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Wiin Club English Presentation


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Wiin Club English Presentation

  1. 1. GOLDBEX Wiin Club
  2. 2. BASIC TRAINING 2 Product linesGOLDBEX – ACCUMULATION PLANS “Investment gold” GOLDBEX WINNER’S CLUB “Coaching & Financial Education” Career Plan + Organization Special Bonus
  3. 3. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” ¿WHAT IS WIIN CLUB? It is a system for producing residual incomes, with the possibility to receive financial education, to preserve and multiply your profits.Financial education + Money flow = WIIN CLUB
  4. 4. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” WINNER OR LOSER THIS IS THE QUESTION? • The winner club. • You choose to “be a loser in life”, or be a “WINNER”. • To receive the right financial education can change your future. • Now you and your family have the opportunity to learn the skills to create
  5. 5. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” YOUR NEW SCHOOL • To promote savings and investment by eliminating debts is undoubtedly the great attractiveness in our CLUB. • Children pass several years inside an antiquated educational system, by stydying subjects which they will never use and by preparing themselves for a world which no longer exists. “We will make money to work for you”
  6. 6. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” THE CLUB WHICH WILL MAKE YOU RICH • Rich ones teach their sons how to make money. • This information is not taught at school or university, so that middle andRobert Kiyosaki lower class cannot access to this information. • We will share this information with all people of our club. “The business of financial education”
  7. 7. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” FUNDAMENTAL BASIS … • Online conferences for all family, your sons will receive the right education to face a new uncertain future. • Video and audio library of information. • All that you need to know about investment gold. • Promotion tools of Goldbex business. “You will learn while producing wealth”
  8. 8. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” CREATING A MONEY FLOW SYSTEM • Learn while producing wealth. • With only two directed recommendations you have already covered your membership charge. • Obtain residual profits which will increase month after month. • You have the opportunity to join an international business. “The business which offers a stability for your monthly incomes”
  9. 9. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” • FAMILY MEMBERSHIP WILL BE 100€/MONTH. With only two recommendations your membership will FREE
  10. 10. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” • Three levels marketing plan 50% You get 50€ a month x each recommendation. 10% 10€ x recommendation. 10% 10€ x recommendation. • Limitless bonus 2%, 4% 6% • Goldbex career
  11. 11. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” ME Limitless 1st Level 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ 50€ Limitless 10€ 10€ Limitless 2nd Level Limitless 10€ 10€ Limitless 3th Level + Limitless group bonus Build a continuous cash flow… YOUR CREDIT WILL INCREASE MONTH AFTER MONTH…
  12. 12. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” PROFIT SIMULATOR I register Mark your objectives 15 People € 50,00 € 750,00 They register 6 90 People € 10,00 € 900,00 They register 6 540 People € 10,00 € 5.400,00 I earn € 7.050,00 + LIMITLESS ORGANIZATION BONUS 2% - 4% -
  13. 13. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” THE COMPANY DISTRIBUTES 76% OF THE EARNED MONEY First level 50% 3 levels royalties 70% Second level 10% Third level 10% Limitless organization bonus 2% - 4% -
  14. 14. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” HOW TO REGISTER• If you are a Goldbex client by accessing to your VO in the “Wiin Club”section.• If you are not a client yet, directly to the web in the “Wiin Club” section.• Until July 1st pre-registers are accepted.• Accumulation downline is preserved. “Build an international business and let your cash flow working each night for you”
  15. 15. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education”HOW TO PAY MY MEMBERSHIP AND HOW TO CASH MY COMMISSIONS • You should register to okpay electronic money platform. • Create your account and turn yourself into a verified client. • Indipendently from the country in which you stay, you will pay your membership throught your account. • Goldbex will pay on 15th of each month on your Okpay account. • With your international debit card Okpay Master Card you can take out money from any cash dispenser in the world. “Ask your local leaders:”
  16. 16. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” IT HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY…• You should not obtain minimum sales in order to start cashing, you shouldjust pay for your membership each month.• You create a wealth system and learn where and how to invest it.• You should not store products.• Your credit does not depend on sales. “Build an international business and let your cash flow working each night for you”
  17. 17. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education” THE MONEY FLOW… • The Winner’s Club financial goal is to obtain a continuous money income (residual). •Money does not give you the financial stability, a continuous money flow does. • Our social goal is to change thousands of people lives by helping them through a financial education. “What you never learnt at school or university, you will learn in GWC”
  18. 18. GOLDBEX – “Wiin Club” “Coaching & Financial Education”TO WORK AS A TEAM• This is the basis of your success.• To work as a team helps to automotivate.• Team success is your success.• Invite your team to participate in our trainings andwebconferences. “Living surrounded by wealth, it does not make any sense if you cannot share it with anybody”