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Cambodian Life - Living and Working in Phnom Penh


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DMI's guide to living and working in Phnom Penh. We offer senior roles with fantastic career opportunities in our Cambodia office. If you're looking to take your career to the next level, check out our webpage for current openings!

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Cambodian Life - Living and Working in Phnom Penh

  1. 1. CAMBODIAN LIFE Living and working in Phnom Penh
  2. 2. DMI
  3. 3. DMI A solid foundation In 2002, Sunny Bajaj started DMI in a basement when he was 25 years old. The company started out reselling technology products and was soon awarded the first of many government contracts. Sunny defined a set of principles that would guide his company as it grew. These guiding principles are still in place today: MANAGED MOBILITY SERVICES BIG DATA INSIGHTS BRAND & MARKETING INTEGRATED END-TO-END MOBILITY MOBILITY STRATEGY UX, WEB & APP DEVELOPMENT OMNICHANNEL COMMERCE The first end-to-end mobility company To realize his vision, Sunny knew he would need to add to his company’s capabilities. DMI’s management team carefully selected the right partners to help them create the world’s first integrated, end-to-end mobility company. By combining the various skillsets necessary to deliver successful mobility solutions, Sunny and his team created an integrated approach that allows DMI to handle everything related to mobility for its clients, from start to finish, and reinventing business. WE ARE PERFORMANCE DRIVEN WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE WE TAKE OWNERSHIP BETHESDA,MD NORTH AMERICA EUROPE ASIA ARLINGTON,VA BOSTON,MA CHICAGO,IL CINCINNATI,OH CRYSTALCITY,VANEW YORK,NY PITTSBURGH,PASAN FRANSISCO,CA BARCELONA,SPAINLONDON,UK PHNOM PENH,CAMBODIA CHENNAI,INDIA DELHI,INDIA PUNE,INDIA Our Locations WE ARE EMPLOYEE- FOCUSED
  4. 4. CAMBODIA
  5. 5. THE INDEPENDENCE MONUMENT TEMPLE NEAR ANGKOR WAT SUNSET IN SIEM REAP WATER BUFFALOS CAMBODIA History Historically, Cambodia used to be a great empire during the Angkorian era which flourished for over 600 years, dominating most of southeast Asia mainland. Until the Angkor fall in the 15th century, several impressive temples were built such as the world heritage site Angkor Wat, which is now the biggest tourist attraction in Cambodia. After the fall, Cambodia was controlled by it’s neigh- bouring countries, until 1863 when it became a protectorate of France and regained independence first in 1953. During the Vietnam war, Cambodia was greatly affected, the Khmer Rouge then gained huge power and the country went through very difficult times. However, since 1991, the country and its people have made a successful recovery, with its economy growing strongly. THE INDEPENDENCE MONUMENT TEMPLE NEAR ANGKOR WAT SUNSET IN SIEM REAP WATER BUFFALOS
  6. 6. Now Periods of internal unrest last century left Cambodia struggling with numerous challenges and sociopolit- ical issues in the 90’s. However, even though Cambodia was considered a developing country, things have improved exponentially, and it now has one of the best economic records in Asia, with growth averaging 6% over the last decade. Agriculture, textiles, garments, construction and tourism are the leading sectors. 97%OF THE POPULATION ARE BUDDHISTS KAMPOT PEPPER CAMBODIAN SILK FARMER AT A RICE FIELD 15MILLION THE POPULATION OF CAMBODIA
  7. 7. PHNOM PENH Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. Located on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River, Phnom Penh has been the national capital since French colonization of Cambodia, and has grown to become the nation’s center of economic and industrial activities, as well as the center for security, politics, cultural heritage, and diplomacy of Cambodia. Known as the “Pearl of Asia,” it is considered one of the loveliest French-built cities in Indochina in the 1920s. Phnom Penh, along with Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, are significant global and domestic tourist destinations for Cambodia. Founded in 1434, the city is noted for its beautiful and historical architecture and attractions. There are a number of surviving French colonial buildings scattered along the grand boulevards. RUSSIAN MARKET COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE 1,5MILLION THE POPULATION OF PHNOM PENH LIVELY STREET LIFE
  8. 8. THIS IS US
  9. 9. THE OFFICE The Phnom Penh office was established in 2005 by Magnus Jern and Daniel Karlström, with three members of staff, and has since grown to over 100 employees across 6 departments – HR & administration, Quality Assurance, IT Operations, UI/UX Design, S.A & Development and Project & Program Manager Team. CAMBODIA SWEDEN DENMARK UNITED KINGDOM USA SPAIN PHILIPPINES AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND RUSSIA FRANCE Staff Nationalities 74% KHMER EMPLOYED 26% EXPATS EMPLOYED
  10. 10. MEET BELINDAHR BUSINESS PARTNER Raising Kids in the Kingdom of Wonder I moved to Phnom Penh in September 2014, with my three children aged 10, 8 & 5. At first I was worried about how the children would settle in, whether they would make friends. Would they have access to sports and leisure activities, what could we do on weekends and the BIG question- is it safe for my family? All my concerns were quickly diminished within weeks of arriving. My children settled very quickly and were flourishing in their new school environment and made friends easily. This quickly transpired into play dates, sleepovers and birthday parties. My children are never short of things to do after school or on weekends. Healthy competition to provide quality education has resulted in some excellent international schools which are attended by both expatriate and local children. This multinational exposure is something you can’t put a price on, and you can’t teach at home. Exposure to a foreign culture in the form Cambodia has to offer is another horizon-broadening benefit. Life is easy in Phnom Penh, and that extends to raising kids. Housing and help are both cheap. Living in Phnom Penh enables my husband and I to work full time but still enjoy ample quality time with our children as we are not stressed and busy with the daily chores of a house. We have the luxury of a full time nanny and a cook/cleaner so any time out of the office is “our” time with each other and time with our children. Most importantly DMI MAS supports employees with families. We have an education policy to assist with the financial costs of international schooling for school aged children; 25% of school fees in the first year, 50% in the second and 75% every year after. This is based on the tuition fees at ICAN international school. Cambodia is fun, don’t be scared to move here. Just do it. Relax and enjoy all Phnom Penh has to offer and give your children the opportunity of a lifetime!
  11. 11. MEET JEPPE Jeppe Mariager-Lam, 25, is working as a Technical Project Manager since 2013 at the Phnom Penh office, but moved from Denmark to Cambodia already in 2011. Working at DMI MAS in Phnom Penh, what would you say are the key benefits, which you wouldn’t experience at home? For me, one of the major benefits with living and working in Cambodia is the cultural diversity that I experience every day – I work in an office with people from 20+ nationalities, and run projects with team members and clients from all over the world. Compared to living in Denmark, how would you describe life in Cambodia? Additionally to the benefits at work, comes the standard of living – It is easy to find good and affordable products and services in Cambodia, whether it is housing, food or consumer goods. This means that I can put away money for travel or savings - In the last year alone, I have been to Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and New Zealand on holidays, which for sure would have been a lot more difficult in Europe. Do you think working abroad makes a difference career-wise? Yes, definitely. My career took a giant leap forward when I was hired by DMI – I would be able to get a similar position in Denmark, but the size of projects and the responsibility would have been much smaller than what I have been managing over the past few years. Everything here just moves faster it seems, and I think that just a few years at DMI will allow me to fast forward 5 years in my career at home. Apart from work, what other activities have you experienced while living in Cambodia? Being in Cambodia allows me to get involved in a lot of good causes – for example, I have helped start a school for under privileged children on one of the islands close to Phnom Penh. When my wife and I first found the school, it was a run by only one person volunteering his time to teach 25 children sitting on the ground under one of the village houses. Both my wife and myself got very actively involved, not only by sponsoring a school building and a solar power system, but also by going there to teach during the weekends. In the past year, the school has grown from 25 children to over 100 children, and the smiles on their face and their hunger for knowledge makes it 100% worth it for us to go there as often as we can.
  13. 13. #1 THE CULTURE Cambodia is developing at a leisurely pace, and that’s why Phnom Penh is perhaps the closest you can get to a true picture of how one would imagine east Asia. The heat, the rainy season, affordable food, scooters, tuk tuks, temples, and buildings marked by its history.
  14. 14. #2 FOOD CULTURE The food in Phnom Penh is awesome. It doesn’t cost much, and there is a restaurant from almost every food culture in the world. Cambodia also has the best pepper and rice in the world, while the markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables, grown traditionally and without pesticides. You’ll be spoiled over here, that’s a fact.
  15. 15. #3 ACCESSIBILITY Phnom Penh is located inland, however a trip in any direction will take you to a new adventure. From the white sandy beaches on the west- coast, to the green mountains in the north or the historical township and temples in Siem Reap- all are great weekend escapes. Cambodia is surrounded by other amazing Asian countries, waiting to be explored!
  16. 16. #4 A PLACE TO RELAX In Phnom Penh the traffic is busy, and the streets full of people. The lively atmosphere is part of the charm of the city, but everyone needs a little peace and quiet at times. Luckily there are many great pools and relaxing massage spas to escape to, so affordable that you make it a habit. The tropical paradise islands of Koh Rong and Koh Kong are only a few hours away.
  17. 17. #5 THE PEOPLE Even though the Cambodians have suffered a great deal during the past decades, their attitude towards life is admirable – always looking forward and not backwards, most often with a smile. And we’re lucky to also have the funniest locals in our office!
  18. 18. THE DMI GUIDE
  19. 19. Top 5 Dinner Restaurants Mama Wong St. 308 Lost Room St. 21/354 Deco St. 352/57 Malis Norodom/308 Black Bambu 29 St. /228 Top 5 Lunch Places Warung Bali St. 178/Samdach Sothearos Blvd Limoncello Riverside/100 Evergreen (Veggie Wednesdays) St. 130/19 Hummus House Riverside/102 Taqueria Corona St. 51/254 Top 5 Cafés & Work places Feel Good Café St. 136/15 Java Café & Art Gallery Sihanouk Blvd/21 The Shop St, 240/19 & Central Mansions St. 102 Backyard Café St. 246 Brown Coffee St. 57/294 & Riverside/98 Top 5 Bars & Clubs Meat & Drink Alley of st. 308 Che Culo 6B St. 302 Oskar Bistro 159 Sisowath Quay Bouchon St. 246 VITO 8 St. 214 Top 5 Pools Blue Lime St. 19z Patio Hotel St. 51/288 Villa Langka St. 282/51 Rambutan Resort St. 71/398 Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel St. 178/Soth. Top 5 Massage & Spa Spa Bliss St. 240/19 Bodia St. 178/Samdach Sothearos Blvd U & Me Riverside/136 AZIADÉE Tea – Spa & Beauty St. 322/Monivong Oriental Princess St.108/19 BEST OF PHNOM PENH VOTED BY OUR STAFF JAVA CAFÉ & ART GALLERY EVERGREEN VEGETARIAN
  20. 20. Gym & Fitness The Place St. 51/282 Crossfit Amatak St. 454/123 Hotel Cambodiana Gym Riverside Yoga Phnom Penh St. 21 Good Times Health & Fitness St. 273 Schools & Institutions iCAN British International School ISPP International School of Phnom Penh Northbridge International School Cambodia Hospitals & Dentists Internatinal SOS Medical & Dental St. 51/228 Naga Clinic St. 262 Royal Rattanak Hospital St. 592 European Dental Clinic Norodom/380 Dr. Mori Dental Clinic St. 398 Ave-Gran Hotel Transportation Cambodia Giant Bicycle Shop Tchecoslova Blvd Giant Ibis St. 106 Sorya Bus Charles de Gaulle Blvd/136 Mekong Express Bus Riverside/102 Bassaka Air Phnom Penh <> Siem Reap John Tuk tuk Driver +855 12 538 037 Jone Taxi +855 92 743 002 Mr. Ratana Taxi +855 12 552 855 Landlords & Agencies Orome Vtrust Mr Yim Sam Phalla +855 12 727 206 Emergencies Ambulance: 119 & 023 723 840 Police Hotline: 012 999 999 Tourist Police: 023 724 793 012 942 484 Fire: 012 920 775 YOGA PRACTICE ADDITIONAL SERVICES
  21. 21. 94 110 118 96 92 140 118 112 138 146 150 156 162 188 186 192 202 210 218 324 344 336 372 230 372 335 228 182 160 156z 150 156 146 138 132 132z 122 194 202 230 234 272 316 336 122 134 190 242 232 258 246198 182 168 166 170 164 180 252 240 244 256 240 184 174 107 137 109 139 608 291 307 313 3 566 578558 584 588 590 592600 604 602 606 608 616 612 610 566 221 225 233 241289 247 253 257 261 255 251 265 265 229 219 223 239 231 213 196 200 208 214 222 228 242 254 262 278 282 288 294 302 306 310 312 294 308 78 830 830 354 322 334 352 360 310318328 338348358 356 298 300 292 304 320 330 348 350 280 276 278 248 167 284 296 290 286 364 366374384 430 404 414 193 173 205 209 199 201 205 106 108 130 136 144 148 154 172 178 19 19 111 107 105 63 63 113 115 125 141 1 49 81 5 15 59 55 57 163 21 29 21 9 67 13 H SISOW ATH QUAY SAMDACHPENN PREAHMONIVONGBLVD KAMPUCHEA KROM BLVD RUSSIAN BLV (110) TCHECOSLOVABLV(169) NEHRUBLVD(215) CHARLESDEGAULLEBLVD M O N IRETH BLVD PREAHNORODOMBLVD SISOW ATH QUAY(1) SOTHEROSBLV(3) PASTEUR(51) PASTEUR(51) PREAH SIHANOUK BLVD PHOUMIN BLVD ( 271) MEKONG RIVER RD DIAMOND ISLAND (KOH PICH) CAMBODIA VIETNAM FRIENDSHIP MONUMENT OLYMPIC STADIUM KLEANG ROMSEY MARKET DEPO MARKET COUNCIL OF MINISTERS CITY MALL LEGEND CINEMA OLYMPIC MARKET ORUSSEY MARKET WAT KOH S-21 TOUL SLENG MUSEUM WAT LANGKA NAGA WORLD BUDDHIST INSTITUTE INDEPENDENCE MONUMET DEAM KO MARKET CENTRAL MARKET SORYA SHOPPING CENTER WAT PHNOMTOUL KORK MARKET TRAIN STATION CANADIA BUILDING NIGHT MARKET OLD MARKET POST OFFICE VATTANAC CAPITAL NATIONAL MUSEUM WAT ONALOM ZVROYAL PALACE SILVER PAGODA TONLESAPRIVER YOURPHNOMPENH.COM
  22. 22. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your next career step in the Pearl of Asia, Phnom Penh. Click here to email Albert Cañete, Global Recruitment Lead, for more information today. THE FIRST END-TO-END MOBILITY COMPANY IN THE WORLD.