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Seacret Business Opportunity Online Presentation 5-WOW's


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SEACRET™ is experiencing growth and great momentum. Over the last few years we have been evaluating the best platforms to facilitate our continued growth. After much research we decided that we wanted to simply put the business in the hands of the people that love and use our products every day.

SEACRET™ understands the power and rising potential of this industry. Our world is changing before our eyes and the opportunity within Relationship Marketing is emerging. The timing in this industry could not be better considering the cultural movement being experienced around the globe. People now more than ever not only trust, but rely on recommendations from their friends, family, local community as well as online technologies. While global economies are struggling and conventional brick-and-mortar retail is on the decline, the world of Relationship Marketing is growing exponentially and positioning itself as mainstream industry. Respected investors, business leaders and economic experts like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton and others have endorsed and/or have personally invested in the
future of this industry. #RELATIONSHIPMARKETING

The global skin care and cosmetics industry grosses over $114 billion a year. Today, men
and woman of all ages are looking for safe and natural ways to protect and revitalize their skin. We are already a market leader in the industry and we are confident that our company will only continue to grow stronger.

• The Skin Care Industry is One of the Fastest Growing Industries on Earth.
• Global Sales of Skin Care Products were Over $114 Billion in 2009
• The Skin Care Industry has shown Consistent Growth for Years.
• Relationship Marketing is Dominated by Skin Care, yet Nobody has what Seacret has offer.

Take this unique business opportunity and secure your position our fast growing Seacret Community!

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Seacret Business Opportunity Online Presentation 5-WOW's

  1. 1. • International luxury skincare brand founded in 2005 • Partnered with the world’s largest & most respected manufacturer of skincare • Over $1 Billion in retail product sales • Located in some of the most prestigious malls in the world Skincare industry is predicted to grow from $200 billion to over $400 billion by 2016 Who is SEACRET?1
  2. 2. 2 Our Products FORMULATION • The perfect blend of science & nature • Use the most advanced technologies in skincare • Patented & clinically-proven* • Contain plant extracts, essential oils & Dead Sea Minerals THE DEAD SEA • Lowest point on Earth at 1,388 feet below the sea level • 26 minerals – unique combination of 12 exclusive to its waters • Over 33% salt content • Visited by ancient royalty like Cleopatra & Queen of Sheba • Known for its healing properties for treating skin conditions *Refers to Recover product only
  4. 4. • 40 countries converting from Retail to Relationship Marketing • Proven products with sales over $1 billion & counting • Products direct from manufacturer to consumer • Better value to consumers & major profit for you: Agents sell products at half the price! • Sharing the wealth with our Agents 3 Transition to Relationship Marketing
  5. 5. RELATIONSHIP MARKETING • 166 billion dollar global industry • Attracts billionaires such as Warren Buffett & Richard Branson • Over 90 million people worldwide participate as distributors • Relationship marketing is the wave of the future ADVANTAGES TO YOU • Build your own business • Low startup cost • Tax benefits • Unlimited income potential 4 Transition to Relationship Marketing
  6. 6. • Earn up to 150% Retail • 20-25% on Preferred Customers • Earn residual income EXAMPLE: 20 Preferred Customers $70 (40 Volume/month) $200/monthly residual* & $350 free product *Assuming 25% commission level. 40 volume refers to company average volume per customer 5 Personal Commission
  7. 7. EXAMPLE: If each Agent in this example acquires 20 Preferred Customers with an average Purchase Volume of 40/month… You would earn approximately: With only a 10% success rate $1,000/monthly residual *Team commission is calculated 10-15% on your lesser-volume team. $10,000/monthly residual Earn up to $25,000/week 10-15% 6 Team Commission
  8. 8. • Earn up to 20% check match • Up to 4 generations Total $2,200 Check Match *Assuming all Agents in this example are paid-rank Bronze or above. * * 7 Leadership Match
  9. 9. BECOME A CUSTOMER • Retail Customer: Enjoy great products • Preferred Customer: Receive over 50% off retail value • Earn free products BECOME A SEACRET AGENT • Position yourself early to profit • YOU: Share the products & help others share the products • SEACRET does everything else! $49 + Starter Set (Optional) 8 Getting Started
  10. 10. 9 First Step: Become a Superstar FIRST 28 DAYS $200 Superstar Bonus + Fast Start Bonuses For every Agent you enroll with a Starter Set + Double Fast Start Bonuses Qualify to begin earning
  11. 11. Every 4 weeks DRIVE YOUR DREAM BONUS 1 time bonus RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS 10 Bonuses
  12. 12. • Online trainings • Conference calls • Local trainings • International Conventions In business for yourself, but never by yourself. 11 Training & Support
  13. 13. Step 1: Register and secure your position Step 2: Select your Starter Set* Step 3: Book a WOW Party Step 4: Setup your Blueprint launch Step 5: Attend the next SEACRET event *Purchase of a Starter Set is optional Take Action Now
  14. 14. *Sales Volume of the Special Agent Starter Set within an Agent’s first 5 weeks (week of enrollment + 4 weeks) qualifies them to be Special Agent qualified. Special Agent qualified pays an Agent 15% in team commission, 20% 1st generation leadershipmatch and 25% Preferred Customer commission. All dollars are in USD. Starter Set Packages
  15. 15. Join our Team now..!