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Vpe powerpoint 1 pdf


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Vpe powerpoint 1 pdf

  1. 1. ENHANCE VEHICLES PERFORMANCE WITH VPECall: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  2. 2. 1. Invented based on latest microchip technology from Japan 2. Main function is to stabilize the car battery power supply 3. Car care product with built in green technology and environmental friendly 4. Suits all type of vehicles that uses 12 Volt Battery and without having any adverse affects using itCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  3. 3. VPE FUNCTIONS1. As a Voltage Stabilizer to the vehicles battery.2. Optimize the battery performance and ensures it will always discharge its power at a consistent 12V at all times3. VPE will also minimize the loss of power supply from the battery (which normally happens during charging activities) thus prolong the battery lifespan.4. Once VPE is applied, the vehicles will become more energized because the electrical and mechanical component gets the power they should deserved from a 12V battery.5. Drivers will experienced improve in the pick- up and acceleration power.6. VPE will also enhance the vehicles gear systems which makes its shifting better and smoother due to a stabilized engine.
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF VPE1. Saves fuel up to 45%2. Protect vehicles electronic systems3. Add more pick-up and acceleration power4. Improve horse power5. Improve engine torque6. Reduce engine pressure 10. Brighter headlight 7. Stabilize battery voltage 11. Clearer audio systems8. Cooler air-conditioned 12. Cleaner emission9. Smoother gear shift 13. Prolong battery lifespan and spark plug
  5. 5. CAR MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND FUNCTIONSCatch us on : Or WWW.mygoldenasset.comCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR CAR’S ELECTRONIC COMPONENT FUNCTIONS Catch us on : Or Call: 08037136297 or 081719994129
  7. 7. SWITCH  To start the engine  The switch will connect the electrical power from the battery to fuse box.BATTERY  The battery will provide the electrical power to all electronic parts  The standard battery used on cars are 12 Volts and battery size differs based on cars capacity and specifications. Smaller cars normally use smaller battery however the battery still generates 12 Volt power supply.
  8. 8. COOLANT SYSTEMS  Coolant system is a component that uses lots of electrical power  The function is to cool the engine so that the engine could operate at the right temperature  Engine which is too hot can cause damage to the overall systems whereby if it is too cold will not be able to produce optimal power to generate the car.Call: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  9. 9. ALTENATOR  An alternator is an electromechanical devise that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of Alternating Current ( AC ). Aternators use a rotating magnetic field.In principle, any AC electrical generator can be called an alternator,but usually the word refers to small rotating machines driven by automotive and other internal combustion engines
  10. 10. ENGINE  An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. ENGINE CONTROL UNIT ( ECU )  An engine control unit (ECU) is a type of electronic control unit that determines the amount of fuel, ignition timing and other parameters an internal combustion engine needs to keep running.  Its main function includes managing emissions and fuel economy of the engine as well as gatheringCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : sensors and perform calculations. data from different Or
  11. 11. HOW VPE FUNCTIONS ?Catch us on : Or WWW.mygoldenasset.comCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129
  12. 12. The battery stores electricity at 12Voltthough the altenator produces 14 Voltwhile it is running. The ECU’s baselinevoltage is said to be at 13.5 Volt inmost cases and it stops momentarilywhen voltage falls below the setting.The altenator’s electrical supply fallshort during heavy loading such aslow revving, higher air-conditioner demand and when masselectrical devices are used simultaneously. At such, the batterysupplements the short fall in electrical supply. However, there is agap friction in supply due to the battery’s slow initial response.This is when the VPE fill the gap in order for the ECUto keep functioning thus ensuring the vehicles achieve
  13. 13. The battery stores electricity at 12v though the alternator produces 14v while it is runing. The ECUs Baseline Voltage is said to be at 13.5v in most cases and it stops momentarily when voltage fails below the setting. The alternaors electrical supply fall short during heavy loading such as low revving,higher air-conditioner demand, and when mass electrical devices are used simultaneously. At such, the battery supplements the short fall in electrical supply. However, there is a gap fraction in supply due to be batterys slow initial response This is when the VPE fills the gap in order for the ECU to keep functioning ,as intended , hence, the vehicle achieves optimal performance
  14. 14. HOW VPE FUNCTIONS ? Sound system Alternator Entertainment system generates 14v electricity whilst engine is running 12v Electricity is 12v distributed to the Cooling / heating system vehicles electrical system 12vThe battery stores 13velectricity at 12v ,it provides electricity 14vwhenever alternator ECU engine is unable to VPE patches the electrical flow to the loading . ensuring that it receives 14v when required
  15. 15. ADDITIONAL COMPONENTCatch us on : Or WWW.mygoldenasset.comCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129
  16. 16. ELECTRONIC DEVICES Besides the normal basic components in a car, there  When all of these electronic are also other electronic components are switched on components that requires electrical and operate simultaneously, power in order to function. Power the battery will gradually window, headlight, audio systems, experience power supply braking systems ( just to name a irregularities. It means few ), all these required a the battery is pumping to substantial amount of electrical its maximum capacity to supply except for radio which meet the demand of allrequires minimal power to function. these components to the Extent it is "overworked ”.  As a result of this process, the battery will become weaker and weaker and caused the battery to lose its supplying capability. The car overall performance will then be affected.
  17. 17. ELECTRONIC DEVICES Henceforth, the existence of VPE is to stabilize all these power irregularities and operate like a mini battery to support the main battery to supply and meet the demand of all electronic components when they are turn on simultaneously.
  18. 18. CURRENT FLOWDIAGRAM BEFORE USING VPE The above graph shows the normal electrical power supply in a vehicle prior applying VPE. The black line is seen to surpass the red line and this indicates instable and inconsistent current flow in the vehicle.CURRENT FLOWDIAGRAM AFTER USING VPE The above graph shows a more stable and consistent current flow in a vehicle when VPE is applied. When the black line reading is within the 2 red lines, it means the VPE has stabilized the current flow and the vehicle will be in itsoptimum working condition.
  19. 19. HOW AN IGNITION SYSTEM WORKS ?Catch us on : Or WWW.mygoldenasset.comCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129
  20. 20. SYSTEM WORKS The ignition system in your car ignites the fuel inside the engine’s combustion chamber at the optimal time in the piston stroke to produce the most power while emitting the least amoun of emissions as possible. The car engine is like a big pump. It pumps air and gas in, then pumps exhaust out. The byproduct is a lot of energy that is sent to your wheels. Your engine mixes air and fuel, then adds a spark to make the explosion. This spark ignites the air-fuel mixture, and is referred to as the ignition. This ignition takes place thanks to a group of components working together, otherwise known as the ignition system. The ignition system consists of an ignition coil, distributor, distributor cap, rotor, plug wires and spark plugs.
  21. 21. SYSTEM WORKS Older systems used a points-and-condenser system in the distributor, newer (as in most well ever see anymore) use an ECU, a little brain in a box, to control the spark and make slight changes in ignition timing.
  22. 22. INCOMPLETE COMBUSTION Incomplete combustion means that the fuel inside the car’s engine is not fully burnt. Meaning that there is still some of the previous fuel left over that hasnt been burnt. This doesnt necessarily mean it’s dangerous or anything, but it leave residual matter inside the engines combustion chamber. This residue leads to, ultimately useless fuel economy and may in fact eventually clog up the valves of the pistons and inevitably lead to engine damage and eventually will repair. The spark plugs lifespan will also shorten. The car, as in the body is not at all effects but the exhaust pipes may suffer from the residual matter from the engine. The main problem will be the engine. The inside will get all clogged up and needs to be cleaned out. This usually occurs in Diesel engines because Diesel has a high combustion temperature.
  23. 23. INCOMPLETE COMBUSTIONCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  24. 24. HOW DOES VPE HELP YOUR CAR ?Catch us on : Or WWW.mygoldenasset.comCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129
  25. 25. 1. ENHANCE IGNITION SYSTEMS  VPE helps in the process to ignite spark plugs to produce better and efficient engine combustion  Electrical power that runs in the fuel burning systems will receive sufficient energy because VPE helps to support and provide ample energy to the engine  In other words, excellent fuel saving resulted from complete engine combustion.Call: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  26. 26. 2. ENHANCE COOLANT SYSTEMS VPE helps to stabilize the vehicles coolant systems Blower, air-cond fan, magnet compressor parts are among those which attract lots of energy consumption The stabilized energy from the battery has increased the kinetic energy to the air-cond fan and the magnet compressor which enable the components to produce efficient air-flow in the coolant systems When the above happens, the air-cond condenser and its gas will become more chilled thus contributing to cooler air-cond inside.
  27. 27. 3. SMOOTHER GEAR SHIFT  VPE helps to clear the “clogged“ in the gear systems by injecting more energy  Smoother gear shift is evident especially in automatic gear transmission  Usually, automatic gear consumes lots of electrical energy as compared to manual gear transmissionCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  28. 28. 4. BRIGHTER HEADLIGHT Many ageing cars will experienced poor headlight performance . This normally happens due to insufficient electrical power due to high wear and tear. With VPE, it will stabilize the energy from the battery and provides the actual power deserved by the headlight thus making the headlight brighter and clearer.
  29. 29. 5. REDUCE ENGINE PRESSURE Engine pressure is one of the most hazardous problems you can have on your car. The lack of oil pressure in the engine can cause direct engine breakdown and serious damage. This usually happens when there is an insufficient energy distribution inside the vehicle. VPE when applied will provide the energy needed by the engine thus ensure the engine works to its optimum level and protect the engine.
  30. 30. 6. REDUCE EMISSION  Black and excessive emission derives from incomplete fuel combustion in the engine.  To avoid the above, it is important to ensure complete combustion happens by providing sufficient energy in the combustion systems  VPE will boost the energy in the combustion systems to the fullest and ensure emission is reduced.Call: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  31. 31. 7. POWERFUL ENGINE  VPE helps to inject stronger and sufficient electrical supply inside the engine and makes it smoother and perform better.  Powerful engine happens once it gets the unused and oversupplied energy from other electrical components.Call: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  32. 32. 8. CLEARER AUDIO SYSTEMS VPE divided the energy supplied from the battery to all electrical components according to their needs. As such, this will ensure the audio systems will never experience undersupply voltage as VPE will always ensure sufficient energy to the systems..
  33. 33. 9. PROLONG BATTERY, SPARK PLUGS AND ALTENATOR LIFESPAN A ) Battery :When there is too much energy being used and was rechargednon-stop,the battery will gradually become weak and will lose theability to store energy. This will result in the car to be underperformance. VPE acts like a mini battery and helps the mainbattery to stabilize its power even during high demand of energyespecially in long hours driving hence prolong battery lifespan.
  34. 34. 9. PROLONG BATTERY, SPARK PLUGS AND ALTENATOR LIFESPAN B ) Spark Plugs : If the car experience poor combustion level it means the fuel is not burnt fully or to the maximum. This will directly affect and shorten the spark plugs lifeCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  35. 35. 9. PROLONG BATTERY, SPARK PLUGS AND ALTENATOR LIFESPANB ) Spark Plugs :If the car experience poor combustion level it meansthe fuel is not burnt fully or to the maximum. This will directly affectand shorten the spark plugs life With VPE, it will inject strongercurrent to the spark plugs thus ensure a full combustionby the engine
  36. 36. 9. PROLONG BATTERY, SPARK PLUGS AND ALTENATOR LIFESPANC ) AltenatorYour car alternator holds an electric charge and chargesyour car battery.If the alternator is not working properly,your battery will eventuallylose its charge and all electricalsystems in your vehicle will stop working. This includes startingyour car. A bad alternator is often misdiagnosed as a bad battery.With VPE , it will assist and ensurethe altenator will always workto its optimum level by consistently injecting the energy into the altenator systems thus avoid any misfiring problemsduring battery charging.
  37. 37. 6. SAVE FUEL CONSUMPTION With consistent and applying right technique when using VPE, drivers will experience the full benefits in fuel saving.Call: 08037136297 or 081719994129Catch us on : Or
  38. 38. 6. SAVE FUEL CONSUMPTION With consistent and applying right technique when using VPE, drivers will experience the full benefits in fuel saving. This will happen when the battery discharged a more balanced energy to all electrical components in the car thus contributing the engine to work smoothly and efficiently. When the engine gets additional power injection from the VPE, drivers will experience increase in acceleration and pick up even in low gears.
  39. 39. 6. SAVE FUEL CONSUMPTION With consistent and applying right technique when using VPE, drivers will experience the full benefits in fuel saving. Improve in acceleration and speed means the car’s horse power is significantly increased due to lesser burden to the engine.Engine is getting less in weight thus enable it to accelerate faster in just one stroke. When there is lesser burden to the engine, drivers will experience smooth driving and this will eventually saves fuel consumption. Note : Fuel saving differs from one car to another car. It is very much depending on road and traffic conditions, maintenance of car, car models,driving behavior, weather etc etc.
  40. 40. DYNOMETER FUEL CONSUMPTION TESTING ANDEXPLANATION OF CHARTDynometer testing was used to test the level of fuel consumption ina Toyota Corolla 1.6cc before and after. It is shown in two grids, blue( before ) and red ( after ).Graph showed that before VPE is used, fuel injection is high andnot stable as compare to after using VPE, fuel injection is lowand more consistence.From here, it can be concluded that afterusing VPE, 25% fuel is saved.
  41. 41. SUMMARYElectrical systems in our cars are interconnected to each other.To get perfect performance you need a good and harmony electricalcircuit environment. For example, if you have an old and less efficientignition circuit in your car, you will have very poor fuel consumption,low throttle response, misfiring problem, jerking gear shift etc. Allproblems may occurred due to a single defect in another electricalproblem.So to maintain optimum electrical performance in your car, we need tohave a very stable voltage environment. Once you use VPE,your car will be in best control by this product as it willsolve small problems that due to unstable voltage during driving.
  42. 42. SUMMARYWhat is more wonderful, it is so easy to installed, with just a plug intocigar-lighter socket, will activate this device. Unlike other fuel saving product, by adding chemical and tablets into the fuel tank, increasethe risk of car damages. As we know "precaution is better than treatment", like we take goodcare of our body, we should take good care of our car before it is toolate.Small spending in advance is definitely a wise investment, as it hasvery high cost/performance in returns.
  43. 43. CARE FOR YOUR CAR ? GET VPETODAYCatch us on : Or WWW.mygoldenasset.comCall: 08037136297 or 081719994129