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#SEXTECH industry overview


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SexTech - a set of technologies and innovations aimed at developing human sexuality and sexual experiences.

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#SEXTECH industry overview

  1. 1. #SEXTECH industry overview Andriy Yaroshenko Sex Evangelist Founder of the Fantasy App Version #1.4
  2. 2. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 2 Market volume $2,000,000,000 classic online dating $14,000,000,000 sex, including intimate dating $14,600,000,000 porno $30,600,000,000 SEXTECH ‘If the tech exists, it’s also sextech.’ or trillions?! Silicon Vice: How sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll are creating the next big tech companies, by Tristan Pollock, Entrepreneur in Residence & Venture Partner at @500Startups
  3. 3. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 3 Segments of #sextech 1 Segment Examples Classic dating (not a sextech directly) Tinder – romantic dating Grindr – social network for gays LesPark – dating for lesbians Cheekd – dating within 30 paces IRL – dating service through the recommendations of friends Siren – dating with a first move from a girl Intimate dating Fantasy – the dating by fantasy and lifestyle app for couples & singles 3nder – dating for kinky, curious and openminded Pure – sex here and now Whiplr – messenger with kinks Sex for money Ohlala – dating for money Support Girls – dating of rich men with girls Sex education My Sex Doctor – pocket sex-doctor SexPositive – sex education for students Makelovenotporn – comparison: porno world vs reality Happy Playtime – manual on female masturbation Sex Positions – kamasutra Sexual entertainment Suprem Sexy Dice – dice for adults iVibe Massager – massaging vibration Pillow Play – sex adventures for couples Glance – video shooting of sex
  4. 4. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 4 Segments of #sextech 2 Segment Examples Long distance sex Kiiroo – special platform for distant intimacy Sext Adventure – textual sex-talks with a bot Services Kinkbnb – rental service for people with unusual sexual desires Eve by Glow – control over the female sex life Nipple–service – diary for sex accounting Spreadsheets – evaluation and improvement of the quality of sex life Rall – sexual contacts IoT OhMiBod Remote – control over sex toy`s vibration L. Condoms – condoms delivery SexyPranky Box –prank for friends with naughty packages Blewit – toy for male masturbation Autoblow2+ – robot for bj New York Toy Collective – sex toys based on 3D printer Hum – vibrator with artificial intelligence kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer – sex simulator for women Vibease – smart vibrator controlled from the phone Crescendo – fully adaptable sex toy Lovely – «smart» sex toy Porn (we all know this very well) Pornhub, RedTube, Sexapk, XXX Porn Videos, GayTube
  5. 5. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 5 Classic dating
  6. 6. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 6 Tinder Application for a romantic dating Release on iTunes August 3, 2012, at PlayMarket - July 16, 2013. Mechanics: Swipe to the right to put "like" to the user or to the left to ignore. If you are also liked by someone, then consider that you are a couple. Communicate with your partners or take photos to share the Moment with all couples at the same time. Audience coverage: 18+ Pricing: free (has paid content) iTunes Rating: 3.5/5, 309,8 thousand. ratings PlayMarket Rating: 4.0/5, 1,6 million. ratings, 50-100 million. downloads
  7. 7. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 7 Grindr The world's largest social network for gays Release on iTunes June 25, 2009, at the Play Market - January 27, 2012. Mechanics: The app uses geo location, through which the user transmits his location and gain access to the profiles of gay men and bisexual men in the immediate vicinity. Audience coverage: guys, 18+ Pricing: $0.99 iTunes Rating: 3.0/5, 48,5 thousand. ratings Play Market Rating: 3.6/5, 176 thousand. ratings, 5-10 millions of downloads
  8. 8. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 8 LesPark, The most popular social network for lesbians Release iTunes 9 January 2014, PlayMarket - November 15, 2015. Mechanics: The app shows the girls who are near you, and every day there is a recommendation with a girl for dating. It is possible to send video, audio, images, text, your location. In addition, there are group chats. Audience coverage: girls, 18+ Pricing: free iTunes Rating: 4.5/5, 9834 ratings Play Market Rating: 4.2/5, 1379 ratings, 50-100 thousands of downloads
  9. 9. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 9 Cheekd Application for dating within 30 paces Release on iTunes March 10, 2014. Mechanics: The app uses Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to the people around you in real time. You will be notified when another user is within 30 steps. Cost: Free iTunes Rating: 3.5 / 5, 44 evaluation
  10. 10. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 10 IRL Application for dating on the recommendations made by friends Release iTunes April 5, 2016. Mechanics: You have two options - you give recommendations to friends and need recommendations from friends. After that, get to know other people who have recommendations from your friends. There is an opportunity to put the "occupied" status and help friends in search of love. Pricing: free
  11. 11. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 11 Siren Application for dating with a first move from a girl Release on iTunes July 15, 2014, release on PlayMarket - October 8, 2015. Raised $ 500,000 in the first round. Mechanics: Questions of the day, which the guys should answer. Asymmetric model, which gives a girl the chance to send a first signal to the guy - if the girl liked the guy`s response, she can text him. She may also make the Siren Call (call) with the application. Pricing: free iTunes Ratings: 3.0/5, 87 ratings Play Market Ratings: 3.6/5, 49 ratings, 1-5 thousands of downloads
  12. 12. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 12 Intimate dating
  13. 13. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 13 Fantasy App The dating by fantasy and lifestyle app for open & positive couples and singles. Here 'fantasies' stand for the widest range of sensuous ideas and practices that go beyond norm and routine. Release of the application is planned for 3Q 2017. We believe we can help you find people with similar fantasies. The more similarities the better. We want to help you find those that are eager to play and participate in the same nature as you. Mechanics: Subscribe at Fantasy web-site to join exclusive closed beta- testing of the app. Audience coverage: 18+ Pricing: free.,
  14. 14. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 14 Fantasy App
  15. 15. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 15 3nder Dating for kinky, curious and openminded Release on iTunes June 29, 2014, PlayMarket – planned in May 2016. Got $ 500 thousands investment from business angels` seed round. Mechanics: After registering with a false name, mark those you like, holding down two fingers on the screen. Then share your photos with the people you liked. And create group chats with those who you already found. There is an "Incognito" mode to hide from Facebook friends, who can also use 3nder. Audience coverage: 18+ Pricing: free (there is a premium feature for £ 8.99 per month or £ 17.99 for 3 months) iTunes Rating: 3.0/5, 1234 ratings
  16. 16. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 16 3nder
  17. 17. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 17 Pure Application for «sex here and now» Release October 25, 2013. Mechanics: To start using the app you need to publish your selfie. The request is valid for one hour, and then automatically deleted along with photos and chat history. Partner search is conducted within radius of 50 kilometers, determining the user's location by geo location. If there`s mutual sympathy, you have an opportunity to chat, which self-destructs after 1 hour. Audience coverage: 18+ Pricing: $ 11.99 weekly, $ 29.99 monthly or $ 49.99 six-month subscription (free access for 7 days) iTunes Ratings: 4/5, 5697 ratings Play Market Ratings: 3.6/5, 5631 ratings, 100-500 thousands of downloads
  18. 18. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 18 Pure
  19. 19. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 19 Whiplr Location-based messenger with kinks that helps find potential play partners, online or in person Release on iTunes in February 2015. Mechanics: Messenger helps to find partner with the help of geo location according to the chosen kinks or fetishes incognito. One can communicate in chats (shots and video chat) including a group chat, send kink image to start a conversation as a “Spark” animation, search for partners using filters of differnt kinks` and fetishes` categories. There is a “Shots feed” with pictures uploaded by users in each category. Doesn`t require log in with Facebook. Consists detailed information on closest events on kinks and fetishes. Audience coverage: 18+ Pricing: free (additional content and premium subscription should be payed) iTunes Rating: 2.5/5, 55 ratings Play Market Rating: 2.5/5, 786 ratings, 100 000–500 000 downloads
  20. 20. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 20 Whiplr Whiplr – a messanger with kinks
  21. 21. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 21 Sex for money
  22. 22. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 22 Support Girls Service to explore provided men with the call girls Dating service for rich men with the call girls Release iTunes on March 31, 2015, PlayMarket - July 4, 2015. Mechanics: Secured man with the help of a filter looking for beautiful girls, having an opportunity to choose a name, age, country, the interests of women. Then you can start communicating with any of the girls via text chat or video chat. Audience coverage: all over the world ITunes Rating: 2.5/5, 135 ratings Play Market Ratings: 3.5/5, 168 ratings, 10-50 thousands of downloads Pricing: free
  23. 23. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 23 Ohlala Service for the organization of "paid dating“ Founded in Germany in August 2015 Mechanics Man leaves a request in the application with the convenient time for a meeting, and the amount that he is willing to spend on a date. On the opposite side, you can accept the bid only within 21 minutes since its inception, which makes the search very fast. After that, the couple may stipulate conditions of visits and other details in the integrated messenger. Audience Coverage: cities in Germany and the US, 21+. During this time, the service has already helped more than 25 thousand people to find each other.
  24. 24. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 24 Sex education
  25. 25. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 25 Makelovenotporn Comparison: world of porn vs real world Project`s launch took place at the TED conference in 2009. Mechanics: The project compares the real life to porn: in the movies man often ejaculates on the partner`s face, but in a real life it`s not a must, in movies genitals' area is shaved, but in life – individually, anal sex as a norm in the movies is something exotic in a real life, etc. Anyone can offer their ideas for the project. And also you can buy a t-shirt with the inscription Makelovenotporn. Audience coverage: all over the world
  26. 26. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 26 Happy Playtime Interactive Tutorial on female masturbation In 2014, Apple declined to add the game to the AppStore HappyPlayTime. Available as a browser version. Mechanics: The study of anatomy and the basic techniques of masturbation with Happy character helps to get rid of the false sense of shame and avoid complexes associated with self-satisfaction. Pricing: free
  27. 27. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 27 Happy Playtime
  28. 28. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 28 My Sex Doctor Pocket sex doctor Release on iTunes May 27, 2014, PlayMarket - May 26, 2014. Mechanics: Sex Dictionary of more than 500 terms and 100 things you must know along with the topics about menstruation, sexuality, safe sex, pregnancy, contraception, and others. Audience Coverage: 17+, the whole world PlayMarket Rating: 3.7 / 5 129 ratings 10-50 thousand of downloads. Pricing: Free
  29. 29. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 29 My Sex Doctor
  30. 30. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 30 SexPositive, Mobile application on sexual education for students Release iTunes September 25, 2013, PlayMarket - June 16, 2014. Mechanics: Information for students about sexual infections, contraception, communication between partners, etc. Audience Coverage: students iTunes Rating: 4.5 / 5 18 ratings PlayMarket Rating: 3.9 / 5, 99 ratingss 10-50 thousand downloads. Pricing: Free
  31. 31. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 31 Sex Positions Library of sexual positions Release on 23 March 2010. Mechanics: It gives ideas in the form of more than 100 positions, sorted by rating and type (woman on top, 69 Variations, group sex, etc.). Under each pose you can find a source - "Kamasutra", "Ananga Ranga", Arabic "fragrant garden" and "Tao". There are also tips on the places where it is better to try the position in practice. Audience coverage: 17+ Pricing: free Rating: 3.5/5, 48014 ratings
  32. 32. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 32 Sexual entertainment
  33. 33. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 33 Pillow Play Mobile application with the intimate adventures for couples Release February 11, 2016. Mechanics: The app offers you together with a partner to listen to the episodes, which allow you to study each other`s bodies, using a touch-seed, flirting, etc. in a comfortable atmosphere, in bed. Each episode lasts 5-25 minutes. The app brings a new foreplay, inspires creativity in bed, improves intimate communication. Audience Coverage: Only iOS, 17+, Eng. language Pricing: Free Rating: 5/5 36 ratings
  34. 34. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 34 Pillow Play
  35. 35. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 35 Glance (Sex with Glass) Application for shooting sex videos The application was developed in November 2013, during the London Wearable Tech Hackathon. Release January 31, 2014. Mechanics: Mutual application usage promises to eventually create a common film using footage of both parties. An intimate film will self-destruct in 5 hours, so do not worry about compromising. There are a number of commands to diversify sex. For example, the command «ok glass give me ideas» will tell you new poses, «ok glass the lights ...» Turn on or off the light, and «ok glass play ...» will include music. To stop the app you just need to say: ok glass, pull out !. Audience Coverage: 4+, Eng. Pricing: Free Rating: 0 ratings
  36. 36. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 36 Suprem Sexy Dice, Mobile application - dice for adults Release January 20, 2013. Mechanics: You simply "throw" dices, and they show - where to kiss, where to lick, stroke. We believe that it is a good idea to warm up. Audience Coverage: iOS & Android, 17+ Pricing: $0,99
  37. 37. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 37 iVibe Massager Mobile application for massaging vibration Release iTunes November 4, 2011, PlayMarket - November 9, 2012. Mechanics: The application promises to help relax after a hard day, massaging the shoulders, arms and more. Audience Coverage: iOS & Android, 17+, Eng. language Pricing: free - one flat continuous vibration mode, and 99 cents for several speed modes iTunes Rating: 3/5, 299 count,> 100 thousand downloads. PlayMarket Rating: 3.6 / 5, 144 ratings 10-50 thousand downloads.
  38. 38. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 38 Long-distance sex
  39. 39. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 39 Kiiroo Two gadgets and social platform for lovers at a distance Founded in 2013. Collected on Indiego $ 35.756 in 2014. Mechanics: The first social platform for remote intimacy with touches. Unlike other projects, designed for foreplay in the distance, Kiiroo relies on the social element. The project has two components - the actual "gadget" (a pair of male and female masturbator and vibrator) and the social network. As a social Kiiroo platform allows you to put your own profile, gain "friends", and if you want to communicate - to engage in virtual sex with gadgets you can get synchronized through the network. Pricing: $369
  40. 40. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 40 Kiiroo
  41. 41. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 41 Sext Adventure Textual sex chat with the bot The game was developed in 2014. Mechanics: Textual game in which the user writes the message to a bot and receives its answers, arousing the user. In fact, there is a cybersex. There are 20 different scenarios of the game`s ending. Audience Coverage: 21+ Pricing: $ 2
  42. 42. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 42 Sext Adventure
  43. 43. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 43 Services
  44. 44. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 44 Eve by Glow Mobile Application Tracker of sexual, menstrual and reproductive health, all-in-one. Release on iTunes July 30, 2015, the release on PlayMarket - February 2, 2016. Mechanics: It helps women to control a lot of their health indicators: contraceptive measures, ovulation and fertility, menstruation, cycles. There is also a community for discussing sex health, where you can ask questions or give advice to others. Audience Coverage: 12+ Pricing: Free iTunes Rating: 5/5, 1416 estimates PlayMarket Rating: 4.6 / 5, 3040 ratings, 100-500 thousand downloads.
  45. 45. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 45 Eve by Glow
  46. 46. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 46 Spreadsheets Mobile application to assess and improve the quality of sex life Release July 27, 2013 According to the developers, the # 1 Sex App in the world. Mechanics: Leave smart phone on the bed, and during sex the application using the microphone and accelerometer will analyze your actions. Service collects statistics on the average frequency of frictions, the duration of sex, number of sexual acts per month, etc. Beautiful gifs all in one. Before first use, the application has to be calibrated by selecting the type of bed and moaning into the microphone. Audience coverage: 17+, 150 стран Pricing: $0,99 iTunes Rating: 3.5/5, 83 оценки
  47. 47. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 47 Spreadsheets
  48. 48. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 48 Rall Mobile application for sexual contacts Release June 1, 2015. Mechanics: The app allows you to store history, records, photos and other data to conduct a personal dating diary. You can add new contacts and import them from the phone contacts. RALL retains all the highlights and safely hide data from prying eyes. Any notes, photos, contacts are securely encrypted and password protected. Audience coverage: iOS, 4+ Pricing: $0,99
  49. 49. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 49 Kinkbnb Rental Service for people with unusual sexual passions Created in 2015. Mechanics: Users can find private accommodation for rent from people with similar sexual preferences. For traveling couples, trios, etc. information about each object indicates whether group sex is welcome. On the same site, users can also find special places around the world, equipped with the appropriate equipment and facilities. Any user can add an offer of lodging to KinkBNB base, which will be published after moderation. Audience Coverage: Worldwide Pricing: service charges a fee of 10% of each transaction: 7% will be charged of the guests and 3% of the owners.
  50. 50. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 50 Nipple Diary service to record sex Founded in Italy in 2014 Mechanics: Users choose public or private account. Then, creating a record of the sexual act, they indicate the name and nationality of the partner, the type of sex, sex toys, method of protection, the duration of intercourse and experience. Data are collected and they can be viewed in the form of beautiful graphs, charts and tables. Audience Coverage: mostly teenagers who want to show off their sexual adventures Pricing: Free
  51. 51. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 51 Nipple
  52. 52. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 52 Internet Things and related products
  53. 53. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 53 OhMiBod Remote Managing sex toy`s vibration/ sex at a distance Released on iTunes - July 11, 2011, PlayMarket - January 6, 2014. Collected on Indiegogo $ 37.535 in 2014 Mechanics: With the help of Wi-Fi the vibrator can be operated by the partner using the app. With the help of voice or background sounds, you can create a unique vibration pattern. TAP function allows you to create your own rhythm and vibration scheme using taps on the screen. WAVE option allows you to control vibration using a smartphone accelerometer, and resulting in the experiments schema can be saved. RHYTHM is a section of pre-loaded vibration patterns. Audience Coverage: 16+ Pricing: Free ($ 45 accessory) iTunes Rating: 2.5 / 5, 154 evaluation PlayMarket Rating: 2.9 / 5, 272 ratings 10-50 thousand downloads.
  54. 54. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 54 OhMiBod Remote
  55. 55. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 55 kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer "Sex-simulator" for women. Launching the project June 24, 2014. Collected $ 226,917 on Kickstarter. Released on iTunes - Feb. 1, 2015, at PlayMarket - February 20, 2015. Mechanics: An innovative pelvic floor muscles simulator. This is an interactive learning system (device + free app for your smartphone) Kegel exercises for women. kGoal allows you to measure and monitor the development of muscle strength endurance to exercises which you performed, and when you performed. Pricing: Free (device costs $ 149) iTunes Rating: 4.5 / 5, 13 evaluation PlayMarket Rating: 3.1 / 5, 42 evaluations, 1-5 thousand downloads.
  56. 56. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 56 kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer
  57. 57. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 57 Vibease Smart vibrator controlled from the phone Released on iTunes - November 2, 2013, PlayMarket - May 21, 2014 Mechanics: Vibease consists of two parts: the physical (small pink or purple vibrator) and mobile applications. Suitable for female masturbation (with and without application) and to communicate with a partner (or partners, but each separately). The concept helps to maintain communication in the couple and have fun on your own. The gadget is worn: it can shove under linen, narrow tip is fixed at the entrance to the vagina, clitoris and stimulates a wide surrounding area. The hands remain free, device is controlled from the phone. Pricing: Free (device costs $ 99) iTunes Rating: 3.5 / 5 90 ratings PlayMarket Rating: 3.7 / 5 428 ratings 10-50 thousand downloads.
  58. 58. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 58 Vibease
  59. 59. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 59 Crescendo The world's first fully adaptable sex toy Released on iTunes - December 14, 2015. Available for pre-order. Mechanics: Adapts to your size, it can take many different forms, and can vibrate with the required speed. The application allows you to create your own combination of vibration patterns for each of the 6 "motors". Pricing: Free (device costs $ 159 + free shipping all over the world under the Launch Campaign) iTunes Rating: 5/5, 11 ratings
  60. 60. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 60 Crescendo
  61. 61. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 61 Lovely "Smart" sex toy and app that helps couples to have a better sex life Under development since the beginning of 2015. They collected $ 40.622 on Start of sales is planned in May 2016. Mechanics: Put a silicone toy on a penis before sex, then it will read the information and send it to the mobile application. Toy vibrates and further stimulates a woman, as well as improves erections. The application will show calories and offer personalized ideas and tips for improving sex, new and interesting poses. Audience Coverage: couples Pricing: $ 169 + delivery
  62. 62. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 62 Lovely
  63. 63. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 63 L. Condoms Condoms delivery on demand. Founded in 2010. Mechanics: User gets condoms within an hour after ordering them with the service. Money from each of the ordered contraceptive is transferred to Uganda, where the money is used to buy condoms for women living in the country. With the proliferation of L. Condoms help more than two thousand women entrepreneurs working in Uganda. Audience coverage: США Pricing: $7,95 (free trial – 2 packages with 12 condoms in each every 3 months)
  64. 64. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 64 L. Condoms
  65. 65. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 65 SexyPranky Box Naughty boxes delivery to friend Mechanics: Prank your friends with an extravagant delivery box. It can be anonymous. Pricing: different options ($ 12 - delivery without tracking $ 24 - delivery tracking, $ 15 - delivery of a personal record in without tracking $ 27 - service with a personal record in tracking, $ 9 -extravagant envelope without tracking $ 12 - extravagant envelope tracking )
  66. 66. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 66 SexyPranky Box
  67. 67. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 67 Blewit Toy for male masturbation Collected on Indiego $ 86.361 Mechanics: Octagonal Case equally comfortable in the hands of left- handers and right-handers and non-slip. This technology enables a whole new way to experience a pleasant sensation. The inner texture and a soft liner material have intense stimulation and allow to learn to better control the approach of orgasm. O-rings, which are 2 pieces in the set, increase the feeling of penetration. It is recommended to use water-based lubricants. Cost: $ 79 + free delivery
  68. 68. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 68 Blewit
  69. 69. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 69 Autoblow2+ The world's first robot for a blowjob Mechanics: Padded sleeve with double ring lubrication pump inside gives a complete and realistic sense of "human" blowjob. Special counter makes it possible to set the speed and intensity of the "suction". And instead of batteries which have to be changed frequently, the device is connected to a household power cord long, so as not to feel "constrained." Pricing: $60
  70. 70. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 70 Autoblow2+
  71. 71. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 71 New York Toy Collective 3D printed sex toys Mechanics: At the store using MakerBot printer designers of sex toys can create models of toys, print them, and view them in 3D, check whether the color is good, size and other parameters. As in other industries, the ability to quickly and cheaply print product prototypes can reduce production cost and speed of development. One of the most interesting developments of the company New York Toy Collective - is the maximum individual sex toy, which is created as a replica of the client's genitals. They offer the customer to scan his/her genitals and create with the help of printed on a 3D forms "his" or “her” silicone copy.
  72. 72. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 72 Hum The world's first robotic sex toys with artificial intelligence Collected $ 53,227 on Indiegogo. Mechanics: Toy uses computer code and pressure sensors in order to recognize motion patterns of the user motion to react in response. As a result, every girl is destined to get an orgasm. Cost: $ 140
  73. 73. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 73 Hum
  74. 74. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 74 Porn
  75. 75. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 75 ☺ Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored Censored ed Censored Censored Censored Censored ensored Censored CensoredCensored Censored Censored Censored Censored Cen Censored Censored Cens Censore
  76. 76. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 76 Read “#SEXTECH industry overview” article here Also recommend articles: - Silicon Vice: How sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll are creating the next big tech companies - What is sextech and why is everyone ignoring it? - Porn, Sex, Tech, And Cindy Gallop
  77. 77. Andriy Yaroshenko, #SEXTECH industry overview, 77 Author Andriy Yaroshenko Sex Evangelist, founder of Fantasy App, sexed event SEX.Prostir. LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK.