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CX Audit Workshop


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Tips on how to facilitate a CX Audit Workshop

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CX Audit Workshop

  2. 2. © 2015DMICONFIDENTIAL&PROPRIETARY This is an innovation workshop conducted with customer or stakeholders in the form of a journey. The audit to be conducted at any given stage of the product journey to validate the business needs, thought processes, influences, touchpoints, user needs with intended goals. Target the overlaps between stages of the customer journey to drive engagement and enable transition the customer. Additionally it helps: ● to understand, analyse and diagnose experiences. ● to identify problems, possible opportunities and setting of priorities. ● customer/ stakeholder to have a clear understanding of experience. WHAT IS THIS? CX AUDIT WORKSHOP
  3. 3. © 2015DMICONFIDENTIAL&PROPRIETARY Pre-requisites for the session: ● Inform the potential participants for the purpose. ● Preferably block their calendars. ● Schedule a workshop with them, at their location. This will enable full attendance. ● Invite the stakeholders invested in this project. No more than 7. PLANNING THE CX AUDIT | 1-2 hours CX AUDIT WORKSHOP ● Print the Customer Journey poster in actual size. ● For the workshop, bring post-its (3 colors/3x3), voting circular stickers/dots and felt tip fine point markers. ● You will need ~2 hours, meeting room, and wall to put the customer journey poster.
  5. 5. © 2015DMICONFIDENTIAL&PROPRIETARY Use this process to formulate an experience journey understanding and path towards the goal: CX AUDIT CX AUDIT WORKSHOP Awareness Consideration Purchase On Boarding Project Engagement Results Renew Customer Goals Engagement Experience Business Goals Y1; X1 Y2; X1 Y3; X1 Y1; X2 Y2; X2 Y3; X2 Y1; X3 Y2; X3 Y3; X3 Y1; X4 Y2; X4 Y3; X4 Y1; X5 Y2; X5 Y3; X5 Y1; X6 Y2; X6 Y3; X6 Y1; X7 Y2; X7 Y3; X7
  6. 6. © 2015DMICONFIDENTIAL&PROPRIETARY ● Start with Y1 in X1, followed with Y2 and Y3 in X1. One at a time. ● Use different color post-its for Y1, Y2 and Y3. ● Go through Y1 (Customer Goals), Y2 (Engagement Experience) and Y3 (Business Goals) with X’s in a flow. ● The lead facilitator can briefly talk about Xs at each level. This will optimize the workshop. RUNNING THE CX AUDIT | 1-2 hours CX AUDIT WORKSHOP ● Everybody writes their thought / belief on a post-it, reads aloud, and puts it in the space. ● Encourage participants to add post-it, despite of duplication of other’s thoughts.
  7. 7. © 2015DMICONFIDENTIAL&PROPRIETARY RUNNING THE CX AUDIT | 1-2 hours CX AUDIT WORKSHOP On completion of all Xs: ● Have the group vote (using dots) for the strongest points under customer goals, engagement experience or business goal which needs attention across 7 stages (10 mins). ● Have each individual do design thinking and propose a solution / recommend an idea for the point which received maximum votes (5mins). ● Take photos of everything and capture the attention requiring areas as a key part of the workshop. ● Mention the next action. ● Thank and applaud the participants.
  8. 8. © 2015DMICONFIDENTIAL&PROPRIETARY ● Create a visualization of CX audit. ● Highlight the gaps / innovation possibilities / improvement areas with recommendations. ● Share with customer / participants in form of soft copy. If possible, walk them through. ● DMI sales contact or AM to follow up and look for future possibilities. DELIVERABLE POST CX AUDIT CX AUDIT WORKSHOP