The essential guide to becoming a mobile enterprise app rockstar Infographic


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Mobile enterprise applications are changing the way that businesses work, but not all of them are getting it right.
So to give you the help you need to develop your mobile enterprise application strategy we have produced the essential guide to becoming a mobile enterprise rock star, published in the form of 3 whitepapers.
From this, we have produced this infographic with simple steps to help you create a mobile enterprise strategy that can be delivered in just 4 weeks.

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The essential guide to becoming a mobile enterprise app rockstar Infographic

  1. 1. ROCK STAR MOBILE ENTERPRISE ESSENTIAL GUIDE NOW TO BECOMING A WHAT THE SO ? Enterprise mobility is one of the most exciting opportunities within the work- place these days because of all the change management opportuni- ties it provides organizations. There is a real paradigm shift occurring in terms ofhoworganizationsarelookingattheir business processes and how they can change – really CHANGE – them with mobile enterprise applications. Too many companies spend months and months developing strategies and usually come up with a plan that simply justifies what they wanted to do in the first place. That is why we have developed the fast track process for mobile enterprise appli- cation strategy. The process consists of 5 simple steps that almost every company could deliver in about 4 weeks. By 2015, four times as many mobile apps will be developed as traditional PC apps today. Before they get overwhelmed by demand, organizations must plan around this. Much easier said than done. In this process you will have a better idea of how to determine appropriate budgets, know where best direct further investment and how to acess the potential revenue, cost savings and intangible benefits de- rived from mobile enterprise applications. To keep up with market demand, many big organisations have given business units the freedom to create and launch dozens or even hundreds of apps. However, as orig- inally stated by Gartner, any organisation planning on creating 3 or more enterprise class apps in the coming years should consider establishing a standardised Mo- bile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). Evaluate how your company and employees use mobile today. Development costs Staffing | Testing | Integration Existing platform Most are paper products, requiring about 80% custom development, but provide a good starting point. Custom proprietary platform A framework based on best prac- tice guidelines, tools and code that can be reused across applications. Hybrid model Great alternative if established internal platforms and processes can be leveraged to create stan- dards for the applications. Operational costs Licensing | Cloud | Mobile data | Support & Training | Updates Benefits,costsavings&revenues Efficiency | Effectiveness | Error reduction Benchmark competitors and companies in adjacent industries Interview key stakeholders and identify use cases where mobile can transform your business Prioritise the use cases based on opportunity size, complexity, cost and commonality Analyse common needs across the business With smartphone users spending 81% of their time using mobile apps, thistransitiontomobileenterpriseappli- cations hits companies (no matter the industry) with the following challenges: 1.Lotsachangeinashortperiodoftime due toheightened employee demand 2.Deliveringenterprisegradefunction- ality with consumer quality interfaces of businesses are making line of business custom apps ofbusinessesrated“increased efficiency” as a benefit of the Fortune 500 are deploying or testing iPads of employees use tablets forbothbusinessandpersonal tablets will be shipped to enterprises in 2016 DEVELOPING AN ACTIONABLE CREATING A CREATING A APPLICATION APPLICATION APPLICATION MOBILE ENTERPRISE MOBILE ENTERPRISE MOBILE ENTERPRISE STRATEGY BUSINESSCASE PLATFORM (MEAP) +50% 73% 90% 9.3 M We transform existing businesses and help create new industry leaders in the mobile space through our experience, technology inno- vation, UX design and reliable quality solutions. Meetr, built by Golden Gekko, is the next generation of enterprise mobile productivity solutions, supporting robust backend integration, intuitive Design/UX, enterprise greade security as well as flexible configuration and deployment. This being said, we understand each organization has unique requirements and built Meetr with the following flexibility: - Configure branding, app copy & more - Integrate with internal tools - Enable or disable individual features - Add custom features Our services include service concept design, UX/UI design, native app, HTML5, mobile web and backend development, quality assur- ance and distribution. With 1500+ projects delivered and 150+ clients we provide solutions for telecom, retail, CPG, media, enterprise, government, healthcare/pharma, transportation and travel. • Nielsen 2012 • Symantec 2012 • Infinite Research (2012) • Gartner’s ‘Rule of Three’ (2012) • Forrester (2012) • Gartner (January 2013) How to Estimate the ROI of Mobile Apps for Employees +50% MOBILE ENTERPRISE ROCK STAR ABOUT GOLDEN GEKKO SOURCES PEOPLE TECHNOL OGYPR OCESS