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Data Management Lab: Session 2 - Documentation Instructions


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Spring 2014 Data Management Lab: Session 2 Documentation Instructions (more details at

What you will learn:
1. Build awareness of research data management issues associated with digital data.
2. Introduce methods to address common data management issues and facilitate data integrity.
3. Introduce institutional resources supporting effective data management methods.
4. Build proficiency in applying these methods.
5. Build strategic skills that enable attendees to solve new data management problems.

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Data Management Lab: Session 2 - Documentation Instructions

  1. 1. IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship Data Management Lab: Spring 2014 Project & Data Documentation: Instructions Learning Objectives 1. Identify documentation and metadata required to describe data. Instructions Keeping in mind the reasons why we document research, create a list of documentation that are necessary to describe your research project and data. This documentation should be updated throughout the project. The level of detail should be appropriate for a colleague in your field or a graduate student exploring the data in 5-10 years. Types of files generated 1. Data (existing and generated) 2. Project documentation 3. Outputs generated 4. Compliance documentation 5. Manuscripts Resources 1. Monash University: A Guide to Good Research Practice (Section 5): 2. Human Subjects Research Data: Subject-specific and Association and Society Guidelines: 3. Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty: ng%20the%20Right%20Moves/moves2_ch8.pdf 4. Codebook, Institute for Health and Care Research Quality Handbook: 5. ipHandbook: How to Start – and Keep – A Laboratory Notebook: Policy and Practical Guidelines: 6. NIH: Guidelines for Scientific Record Keeping in the Intramural Research Program: 7. NIH: Keeping a lab notebook: Basic Principles & Best Practices: 8. MIT: Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook: engineering/20-109-laboratory-fundamentals-in-biological-engineering-fall- 2007/labs/guide_lab_notebook/ 9. Introduction to Metadata: Setting the Stage (Getty Research Institute): tml Heather Coates, 2013