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Personal Marketing Plans for Professionals


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Why and how to go about setting up personal or individual marketing plans for professionals plus tips to help ensure plans are achievable.

Newer version uploaded June 2012!

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Personal Marketing Plans for Professionals

  1. 1. Personal  Marke,ng  Plans   for  Professionals   By  Michelle  Golden  
  2. 2. 5  Keys  to  a  “Do-­‐able”  Plan   1.  Understand  what  you  (or  your  professionals)   will/won’t  do  &  why,  before  you  start   2.  Be  realis,c:  don’t  over-­‐commit   3.  Ensure  goals  are  worthwhile  –  quality  over   quan,ty   4.  Devil’s  in  the  details  –  deal  with  ‘em  up  front   5.  Be  sure  you  can  measure  &  decide  when   goldenprac,   2  
  3. 3. Purpose  in  Marke,ng   What  we  should  do.  
  4. 4. Marke,ng  is…    the  on-­‐going  process  of     1)  ensuring  repeat  business  from            exis,ng  clients   2)  appealing  to  poten,al  clients     Michelle Golden goldenprac,   4  
  5. 5. Why  Clients  Leave  Firms   68%      Individual  Treatment   15%      Technical  Quality        7%      Price  is  Too  High   10%      Other   Wall Street Journal goldenprac,   5  
  6. 6. What  They  Really  Mean  (the“Ps”)     •  “Poor  communica,on”   •  “Patchy  service”   •  “Piecemeal  advice”   •  “Poor  follow-­‐through”   •  “People  aren’t  a  fit”   •  “Persuasive  compe,,on”   goldenprac,   6  
  7. 7. Percep,on  of  Performance   Time   goldenprac,   7  
  8. 8. Client  Departure   At  the  midpoint  of  sa,sfac,on,  where  clients  are   neither  dissa,sfied  nor  highly  sa,sfied,  the  client   reten,on  level  was  only  20%  percent.       Customers  will  stray  the  instant:   1.  They’re  no  longer  completely  sa,sfied      AND     2.  They  have  a  new  op,on  available   Harvard Business Review Study goldenprac,   8  
  9. 9. What  Do  Clients  Want?   •  Understand  my  business   •  Variety  of  services   •  Convenience   •  Certainty  in  price   •  Relate  to  me  well   •  Don’t  just  iden5fy  a  problem,  help  me  solve  it   Wall Street Journal, Golden Practices goldenprac,   9  
  10. 10. Keeping  Clients   How  to  Keep  Companies  from  Switching   •  Expecta,ons  managed  well  (no  nega,ve  surprises)   •  Responsiveness  (feel  like  they’re  your  only  client)   •  Quick  to  no,ce  when  something  is  amiss  (create   an  early  warning  system!)   •  Insights  and  ideas     •  Posi,ve  interac,ons  (rela,onships)   •  Refer  business  TO  them   goldenprac,   10  
  11. 11. Classic  Marke,ng  Cycle   goldenprac,   11  
  12. 12. Classic  Marke,ng  Cycle   ✓ goldenprac,   12  
  13. 13. Why  Firms  Do  What  They  Do   Be  aware  of  opera,onal  reali,es.   Plan  accordingly.  
  14. 14. Growth  Pressure  Points  OINTS   GROWTH  PRESSURE  P Infrastructure   Compensa,on   Products  &   Growth   Services   Criteria   Capacity   goldenprac,   14  
  15. 15. Marke,ng  Plan  Approach   Filling  the  5  Buckets.  
  16. 16. Indiv   PG   Indiv   Firm   Indiv   PG   Indiv   Indiv   goldenprac,   16  
  17. 17. Personal  Marke,ng  Ac,vi,es   Skill/Svc   Clients   Dev   Credibility   COIs   New  Biz   goldenprac,   17  
  18. 18. Personal  Marke,ng  Ac,vi,es   Expecta(on  Management   Innova(on  (new  solu,ons/   Conversa(ons/Listening   products,  dev  processes,   Debriefs  (BARs/AARs)   improve  effec,veness)   Delega(on   Con(nuing  Ed  (new,   Face  Time   advanced)   Industry/Org  Par(cipa(on   Apply  Industry  Knowledge   Skill/Svc   Current   Succession/Transi(on   (id  KPIs/sector,  studies,   surveys)   Dev   Clients   Service  Grid   Worthiness  of  Trust     Credibility   COIs   (behavior,  impression,   Conversa(ons/Listening   respectable  ext/int)   Clarify  Messages  (educate)   Competence     Face  Time/Follow-­‐up   (write,  speak,  lead)   Reciprocity/Reward  (track)   Capability  Evidence     New  Biz   Target   (case  studies,   Align   tes,monials,   representa,ve  clients,)   Involvement     (visible  in  core  markets)   ID/Study/Refine   Conversa(ons/Listening   Face  Time/Follow-­‐up   Demonstrate  Relevance,  Credibility,   Trustworthiness   goldenprac,   18  
  19. 19. _______________’s  Personal  Marke,ng  Ac,vi,es   Skill/Svc  Dev   Clients   (or  R&D!)   Credibility   COIs   New  Biz   goldenprac,   19  
  20. 20. PMP  –  Grid  Format   Who/ So  That…   By  When   Where   (or  “un,l”)   Jan   Feb   Mar   actual   short-­‐  or  long-­‐   date  or  measure   task   task   task   human’s  name   term  objec,ve   +  co,  org,   assoc,  or  pub   BILL  @  BANK   KNOW  BETTER   4  TOUCHES  2010   INVITE   LUNCH   THANK   ORG   SPEAK  FOR   2x  BY  DEC  2011   ATTEND   CTTE   CALL   ESTATE   LEARN  COLLEGE   2  COURSES  in  2010   LOCATE   BOOK   ATTEND   PLANNING  GRP   PLAN  METHODS   goldenprac,   20  
  21. 21. Devil’s  in  the  Details   •  Org,  person,  or  when  &  how  you’ll  ID  the   persons  (Hint:  early!)   •  Phone  numbers  &  or  email  in  fields   •  4  touches  minimum/yr  for  all  clients,  COIs,  &   prospects   •  Break  down  into  small  steps  (don’t  miss   follow-­‐ups)   •  Think  now  because  you  won’t  later   goldenprac,   21  
  22. 22. Sample  1  Year  PMP   goldenprac,   22  
  23. 23. Reasonableness:  Revise  as  Needed!     Time  expenditure  and  ,ming  reasonable?     %  of  “wins”  (1  in  3  qualified  opportuni,es  is  avg)       #  items  reasonable  by  month?  (start  small)     Make  every  task  count  (First  Research,  LinkedIn,  etc)     Other  resources  available/needed       75%  in  comfort  zone,  25%  “stretch”     Tasks  complete  enough  to  be  calendared  –  if  not,  fix   Can  combine  all  PMP  goals,  check  against  firm  goals   goldenprac,   23  
  24. 24. Follow  up  &  support   •  Structure  accountability   •  No  repor,ng  mechanism  =  minimal  progress   •  Monthly  or  bi-­‐monthly  check-­‐ins  are  usually   enough   •  Plan  coaching   •  Plan  evalua,on/grading  (self  &  by  others)   •  Lots  of  recogni,on  &  praise   •  Consider  a  “marke,ng  milestones”  report   goldenprac,   24  
  25. 25. Measurable  Marke,ng  Results   If  executed  well,   •  Client  reten,on  and  longevity   •  Recrui,ng,  reten,on  and  morale   •  Increasingly  excellent  customer  service   •  Increased  revenue  from  exis,ng  clientele   •  New  business  of  the  RIGHT  type     goldenprac,   25  
  26. 26. Thank  you.   michelle@goldenprac,   goldenprac,   goldenprac,  (blog)   @michellegolden  (twiver)