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What is your digital networth


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About the digital takeover

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What is your digital networth

  1. 1. What is your “digital net worth”?In totally secular terms, one’s net worth is very important and can determine various opportunities oneis like to meet. Most of us are more comfortable and confident with a higher net worth and people labordaily to protect their net worth and increase it.The digital space seems to be a world which exists in a virtual space and these days it feels even as realas the real world. Many more activities go on in the digital space than we can visualize and so a few daysago, I asked myself, if the world was reset, everything was formatted, erased and the digital spaceserved as the backup, will I still exist? If I exist, how relevant will I be; more relevant than I am or less?What will I be known as? What will be my profession? who will be my friends? Which company will stillbe in existence, which companies will be stable? And most of all, what will be my net worth?I thought of various online entrepreneurs and tried to position them in various offices.Of course Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google will be UN presidents, Seun Osewa of “Nairaland” will beNigeria’s president, and “BellaNaija” will be the new “Silverbird” and so on.Of course the world is not restarting this way. But many things are changing and the measures ofeffectiveness in various endeavours use different ways and techniques now. If the world restarts ashypothesized here, what happens to the scientist, teacher, professor, tailor, market woman, researcher,bus driver etc who does not have an email address? They might just seize to exist. What happens to thatbig conglomerate who just managed to have a webpage? They would probably be operating from theroadside. The corporate communication executive who doesn’t read and write his own emails? He willprobably exist but not know his own home address. The Governor who calls Facebook a joke? He willwatch as his office is being taken by someone else. ..The scenarios continue.There are various possibilities that technology can bring and many times, it seems as if there is no usetrying to keep abreast of various developments and how they might affect us. Of course, in Nigeria,there are many factors such as the absence of basic infrastructure that would determine the adoption ofthese technologies. However, it will not make sense if in the next century we cease to have anyrelevance just because we ignored developmental factors, which could have given us a chance at rulingthe world. Reading the book “The world is flat” by Thomas Friedman opened my eyes to the possibilityof moving forward by technology. China did it. India is doing it.We may have no electricity, no good roads, no good water, health care, but we have GSM, we havesome internet (although faulty) and we can start from there. Do not deny the usefulness of the newmedia; internet, social media, etc. They have changed our lives.