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Calling on would be shareholders for this unique project.

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  • This is Brad Sorensen, Inventor of the WindJET. This information is CONFIDENTIAL. This information is only available after a signed NDA is sent to Please take this presentation off the internet immediately.
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  • Windmill
  • Goldclass windjet

    1. 1. Goldclass Clean Energy Selling clean electricity with growing demand worldwide with a fuel cost of 0 is the best way to turn millions into billions and trillions today.
    2. 2. Goldclass Clean Energy Brad Goldclass of Global Clean Energy is forming independent wind energy companies with investors to produce renewable electricity for sale to regulated utilities worldwide.
    3. 3. The future of wind power is the WindJET. Goldclass Clean Energy
    4. 4. Goldclass Clean Energy Satisfying the world’s need for electric energy without pollution.
    5. 5. Since 1983, WindJET devices have been built and tested. Goldclass Clean Energy 6’ diameter 14’ diameter 8’ diameter 12’ diameter
    6. 6. GE requires 11 mph of wind to start making power Our WindJET required just 1 mph of wind to make power. Goldclass Clean Energy 4’ diameter 1.2 kilowatts per hour at 14 m/s The house uses .8 kilowatts per hour
    7. 7. WindJET out performs propellers in all ways Goldclass Clean Energy
    8. 8. <ul><li>WindJET products have been tested on our mobile speed testing vehicles and found superior to propellers. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    9. 9. <ul><li>The WindJET is a jet ducted turbine not a dated propeller. </li></ul><ul><li>WindJET places huge aerodynamic surface area at the largest diameter for tremendous power. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    10. 10. <ul><li>Propeller windmills make huge turbulence. </li></ul><ul><li>GE model 2.5 requires 22 acres </li></ul><ul><li>WindJET 10 requires just .2 acre </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    11. 11. <ul><li>WindJET replaces 1944 technology propellers. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    12. 12. The 327 foot tall GE propeller gets its power from the tips of its 3 blades. The closer you get to the center of the circle, the slower the blade speed, so most of the GE propellers make very little power. The WindJET turbine takes the powerful tips of the blades and multiplies the number by 10, 50, 100 or even 1000 for tremendous power. GE propellers need 11mph of wind to make AC power and top out at 17mph by feathering the prop to stop the blades from flying off. WindJET jet engine type turbines have a steel ring that holds the blades in, so the speed range is improved from 11mph to 17mph to 1mph to 250mph. All WindJET turbine blades are at the farthest distance from the center of the circle for excellent leverage, torque and power. Goldclass Clean Energy
    13. 13. MWH 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 WindJET 10 vs. GE 2.5 GE 2.5 Conventional Propeller 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 75 90 120 150 170 200 230 250 MPH 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 12 14 17 20 22 23 24 30 36 45 55 65 75 85 95 105 115 M/S WindJET 10
    14. 14. By touching wind with large aerodynamic surface areas, power results. Goldclass Clean Energy
    15. 15. Massive power is available from an unlimited source. Solar driven wind. Goldclass Clean Energy
    16. 16. Goldclass Clean Energy The wings work together to guide the wind while extracting huge amounts of power.
    17. 17. The WindJET has variable pitch wings for optimal power at all wind speeds. Goldclass Clean Energy
    18. 18. <ul><li>WindJET WindJETs can be scaled up to huge diameters for tremendous amounts of wind power generation. </li></ul><ul><li>WindJET uses the sun’s perpetual uneven heating of the Earth’s atmosphere causing wind. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    19. 19. The WindJET can be stacked in vertical arrays to provide huge power density. Goldclass Clean Energy
    20. 20. Beautiful optical patterns can be added for diverting birds and making WindJETs art. Goldclass Clean Energy
    21. 21. <ul><li>A 1999 utility patent and a 2006 change in part utility patent application covers the intellectual property rights for at least 20 years. </li></ul><ul><li>Future new patent applications will extend the intellectual property coverage indefinitely. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    22. 22. <ul><li>WindJET patent protection includes an innovative spiral tube of moving cyclonic air that separates and traps the air in the center of the tube utilizing its power without physically touching the trapped air in the tube with the blades. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    23. 23. <ul><li>WindJET intellectual property includes claims and descriptions based on geometry as well as design. </li></ul><ul><li>Patents based on geometry are much more powerful and final in patent litigation and ultimate ownership. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    24. 24. <ul><li>WindJET’s 1999 utility patent included this drawing which detailed the plan for creating a vertical windmill electrical generator which has a hollow center for entraining air and a support roller connected to an electrical generator/motor capable of producing huge amounts of electrical energy. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    25. 25. <ul><li>WindJET’s utility patent added this drawing and claims which broaden and specify the wind power generation intellectual property rights providing at least 20 years of windmill monopoly. </li></ul>Goldclass Clean Energy
    26. 26. What if a WindJET was beautifully simple ? Goldclass Clean Energy
    27. 27. What if that WindJET looked like a big flower that looks like a work of art? Goldclass Clean Energy
    28. 28. What if that WindJET automatically turned as the wind changed direction? Goldclass Clean Energy
    29. 29. What if that WindJET was extremely efficient even in low wind speeds? Goldclass Clean Energy
    30. 30. What if you could put it up and forget your power bills? Goldclass Clean Energy
    31. 31. What if the sealed bearings were rated for 50 years without maintenance? Goldclass Clean Energy
    32. 32. What if the WindJET worked without thinking of it? Goldclass Clean Energy
    33. 33. What if The WindJET has wings that automatically adjust themselves? Goldclass Clean Energy
    34. 34. What if the alternator made power from winds of 1mph to 250mph? Goldclass Clean Energy
    35. 35. What if the WindJET was made of multiples of just 16 unique parts? Goldclass Clean Energy
    36. 36. What if the installation was quick and easy as installing a satellite dish? Goldclass Clean Energy
    37. 37. What if this WindJET was available in the next few months? Interested? Goldclass Clean Energy
    38. 38. We are designing an injection molded plastic version of the WindJET to make wind power affordable to everyone. Goldclass Clean Energy
    39. 39. Our Power-Box model ships on semi-trucks and installs in one day for instant power. Goldclass Clean Energy
    40. 40. Power Parking garage rooftop wind and solar generator system that provides a way for high rise buildings to get off the grid. Goldclass Clean Energy
    41. 41. Power Tower high rise buildings allow wind to pass through while extracting enough power to run a city with potential multi $billions in revenue. Goldclass Clean Energy
    42. 42. Power Tower systems placed on top of buildings provide a way to cut the high cost of air conditioning and lighting. Goldclass Clean Energy
    43. 43. Our PowerHouses can make enough power to pay off a mortgage in less than 1 year. Power-Houses Power-Houses Goldclass Clean Energy
    44. 44. Goldclass Clean Energy We will create WindJET and house combinations that allow the full integration of power production and premium living space. We have designs for making the entire house slowly rotate with changing wind direction.
    45. 45. Goldclass Clean Energy By making enough power to pay for the construction cost in less than 1 year, this design changes the business of real estate forever. Houses that actually create more than their cost annually will allow the owner to achieve true wealth.
    46. 46. Goldclass Clean Energy The PowerTower contains thousands of WindJET wings that produce hundreds of megawatts of clean electric energy.
    47. 47. Goldclass Clean Energy The PowerTower has beautiful 360 degree views and sweeping balconies.
    48. 48. Goldclass Clean Energy A few of these PowerTowers can electrify an entire city
    49. 49. The wind is compressed into the groove in the PowerTower and then vacuumed out the back through the WindJETs. Goldclass Clean Energy
    50. 50. Goldclass Clean Energy PowerTowers are designed to blend into any city with style.
    51. 51. Goldclass Clean Energy PowerTower building shapes compress air for more power.
    52. 52. Goldclass Clean Energy This building contains the WindJETs to make a $trillion in 30 years
    53. 53. Goldclass Clean Energy Our WindJET buildings can be mounted in the ocean or in lakes to take advantage of the high wind speed for tremendous income. Retire to your own manufactured island that makes a power profit that provides income for the rest of your life.
    54. 54. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Multi-power The Energy Island is supported by the buoyancy of thousands of sealed steel tubes forming an underwater grid pattern.
    55. 55. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Anchored The Energy Island is anchored to the lake bottom by a combination chain and power cable.
    56. 56. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Underwater The Energy Island viewed from underwater illustrates how the weight is spread evenly under the wave action to be stable.
    57. 57. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Floatation The stability of Energy Island frame allows the floating electrical generators to move up and down producing wave power.
    58. 58. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Structure The triangulated structure of Energy Island provides a strong, stiff, yet lightweight support for the power generators.
    59. 59. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Airfoils The Energy Island airfoils automatically conform to changing wind speeds to produce the most power at the lowest drag.
    60. 60. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Wave The Energy Island floating wave bobbers convert both wave height and wave motion into electric power.
    61. 61. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Current The Energy Island water current electrical generators convert any direction or speed of water movement into power.
    62. 62. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Solar The Energy Island is also a large solar array for more power.
    63. 63. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Anchors An improved type of anchor is being developed for the job of securing the Energy Island platforms to the bottom of a lake, river or ocean. The LightAnchor is designed to submerge and fall through the water like a vertical torpedo. When it strikes the bottom it automatically opens up and locks itself into the sand and rock. Pull on the center cable and the LightAnchor unlocks, folds up and withdraws back to the surface.
    64. 64. Goldclass Clean Energy Island Vision An Energy Island could be anchored near Long Beach, CA to provide more than enough clean energy for Los Angeles.
    65. 65. Goldclass Clean Energy The dual-quad wind power machine is an elegant combination of science and raw power, combining the forces of technology and nature to provide the power of the sun in the form of wind to humanity
    66. 66. Goldclass Clean Energy The WindJET dual-quad product will start the process of saving the Earth from global warming by pioneering an extremely profitable way of eliminating carbon emissions for the benefit of all humanity.
    67. 67. Goldclass Clean Energy The WindJET dual-quad product will premier an innovative way of extracting the most electrical energy out of the perpetual motion of the Earth’s wind speeds from 1mph to 250mph.
    68. 68. Goldclass Clean Energy The awesome power derived from massive aerodynamic surface area exerting forces at the longest leverage lengths delivers the highest efficiency wind power system in history.
    69. 69. Goldclass Clean Energy Thousands of light weight and extremely strong steel cables efficiently support thousands of wings while securing the outer ring at extreme wind speeds while the spokes transfer huge torque.
    70. 70. Goldclass Clean Energy Each layer of thousands of wings successively become larger in diameter which aims the system directly at the wind, and enhances the performance of each ring by providing laminar wind at the edges.
    71. 71. Goldclass Clean Energy In order to handle the tremendous power of this wind energy system, the support pole has been reinforced utilizing enlarged, concentric, steel, rebar and concrete filled rigidity enhancers.
    72. 72. Goldclass Clean Energy Like a jet engine for generating wind power, the system folds the wind clockwise then counter-clockwise repeatedly, with counter-rotating spin extracting the highest amount of torque and horsepower available from wind today.
    73. 73. Goldclass Clean Energy Modular construction of simple individual parts results in a wind energy system that can be mass produced into a repeatable product with quality control and consistent dimensional tolerances maintained.
    74. 74. Goldclass Clean Energy Every part and every assembly has been carefully considered, detailed and engineered, to be the most efficient perpetual wind powered clean energy machine ever.
    75. 75. Coal Power Plant WindJET Power Farm $100M $10B cost of coal fired power plant Perpetual 50% to 60% cost of coal Coal Profit Wind Profit Coal fired power plants cost 100 times more than our new wind power units and take 5 times longer to build. Coal fired power plants produce thousands of tons of CO2. Wind power produces no CO2. Coal companies spend between 50% to 60% of their revenue on buying fuel. Wind power is clean, perpetual, energy Every 50 years we change bearings -- a cost of $10K. Comparison between 200 Megawatt Coal Plant vs. 200 Megawatt WindJET Farm
    76. 76. Military Clean Energy WindJET military generators charge batteries at 60mph on the road and store the energy in hundreds of batteries. It also makes power while parked in the wind. It makes much less heat than a diesel generator for reduced infrared heat signature. At the sound of gunfire, bulletproof slats instantly spring shut for device protection. No more driving of fuel trucks through a battle zone for resupply of diesel generators.
    77. 77. Cruise Ship Clean Energy Cruise ship power systems integrated into the bow provide clean electricity for the ship
    78. 78. Carnival Clean Energy Wind power added to a cruise ship can provide enough electrical energy to recharge the batteries with out diesel generators. This can save on fuel cost and add to the profit of the cruise line while providing a green energy solution for eco travel.
    79. 79. WindJETs could become spinning logos for retail locations Target Clean Energy
    80. 80. Automotive Clean Energy $40K WindJET powered car, that charges batteries with a WindJET 24 hours per day for an hour or two of free driving per day. There would also be a WindJET on the garage to gather wind power in batteries to plug into the car for recharging. The WindJET pops up to spin 360 degrees for charging when the vehicle is parked. When the vehicle is in motion, the WindJET collects hundreds of horsepower of electricity to go back into the batteries. The wheels are motor/generators that provide regenerative breaking and 4 wheel drive. An SUV, pickup, commuter, convertible and semi-truck are planned.
    81. 81. Automotive Clean Energy With a part count in the hundreds, instead of the thousands, we can offer an electric car at less cost than a gas car. The innovative vertical opening doors stay out of the way when entering and exiting the car. This makes the car is easier to park. The clear body panels are lighter than metal. The passenger safely system is that of a race car.
    82. 82. Automotive Clean Energy Let’s make cars more exciting! If we can have unlimited power provided by the perpetual motion solar driven wind, why not offer fantastic electric exotic cars? Taking inspiration from the 2008 Lightning GT we wish to produce 700hp, 200mph electric cars with the additional features of 24 hour wind recharging and dynamic speed charging and dynamic braking. Perpetual power means exceptional performance. The new batteries combined with rare earth magnet motors will result in stunning acceleration and extremely high speeds combined with advanced safety systems.
    83. 83. Hawaii Clean Energy Hawaii Project
    84. 84. Hawaii Clean Energy Hawaii Project Hawaiian Governor, Linda Lingle has mandated that Hawaii have 70% of it’s electric power come from clean renewable sources by 2030. WindJET devices have zero pollution and low environmental impact. 75% of Hawaii’s power comes from burning imported oil at exorbitant prices. WindJET clean energy machines are virtually silent. We can place our WindJET machines at existing propeller wind farm sites.
    85. 85. Hawaii Clean Energy Hawaii Project Hawaiian power rates are among the highest in America. (30-45 cents/kWh) Hawaii now burns imported oil for electricity. Hawaii wants to clean up the environment on the island. WindJET devices will be located on the north shore of Hawaii. Investors are paid back their share of the investment from power sales first; then receive a percentage of power income every month perpetually.
    86. 86. <ul><li>Satisfying the world’s need for electric energy without pollution </li></ul>Contact Brad Goldclass, 310-802-8082, [email_address] Goldclass Clean Energy