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DMI – World Gaming Executive Summit

Magnus Jern's (President DMI International) presenting at the 2016 World Gaming Executive Summit. On the 4th mobile revolution and key challenges facing the mobile gaming industry.

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DMI – World Gaming Executive Summit

  1. 1.   Reinventing Mobile Gaming 6 July 2016
  2. 2.   Topic: How to Be a Winner in the Age of Mobile Agenda: About DMI & Me The 4th Mobile Revolution Don’t Mobilize – Reinvent Understanding the Problem Key Challenges for Gaming industry
  3. 3. About DMI & Me
  4. 4.   Magnus Jern, Swedish Engineer, mathematician and a passion for solving problems Co-founder of 9 startups whereof 3 successful exits, 3 failures and 3 ongoing Currently President DMI International and NED in 4 companies The bigger the challenge - the better About DMI & Me
  5. 5.   OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE MARKETING & ENGAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT UX/UI DESIGN & TESTING BUSINESS INSIGHTS AND ANALYTICS DISCOVERY, SERVICE CONCEPT DESIGN& INNOVATION DMI International Started as Golden Gekko in Europe Early iPhone and Android apps with 100m+ downloads and $5Bn in revenue for clients Thought leader in Mobile First, User- Centric and Data-Driven Design 400+ Mobile Specialists Clients incl. UK National Lottery, Gamesys, Virgin, Addison Lee, Fitness First, O2, Vodafone, Tesco, H&M, Ikea and Nike
  6. 6. The 4th Mobile Revolution
  7. 7.   Mobile Voice 1st SMS & Mobile Web 2nd Apps & Media (video/ audio) 3rd Ubiquitous mobile computing - mobile is part of everything 4th The 4th Mobile Revolution is Here Smartphones Tablets Wearables Sensors IoT Payments Transportation Connected everything
  8. 8.   Most companies are really bad at predicting adoption of new technology and industry disruption Disrupted and realised too late Disruptor but too early
  9. 9.   How we forecast adoption vs. what actually happens? Forecast Actual Conclusion: Technology adoption usually takes longer than we forecast, but when it happens it goes faster than we expect
  10. 10. Don’t Mobilize – Reinvent
  11. 11.   Don’t Mobilize – Reinvent Option 1: Start from scratch Option 2: Copy your best competitor
  12. 12. Customer Experience Journey
  13. 13.   Discovery Sprints Concept Sprints Scoping Development Start with Users Problem Frame Concept Prototype Problem Space Solution Space Build - Measure - Learn D ivergent D ivergent Convergent Convergent Methodology
  14. 14. Understand the Problem and Test the Solution
  15. 15.   The hardest problem isn’t technical. It’s understanding the problem so that you can find a solution that people will use. But the technical solution is the most expensive
  16. 16.   Identify/understand the problem
  17. 17.   1717 How do you compete? Addison Lee vs. Uber
  18. 18.   Understand the problem and define your own competitive advantage Regaining market share after 2 years
  19. 19.   Does the solution really solve the problem? Prototype and test on target devices with real customers.
  20. 20.   VIRGIN RED We’re part of a team changing the game at Virgin. 20
  21. 21.   VIRGIN RED User-centric product development. 21
  22. 22.   Project Duration Cost of Change DevelopmentDiscovery & Concept 100x It’s cheaper to throw away a post-it “Changing requirements are 100x more expensive during the end of a software project than the beginning.” IEEE Report, 2014 22 Why research and prototyping is important
  23. 23. 5 Key Challenges Facing Gaming
  24. 24. 5 4 3 2 1 One customer view with Personalised content and timing New generation media consumption & communication Privacy by Design Disruption in payments Diverging device formats Mobile Transformation Challenges
  25. 25.   25 1. One customer view Customers expect brands and services to communicate in one voice PoS, eMail, SMS, Chat, Push, Web, Apps and Customer Care with one voice Personal - Right time and right content
  26. 26.   26 2. New generation media consumption
  27. 27.   27 Brands must find new ways of engaging with users where they are Open messaging APIs are enabling a new communication channel 2. New generation media consumption (cont.)
  28. 28.   28 3. Privacy by Design Customers are willing to give away a lot for great service (e.g. Google and Facebook) Design new services for privacy (transparency and simplicity)
  29. 29.   29 4. Disruption in payments & authentication Most gaming platforms optimized web payments for mobile Mobile payments are finally becoming easier across the board Focus on making it easier for the customer (while managing risk) Connecting the offline with the online world*
  30. 30.   30 5. Divergence in device formats Mobile First or Mobile Only? Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, iPhone SE, Desktops, TVs and VR
  31. 31. Summary
  32. 32.   1. The 4th mobile revolution is here 2. Don’t mobilize your business - reinvent it 3. Understand and verify the problem 4. Always put customer experience first Summary
  33. 33. THE FIRST INTEGRATED END-TO-END MOBILITY COMPANY IN THE WORLD. DMI helps businesses reinvent themselves through mobility. Contact us for more information.