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Goldi Presentation

  1. 1. ()GOLDID E A D S E A M Y S E TR I E S
  2. 2. We are proud topresent the newprestige brand - GOLDIskin care products,based on Dead Seaminerals, the provenbenefits of vitamins,anti-oxidants andcollagen, as well asmedicinal plants,amino acids and selectessential oils.
  3. 3. Unlike many otherproducts on the market,our preparations do notcontain mineral oil, oraluminum chloride – allof which may causeallergic or otherundesirable reactions.Instead, they contain ahigh percentage ofnatural ingredients ofthe purest grade withproven beneficial.qualities
  4. 4. Dead Sea WorldThe Dead Sea is the world largest Natural Spa and unique reserve which located420 meters below sea level; its shores are the lowest point on the surface of the .EarthOver millions of years, the hot dry air and high evaporation rate have contributedto the high salt concentration present in the Dead Sea, making it one of the saltiestlakes in the world. With more then 30 percent Salinity, it is 10 times saltier than theocean and nine times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea (31.5% salt versus 3.5% for.(the Mediterranean The Dead Sea is the world largest Natural Spa and unique reserve which located 420 meters below sea level; its shores are the lowest point on the surface of .the Earth Over millions of years, the hot dry air and high evaporation rate have contributed to the high salt concentration present in the Dead Sea, making it one of the saltiest lakes in the world. With more then 30 percent Salinity, it is 10 times saltier than the ocean and nine times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea .((31.5% salt versus 3.5% for the Mediterranean
  5. 5. Dead Sea Enigma The water of the Dead Sea contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromineand potassium. Twelve of these are found in no other sea or ocean in the world. Some ofthese minerals are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin,activating the circulatory system, easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders. Exposure to Dead Sea water is acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumaticdiscomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves. Its very high densityenables the body to float effortlessly. This special feature permits free, relaxed and easiermovement in the water thus enhancing the effects of physiotherapy.
  6. 6. Modern science has proven that the minerals contained in the salt and mud of theDead Sea stimulates circulation, enhances cell regeneration, improves skin tone andprovides relief from skin, rheumatic, joint and inflammatory ailments.
  7. 7. FACE CARE
  8. 8. Facial Care ProductsGoldis line of facial care products offers you superior quality preparations to care foryour skin and pamper it. The lotions, scrubs and gels clean and purify; the creams,serums and masks nourish and soothe, regenerate and rejuvenate. All thepreparations are gentle yet effective, enhanced with Dead Sea minerals, anti-agingingredients, essential oils, and natural fragrances. All literally at your fingertips. Dipyour fingers... apply to your face... breathe in your favorite scent... and let themysteries of the Dead Sea work their wonders.
  9. 9. Pure Revival Mud MaskThis unique mud maskis enriched with naturalDead Sea minerals andmud, which are world-renowned for theirunique healing qualities.The mask purifies theskin, removes dead skincells, nourishes,smoothes and refreshesthe skin. Sauna MaskA warm, nourishing mask that gently opens pores andfollicles and absorbs the effects of environmentalpollution, leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed,nourished and revitalized.
  10. 10. Fresh Complexion Toning Lotion Goldi Fresh Complexion Toning Lotion is mineral- enriched, freshens up your skin and gives it a boost, cleans the pores and removes excess oil. At the same time, the lotion does not dry the skin or cause peeling. It contracts the pores, normalizes skin pH, and eliminates sheen. Fresh Complexion Cleansing Milk Goldi Fresh Complexion Cleansing Milk is a perfect cleanser and refresher, removing make up residue and dirt. This unique cleansing milk, based on natural Dead Sea minerals, cleans and nourishes your skin until it radiates.
  11. 11. Vitality Moisturizing CreamMoisturizes and protectsyour skin. Instantlyabsorbed, suppliesmoisture to your skin forthe entire day. Your skinglows, becomes firmer andsmoother. The cream helpsprotect your skin againstenvironmental damage andsun radiation, while notclogging the pores. Renewal Nourishing CreamGoldi Renewal Nourishing Cream is a unique night creamcontaining Dead Sea natural minerals, vitamin E, aloe geland natural oils. This high quality cream boosts the skin’snatural water retention and protects it againstenvironmental damage. The cream enriches the skin withthe necessary nutrients, helps delay the appearance offine lines and wrinkles. Energizes the skin and makes ithealthier and silky-soft.
  12. 12. Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Serum Anti-wrinkle Serum reduces existing wrinkles, balances the skin’s oil level, balances and restores your skin’s moisture level. Contains vitamins, salts and amino acids, and natural soothing ingredients. Intensive Anti-Wrinkle CreamAn anti-wrinkle cream with Dead Sea minerals and a richblend of plant extracts. Almond oil, Vetiver and Myrrhextract moisturize and nourish your skin optimally,strengthening the epidermis and improving its elasticity.The cream smoothes superficial wrinkles and helps preventnew ones from appearing. It is easily absorbed. Your skinglows with health and energy.
  13. 13. Renewal Eye CreamThe composition of thisunique cream was speciallydesigned for the delicate skinaround the eyes. This silky,exceptionally light-texturedcream is instantly absorbed,moisturizing the eye contourthroughout the entire day. Clarifying Peeling Gel The facial peeling gel was specially formulated for gentle cleansing of the face. It contains vitamin E, aloe extract and unique Dead Sea minerals.
  14. 14. BODY CARE
  15. 15. Body Care productsMud pack - bath crystals - peeling scrub - body lotion - body butter - hand cream and footcream all these and more are especially formulated with authentic Dead Sea minerals andGoldis own hand-picked blend of essential oils, exfoliators, emollients and naturalfragrances. Apply lavishly, let your skin drink in the nourishing substances and enjoy thehealth-giving properties and beautifying effects of these superb products. Your revitalized,soothed skin will feel sensual and silky.
  16. 16. Mineral Touch Body ButterBody butter with Dead Sea natural mineralsand Shea Butter is a skin-pamperingproduct with exceptionally emollient andtherapeutic qualities. It provides the skinwith much-need moisture and protection,and helps maintain the skins hydration levelover long hours, lending it suppleness andsmoothness. This creamy productnourishes the skin and helps delay theprocess of ageing. Instantly absorbed.Pleasantly scented. Contains sunscreen.
  17. 17. Pure Revival Mineral MudThe unique Dead Sea mud containing a widerange of minerals has been well known forcenturies as an excellent remedy for muscleand joint pain. Revitalizes, soothes andsmoothes the skin. It may also be used as ahair mask, serving to strengthen roots andremove excess oil from the scalp.
  18. 18. Mineral Touch Foot CreamA foot cream with Dead Seaminerals, beneficial plant extractsand vitamin E. Tea Tree Oil, Sheabutter and Olive Oil are known fortheir moisturizing, nourishing andprotective effects. They heal theepidermis (outer skin layer) of thefeet and are very helpful againstdry, chapped, damaged, red andhardened skin. Mineral Touch Hand CreamA wonderful hand cream madewith Dead Sea minerals andnatural oils: orange oil,sunflower oil and calendula oil.Moisturizes and nourishes yourskin, regenerates andrehabilitates skin cells, makingskin smooth and silky, healthy,beautiful and soft.
  19. 19. Luxurious Bath CrystalsGOLDI Luxurious BathCrystals are well known allover the world for their healingproperties, and are suitedparticularly for baths, thanksto their extraordinaryrestorative qualities. Theunique Dead Sea mineralsrelieve muscle and joint pain,alleviate stress and help torelax. Mineral Touch Body LotionEnriched with Green Tea Extract. Abody lotion enriched with Dead Seaminerals and rich plant extracts andoils such as green tea extract, aloeVera gel, shea butter and patchoulioil, all known for their moisturizingand nourishing effects. Providesyour skin with silky smoothnessand a healthy look.
  20. 20. Purifying Peeling ScrubA body scrub based onDead Sea minerals andnatural oils. Heals andrejuvenates the skin,helps to remove deadcells. Its stimulatingeffects promotecirculation and cellregeneration. Your skinbecomes supple,invitingly silky andsmooth. Mineral Salt soap
  21. 21. Salt & Cream ScrubA salt & cream scrub with Dead Seaminerals, Coconut Oil and Beeswax, vitaminsC and E and plant extracts. Provides for asoft massaging effect which helps to gentlyexfoliate “aged” cells while also having adeep-down effect of strengthening bloodvessel walls and stimulating blood and lymphcirculation. Try the scrub on your body toexperience the tingling refreshed sensation,the heady aroma, and enjoy the results ofrevitalized, smooth skin.
  22. 22. ()GOLDID E A D S E A M Y S E TR I E S