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Assignment Pong

  1. 1. Pong Assignment 1 Linhoff Pong Recreate a simplified, single level version of the classic Atari game Pong. The Basics The keyboard 'w' and 's' must move one player, and the up and down arrow keys move the other player. The game is a stripped down version of Pong that includes two player paddles and a ball. You do not need to keep or display score or time. Play a background tune and whenever the ball changes direction, play a sound. Grading The files, including and modified .vcproj must be properly added/committed to SVN so I can build your project. I will not grade the project until I can build it without errors. Test this by creating a tmp dir, checking out your project and building it. 80% (the game) e_pong.* builds & runs w/o errors, w/config.h #define BUILD_PONG 1 ● court drawn properly below ball ● 3D camera above the court ● two paddles displayed ● paddles move properly with keys 'w' 's' and up down ● ball and paddle move velocities are multiplied properly by time ● ball is served automatically from one of the players ● code is clean and well commented ● a background tune plays all the time ●
  2. 2. Pong Assignment 2 Linhoff sound plays every time the ball changes direction ● 10% (code -- HAND IN A HARDCOPY of one page of your code) code is all in one file (even 'header' files) ● all files are separated with 80 slashes '/' ● code is easy to read, whitespace (1 blank line) and tabs (3 spaces) properly used ● ideas are commented, initials and dates at the start of function blocks ● use a 10 point font, print a whole, single page of your code, turn it it with your name ● on it next week in class (I will write comments on this and hand it back). You must include the routine that checks and handles the ball versus the paddle collision. You may include any other code -- fill up a single side of a single page with code for me to review. 10% (some combination) collision testing works for ball v paddles ● you can control the English you put on the ball by hitting it off-center ● out of bounds ball causes restart, re-serve ● game ends and waits key for restart ● representation of score, service, last hit ● game is paced well, goes beyond the basics, has some element of fun ● different, interesting sounds or graphics ● Starting Point You are free to start with your own code. Make sure the whole game is in I have posted one possible starting point on the wiki. You do not need to start from my code, and your code need not resemble my code or my structure for this assignment.