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How to engage your customers (or at least 91% of them)


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Find out how to engage your customers using a mobile loyalty program and why 91% of them could be downloading your next app.

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How to engage your customers (or at least 91% of them)

  1. 1. but but & 2013 & On average we have 7 loyalty cards in our wallet or at least 91 % of them 71% want more of them 71% change their purchasing habits because of them. unfortunately we eceive irrelevant communications 53% of the time. if those loyalty programs had an app, 91% would download it. Purchases through smartphones increased +43% compared with the previous year. When eceiving a coupon 66% tend to use it either in-store, at home or in transit. Sources: 73% of people want to interact with their loyalty programs using martphones As customers we are aware that if we want to eceive personalized offers we need our loyalty program to know us a little bit better. 69% would be happy to have their hopping habits tracked. Brands with loyalty programs are visited twice as often & Customers pend 4 times as much money. 94% want to eceive program communications Luckly we don’t need bigger wallets, as martphones can easily be turned into virtual loyalty cards, and engagement tools. A mobile loyalty platform will help you increase customers’ loyalty, boost sales and differentiate your brand. Golden Gekko offers packaged solutions within mobile loyalty that are ready to go to market in a matter of weeks. About Golden Gekko Founded in 2005, Golden Gekko is one of the world’s leading mobile solutions developers. With a global presence and over 220 mobile experts, it has developed hundreds of apps for more than 200 industry-leading brands and enterprises. All of its solutions are business critical- with focus on UX/ UI design, user testing and industry-leading QA criteria. Golden Gekko is the only mobile solution provider in the world to have received Trusted Developer Status from AQuA, the industry’s global association focused on ensuring mobile quality. A DMI Company In 2013, Golden Gekko became a subsidiary of DMI, one of the leading integrated end-to-end mobility companies in the world. As part of the DMI family, we have the ability to resource up on a global scale as well as becoming your partner supporting all business areas from Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Mobility as well as Strategic Consulting and more. |