers be liable for any damageswhatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of business profits or special damages, even if advised of thepossibility of such damages.FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 1 of 13
  2. 2. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQFrequently Asked Questions CoveredWhat is Technical Support?What types of Technical Support are offered?How do I reach Technical Support? What information should I have ready when I contact TechnicalSupport?How does FrontRange Solutions Support Services prioritize & respond to incidents?I’ve logged an incident with Technical Support - what happens now?Our incident needs additional attention, who do I contact?Our incident has been logged with “development”, what does this mean?Can I make product enhancement suggestions?How do I know when a new product release or patch is available?What is the difference between a version and a patch release?How do I get the latest product release or patch?How do I know if I should apply a release or patch?How do I know if my request should be handled by Support Services or Professional Services(Consulting)?I am experiencing a data loss or corruption; will Technical Support assist me with that?What happens if my Maintenance and Support Agreement has expired and I need Support?How do I get a copy of FrontRange Solutions’ standard Maintenance and Support Agreement?FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 2 of 13
  3. 3. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQWhat is Technical Support?As long as your Maintenance and Support contract is current, you are entitled to support, which consistsof Telephone Support at FrontRange Solutions’ published number(s) and/or Self Service Support for theLicensed Software. Both Telephone and Self Service Support are described in detail below.Note: FrontRange Solutions will address support questions and issues submitted to FrontRange Solutionsfrom your internal help desk support staff only. FrontRange Solutions is not able to address issueslogged by individual product users who are not members of the help desk support staff. FrontRangeSolutions will attempt to answer specific questions; however support is offered to you on a good faith,diligent effort basis only, and FrontRange Solutions may not be able to resolve every request for support.Below is an example of the types of issues support can assist with: • Error message troubleshooting; assist with identifying the source of errors occurring during normal use of FrontRange Solutions products • Logging product issues with the FrontRange Solutions development team • Logging product enhancement requests with the FrontRange Solutions development team • Set up of database connections required by FrontRange Solutions products; native and ODBC • Configuration questions that utilize GUI interfaces in FrontRange Solutions productsFrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 3 of 13
  4. 4. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQWhat types of Technical Support are offered?Telephone and Self ServiceTelephone Support: This support option provides phone based support for the current and theimmediately preceding release of the Licensed Software. Telephone support provides for the mostimmediate and accurate triage of support issues and is the most efficient method to resolve urgentissues.For a complete list of contact phone numbers please visit the FrontRange Solutions Support Site: Hours Telephone Support is available for down systems; a down system is defined as a systemwhere the Licensed Software is inaccessible to all authorized users. After Hours Telephone Support fordown systems is available via pager with a 30 minute response time; other incidents will require paymentof additional fees. Please use your regular support number to gain access to this service after ourpublished hours.Self Service Support (For low priority issues): This support option provides 24x7 online access toincident submission, email based support, knowledge base, technical documents, product manuals,drivers, downloads and Customer Support Forums.Response time for incidents submitted via Self Service is generally 48 business hours, excludingweekends and holidays. Self Service should only be used to submit non-critical incidents. If a criticalincident is logged via Self Service or submitted through email, we strongly advise that you follow up byphone to ensure that proper priority and triage of the issue is completed in a timely manner. ImportantNote! If your incident is critical or time sensitive please contact Support by telephone, even if you havesubmitted the issue through Self Service or email.How do I reach Technical Support?By Telephone:FrontRange Solutions currently operates six Global Support Centers. For customer convenience, callsare covered by all support centers to provide the highest level of availability and product expertiseregardless of the originating region. Regional contact information can be found the FrontRange SolutionsSupport Site: Self Service:FrontRange Solutions’ Self Service Portal is located at: login will be your email address and the default password is 1psswrd8. If you have problems withyour login please email; include your maintenance contract number(HDA) and full company name.FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 4 of 13
  5. 5. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQYou may reach Technical Support via email at if you need to sendscreen shots or documents.What information should I have ready when I contact Technical Support?When contacting Technical Support you will need: • Your Maintenance contract number (HDA) and your organization name • The FrontRange Solutions product name, version and build being used (i.e. ITSM 5.07 Build 235) • Operating System(s) and versions being used including service packs • Database type and versions being used including service packs • Any third party software and versions being used in conjunction with FrontRange Solutions products; this could include network software, third party add-on technology, etc. • A clear, concise description of the issue being experienced • Details of any action taken and the response received • Steps to reproduce the issue • If submitted electronically please include the contact name and the telephone number where the contact can be reached and a best time to contact • The priority of your issue (see priority definitions below)FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 5 of 13
  6. 6. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQHow does FrontRange Solutions Support Services prioritize & respond to incidents?Incidents are assigned a priority level and handled as follows:Impact/Urgency (Priority):(1) Severe Production system unavailable to all users; critical business function not operating and incident must be resolved immediately(2) High No workarounds; critical functions affected; in a critical period(3) Medium Some workarounds; only some users affected(4) Low Users can access the software and it continues performing business critical functionsCustomer Support Service Level Expectations (SLE)The below matrix indicates the initial response target when an incident is submitted to our Help Desk.The initial response is defined as any of the following: • Providing a suggestion/solution to the Customer to assist in resolving the incident • Requesting additional information that is required before troubleshooting can commence • Advising the Customer that the incident is being escalated to development PRIORITY 1 2 3 4 RESPONSE 2 hrs 4 hrs 16 hrs 48 hrs TARGETImportant: The initial response is computed based on the time when the incident is entered into oursystem and not when an email is sent to us. All references are to Business Hours. Please note the mosteffective and efficient way to communicate P1 & P2 issues is via telephone. All incidents logged via SelfService (including email) are automatically assigned a priority of 4.FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 6 of 13
  7. 7. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQI’ve logged an incident with Technical Support - what happens now?If you contacted FrontRange Solutions by Phone:The Support Analyst will troubleshoot the incident with your technical contact and provide them with theincident number for future reference.In the event the Support Analyst is not able to resolve the incident during the first phone call, he or shemay request additional information (e.g. system files) and time for testing. Follow up expectations will beset with the technical contact for an agreed upon response time by the support analyst.If you contacted FrontRange Solutions via Self Service or Email: (response time is up to 48business hours; non-critical issues only):An incident number will be automatically generated via the Self Service system.A Support Analyst will be assigned to the incident and will review the information to determine next stepswhich will either entail a phone call or email back to your contact regarding status.Our incident needs additional attention - who do I contact?Resolution times vary based on the complexity of the incident. If your incident needs additional attention,you are encouraged to follow the escalation path below to ensure your incident is getting the appropriatefocus and attention.Please let the Support Analyst know that you would like to raise the priority of the incident or have theincident reviewed by a Senior Analyst.The escalation path is: Technical Analyst -> Senior Analyst -> Technical Lead -> Service DeliveryManager -> Director -> VP -> Client Relations Manager; please visit our support site and access ourEscalation procedure document for further information.The contact information for the Technical Support Leadership Team was included in your welcome letterand can also be located at the end of this document. Please feel free to contact any member of this teamwith concerns.Our incident has been logged with “development” - what does this mean?This means that the Support team has preliminarily determined that the issue is related to the softwareitself, and it needs to be reviewed by the FrontRange Solutions Development team. At this stage it will beassigned a Release Management reference number, in addition to the incident number, for yourreference.FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 7 of 13
  8. 8. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQCan I make product enhancement suggestions?We encourage and welcome customer input on how FrontRange Solutions products canbe improved upon. You are welcome to submit product enhancement suggestions aswell as report any product issues you encounter through the normal use of our products. Once logged into our support site, use the Self Service portal to log an incident and make your suggestion(s).How do I know when a new product release or patch is available?Product release notifications are sent out via email to all active contacts on your account.Unfortunately, today’s spam filters sometimes block these important messages. Please insure thatFrontRange emails are not filtered out.Patch release notifications are sent out via email as well to the active contact(s) on the incident related tothe issue which was resolved by the patch.What is the difference between a product version, release and build?A version is a major release of the product signified by the first digit in the number (e.g. 9). A version willcontain new features and updates.A release is usually a maintenance version of a major version, containing bug fixes, occasionally, minorfeatures and updates; indicated by the digits immediately to the right of the point and first number. (e.g.9.1 - Major Version 9 maintenance release 1)A build denotes the specific id of that release and is usually required (when specified by the product) forSupport & Development purposes.How do I get the latest product release or patch?Product releases are posted on our Support Site for download. Once logged in you canlocate available product downloads under the Drivers and Downloads Section. customers may access product releases via the NetUpdate process within the software; underHelp>>Update GoldMineHow do I know if I should apply a release or patch?Before applying a new release or patch please make sure to read the release notes as there are differentupgrade paths and criteria for each release. Patches are released to fix specific product issues. Pleasedo not load a patch unless you have been so directed by a FrontRange Solutions Support Analyst or youhave an issue that has been resolved in the particular patch. If you are not sure, please contact SupportServices and an analyst will review the situation with you.FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 8 of 13
  9. 9. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQHow do I know if my request should be handled by Support Services or ProfessionalServices (Consulting)?Support will work diligently to address your issues and answer your questions. However, there may betimes Support Services is unable to address a request, or a request may fall outside the scope of SupportServices, in which case the Support Analyst will refer you to our Professional Services Organization or toa Certified Solutions Partner for assistance. example, the situations listed below are not within the scope of your Maintenance and Supportagreement and may require the additional engagement of Professional Services consultants or a CertifiedSolutions Partner. • Supporting database products, including set-up, alteration and configuration of database products, database connectivity or database software specific errors • Resolving network, workstation or environmental errors not directly related to the Licensed Software • Supporting any Licensed Software on or with any software or hardware that is not specifically identified as interoperable with the specific version of the Licensed Software (and specifically excludes any “Beta” or non-certified versions of such products/systems) • Supporting any Licensed Software customizations (changes to the Licensed Software made outside of the product’s administration interface) Supporting any Licensed Software being used in a manner for which it was not designedBelow is a list of commonly requested services that are also outside the scope of the Maintenance andSupport agreement. • ODBC drivers for any database type or version • ODBC-specific errors not related to our products • Product Training • Data importation or manipulation other than through the use of the tools and utilities included with our products • Setup, configuration or troubleshooting of third-party products • Recommendations on third party products/vendors for use with any FrontRange Solutions product • Installation and configuration of Internet Information Services • Environments and configurations not approved per the Compatibility Matrix for your product (a Compatibility Matrix for each product can be found on our support site under the Support Documentation for the product)FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 9 of 13
  10. 10. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQI am experiencing a data loss or corruption; will Technical Support assist me withthat?It is your responsibility to have a disaster recovery plan in place and to implement regular and adequateback-ups of your data. FrontRange Solutions Technical Support will not assist with any data loss orcorruption issues.What happens if my Maintenance and Support Agreement has terminated and I needSupport?FrontRange Solutions values its customers and wants to ensure they get optimumperformance out of their product investment.If the Maintenance and Support Agreement has terminated and Support is needed, reinstatement of theagreement is needed to obtain support. To reinstate, maintenance and support fees must be paid for thelapsed period and a ‘reinstatement fee’ equal to 10% of the maintenance and support fees for the lapsedperiod. It is also a requirement to pay the applicable fees for the new Maintenance and Support term.Please contact the Maintenance and Support team for more information on reinstatement by or contacting your local office. A listing of regional contact numbers islocated here for your reference do I get a copy of FrontRange Solutions’ standard Maintenance and SupportAgreement?You can find our standard End User Maintenance & Support Agreement on the last page of thisdocument. This agreement may vary by physical location. If you would like to request a copy of yourspecific agreement, please contact the Maintenance Renewal team at the address or phone numberslisted at the following link. Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 10 of 13
  11. 11. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQFrontRange Solutions Global Support Services Welcome Letter & ContactInformation Welcome to FrontRange Solutions Global Support Services! As Vice President of Global Support Services, I would like to personally thank you for choosing to utilize our family of software products for your organization. FrontRange Solutions is proud of our award-winning products, and we want you to be very satisfied with your purchase. We view you as our valued customer, and even more, as a partner who can provide critical feedback to help us continually develop and deliver world-class quality products, enhancements, services andsupport.Historically we find that customers who utilize our professional services, such as Consulting and Trainingare more successful with their product implementations. I’ve included links in this letter to generalinformation & FAQ’s to assist you with navigation on our website.Our Support Services team handles inquiries regarding the software, its features, how it works, trouble-shooting, and Maintenance and Support Agreement reinstatements.Our Professional Services team or your solutions partner can assist you in configuring and managingyour business processes in relation to the software you’ve licensed. For more information on FrontRangeSolutions Professional Services please visit Educational Services team can help you maximize your software investment while ensuring that allmembers of your team are prepared to use and support the products you licensed. For more informationon FrontRange Solutions Education Services please visit http://frontrange.learn.comFinally, I would like to provide my contact information should you have any questions, concerns, orsuggestions on the FrontRange Solutions products you have licensed. As Vice President of FrontRangeSolutions Global Support Services my focus is on your success. Please feel welcome to contact me viae-mail at bill.auvil@frontrange.comor by calling 719.532.7355.Thank you for choosing our family of products. The FrontRange Solutions Services Team and I lookforward to serving you for years to come.Sincerely,W.T. “Bill” Auvil, Jr.Vice President of Customer ServicesFrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 11 of 13
  12. 12. GLOBAL SUPPORT SERVICES FAQImportant Support Services Contact Information Name Title Email Phone W.T. Bill Auvil VP Global Support Services 719-532-7355 Leslie Leaf Director of Global Operations 719-532-7317 Sr. Service Delivery Manager Barbie Taylor GoldMine 719-532-7369 Service Delivery Manager Eric Ammermann HEAT, IPCM 719-268-4340 Service Delivery Manager Hipólito (Polo) Luis ITSM, GMEE 719.278.7175 Sr. Service Delivery Manager John M. Harriman ITAM (Centennial, Enteo ) +44.163.551.6801 Maintenance Renewal Ulla Wondra EMEA/APAC +49 (711)340190.5022 Maintenance Renewal Elimaris González Americas 719-278-7253 Client Relations Managers Client Relations World Wide clientrelations@frontrange.comFrontRange Solutions Global Support Services FAQ – August 2010 Page 12 of 13
  13. 13. FRONTRANGE MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT (M&S) TERMS & CONDITIONS (March 09)The following Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) govern the M&S M&S fees paid to FrontRange. Any such refund shall be Your exclusiveservices offered by FrontRange and ordered and paid for by you (“You” remedy, and FrontRange’s sole liability, for FrontRange’s breach of thisor “Customer”): Agreement.1. Maintenance. Maintenance consists of updates, upgrades, bug fixes 4. Fees. You will be invoiced prior to any initial or renewal Term andand new releases or versions of validly Licensed Software at such time You agree to make payments to FrontRange no later than thirty (30) daysas FrontRange makes them available generally to all of its customers. from invoice. FrontRange’s obligations hereunder are subject to YourMaintenance may, but does not necessarily include updates, upgrades, timely payment, and if FrontRange does not receive timely payment forbug fixes and new releases or versions of any third-party software products or services provided by FrontRange to You, FrontRange mayincluded in the Licensed Software. All Maintenance deliveries are subject immediately terminate or suspend this Agreement. Unless FrontRangeto the applicable End User License Agreement (“EULA”) for the Licensed otherwise instructs, You will directly pay FrontRange for M&S renewals. IfSoftware. Your M&S terminates, and You later reinstate M&S services, You will be2. Support. charged a reinstatement fee. You are responsible for any and all federal,(a) Support entitles You to telephone assistance at FrontRange’s state, dominion, provincial or local sales, use, personal property, excise,published number, and/or assistance via E-mail or other automated or other taxes, fees or duties related to this Agreement (other than taxesprocesses, with the Licensed Software. Support is currently available on based on FrontRange’s net income).business days Monday through Friday during normal business hours. 5. Warranty. FrontRange warrants that the M&S services provided toAfter-hours support will be charged at FrontRange’s then current rates Customer under this Agreement shall be performed with due care, and inand costs. FrontRange strives to respond to telephone inquiries within 4 a professional and workmanlike manner. FrontRange does not otherwisebusiness hours and all other inquiries within 2 business days. Support warrant the accuracy or completeness of any services provided pursuantrequests may be handled by any of FrontRange’s offices or employees to this Agreement. FRONTRANGE DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL OTHERworldwide. WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE IN(b) Support will be provided only for those questions and issues CONNECTION WITH THE SUBJECT OF THIS AGREEMENT.forwarded to FrontRange from Customer’s internal help desk support 6. Limitation of Liability. IN NO EVENT, UNDER ANY THEORY OFstaff, not each individual licensed user. FrontRange will attempt to LAW SHALL EITHER PARTY BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER FOR ANYanswer Your specific questions; however Support is offered to You on a INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGESgood faith, diligent effort basis only, and FrontRange may not be able to OR LOST PROFITS ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THISresolve every request for Support. Support is provided for ongoing use of AGREEMENT, EVEN IF A PARTY IS ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITYthe Licensed Software; it is not intended to be a substitute for training or THEREOF. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLEprofessional services necessary for the implementation or system LAW FRONTRANGE’S LIABILITY UNDER THIS AGREEMENT SHALLredesign of the Licensed Software, which are outside the scope of this NOT EXCEED THE PREPAID AND UNUSED PORTION OF YOUR M&SAgreement. All such and other services, including without limitation on- FEES PAID TO FRONTRANGE. FRONTRANGE SPECIFICALLYsite assistance, custom programming, database and network DISCLAIMS ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY SERVICES PROVIDEDadministration, and custom designed reports and forms, may be provided BY ANY PARTNER OR ANY OTHER THIRD PARTY.pursuant to a separate agreement by FrontRange or Your authorized 7. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable orFrontRange Partner. invalid, such provision(s) shall be amended to achieve as nearly as(c) Support is available for the current and immediately preceding possible the same economic effect as the original provision(s) and theversion of the Licensed Software, and for any version released within remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.eighteen (18) months of the date of the Support request, provided that 8. Miscellaneous. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreementCustomer and FrontRange are parties to a current M&S agreement. between You and FrontRange relating to M&S services (and anySupport for third party software products bundled with FrontRange subsequent orders of M&S services for additional License Limits or newLicensed Software is available according to their manufacturer’s support FrontRange products which will increase Your M&S fees), and anypolicies. additions to, or modifications of, this Agreement will be binding upon the(d) Unless otherwise stated, Support does not include any of the parties only if in a writing duly executed by You and an authorized officerfollowing: (i) supporting database products, including without limits, set- of FrontRange. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ANY CUSTOMERup and alteration and/or configuration of database products, and PURCHASE ORDER ARE ONLY BINDING ON FRONTRANGE IF THEYdatabase or database connectivity software specific errors; (ii) resolving ARE AGREED TO IN WRITING BY AN AUTHORIZED FRONTRANGEnetwork, workstation or environmental errors not directly related to the OFFICER AND IN A DOCUMENT OTHER THAN THE PURCHASELicensed Software; (iii) supporting any Licensed Software working on or ORDER FORM. Unless otherwise agreed to by FrontRange You will notwith any version of any database, operating system or similar hardware be able to purchase additional licenses of the Licensed Software if Youor software product or system that is not specifically identified as are not current on M&S. You may renew M&S on one group of dependentinteroperable with the specific version of the Licensed Software (and FrontRange product(s) without renewing M&S on another group ofspecifically excludes any “Beta” or non-certified versions of such FrontRange products(s) that are determined to be distinct and separateproducts/systems); (iv) supporting any Licensed Software customizations from the first group, provided that the determination whether products(s)(changes to the Licensed Software made outside of the product’s are distinct and separate is at FrontRange’s sole discretion. You mayadministration interface); (v) supporting any Licensed Software being assign this Agreement only in connection with a proper and validused in a manner for which it was not designed. assignment of the corresponding EULA to the extent permitted(e) It is Your responsibility to make and maintain adequate back-ups. In thereunder, provided that You give written notice of such assignment tono event will FrontRange be responsible for lost data. FrontRange. FrontRange may freely assign this Agreement to a purchaser of that portion of FrontRange’s business to which this3. Term/Termination. Agreement relates, to the surviving corporation in the event of a merger,(a) M&S services are offered on an annual basis (each, a “Term”), and and to any affiliate or third-party whom FrontRange authorizes to providewill automatically renew at the end of each Term unless either party M&S for the Licensed Software of the nature contemplated hereby. If Youprovides the other party with a written notice of its intent not to renew at ordered or are provided the M&S services through a Reseller, You agreeleast thirty (30) days before the end of the then-applicable Term. If You that (i) this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between You andelect not to renew, M&S may later be reinstated through payment of the FrontRange regarding the M&S services (and the terms and conditions offees described under “Fees.” any purchase order or any other agreement between You and the(b) This Agreement will automatically terminate as to each Licensed Reseller are not binding on FrontRange); and (ii) the Reseller is notSoftware upon termination of the EULA corresponding to such Licensed FrontRange’s agent and is not authorized to alter, amend or modify theSoftware. You may also terminate this Agreement for convenience at any terms of this Agreement. The waiver or failure of either party to exercisetime but You will not be entitled to a refund of any paid Fees in such in any respect any right provided for in this Agreement will not be deemedevent. a waiver of any further or future right under this Agreement.(c) If a FrontRange breach remains uncured more than one month afterFrontRange receives written notice from You of such breach, You mayterminate this Agreement for breach and receive a pro-rata refund of the