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Goldbex Official Presentation - English V.5.1


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New Goldbex Presentation

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Goldbex Official Presentation - English V.5.1

  1. 1. Business opportunity Gold & Financial Education Septiembre 2014 – V 5.1
  2. 2. We want to introduce our bussines opportunity. Welcome to Goldbex Independent franchising in the sector of gold and financial education.
  3. 3. It’s a time of great changes… “If you watch this presentation it means that you are not satisfied with your life and you need new challenges and dreams that can change your life.” Join our movement… We want to teach you secrets of the richest people of the world.
  4. 4. Do you know that… ✓ 20% of population accumulates 94% of the world wealth. ✓ The rest just have to survive. “What group do you want to belong?” The system only looks for slaves… ✓ The system only prepares us to become workers. ✓ To become rich you have to study wealth.
  5. 5. At school you aren’t being taught about money… Neither at university… In Goldbex… ✓ We teach you financial education. ✓ You will learn how to make money and save it. ✓ You will acquire financial education.
  6. 6. Learn and earn with Goldbex… “Other types of business teach you to sell their products, in GOLDBEX we teach you to earn and manage your money” Gold and Financial Education ✓ International franchising of online business. ✓ Products and services of great interest.
  7. 7. LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS… We offer you the possibility to have: ✓ Your business through the Internet. ✓ Works 24 hours a day. ✓ 365 days a year. And also… ✓ Generate immediate income. ✓ International business. ✓ No income limit. Goldbex Franchising Become a franchisee today! Independent franchising in the sector of gold and financial education.
  8. 8. Start today… Join Goldbex ✓ More than 100 countries. ✓ Thousands of franchisees. ✓ It’s been working from 2010. Just for… A year You will have your business running in less than 24 hours.
  9. 9. Being a franchisee… You will have: ✓ A personalised official Website. ✓ Virtual Office of Goldbex. ✓ Trainings. ✓ Working tools. ✓ 5 different ways of income. Free classes… Solo por… with Wiin Club Master Class Financial Education. Also… “Remember that no experience is needed. Our system is customized to help you at the beginning” lessons
  10. 10. Being a franchisee… You earn: Además… ✓100 € by reselling Goldbex Franchising. ! ✓Each year when a payment is renewed you once again receive money from your recommendations. Immediate gains… For each recommendation. A year Commission fee is paid immediately to your Goldbex Bank.
  11. 11. Picking earnings An International payment system n any country worldwide. ✓ Neteller ✓ Okpay ✓ Payza ✓ Bank transfer “In addition you will use your GOLDBEX MONEY to pay contracts or to contract other services offered by Goldbex.” Cards: Neteller, Okpay o Payza… ✓ Withdraw money at thousands of ATMs worldwide. ✓ Use them when you go shopping. *Goldbex recommends to use Neteller for its agility.
  12. 12. Additional income… ✓ Gold accumulation plans ✓ Wiin Club ✓ Career Plan. ✓ Special Bonus. Our ‘Step by Step’ system shows you different ways to generate limitless income.” Por cada Recomendación. Limitless income… Our global system of financial intelligence will help you achieve financial independence.
  13. 13. Gold accumulation plans ✓ Recommend them and earn. ✓ You will get big discounts. ✓ Gold bars of pure gold of 24 K. ✓ Different plans of accumulation. ✓ Triple your investment ✓ 9 different plans. ✓ From just 100 €. GBP100 Purchase price 400 € Payment in advance 100 € Recommendations 6 Bonus 300 € Management fee (25%) 100 € Total withdrawal in gold 300 € An example how GBP100 works.
  14. 14. Wiin Club… ✓ Master of Financial Education. ✓ Educational material. ✓ You will know when, where and how to invest. ✓ Many Investment Opportunities. And also… Earn money with Wiin Club… ✓ Generate royalties of three levels for recommending Wiin Club. ✓ Recommend thIS service and create growing cash flow monthly. ✓ Build the foundation of your financial independence. * Wiin Club is an exclusive and optional service only for franchisees of Goldbex. It costs 100€/month
  15. 15. Career Plan ✓ Infinity Bonus of a group ✓ Awards ✓ 2% -­‐ 4% -­‐ 5% -­‐ 6% downline Bonus ✓ Strategy “Giveme 5” ✓ Special Bonus “Invite 5 people to the system fast And duplicate this strategy of work To move up in the career plan.” Start your career in Goldbex… Move up in the company and get Infinity Bonus from the total billing of your group.
  16. 16. Franchisee of Goldbex Wiin Club Gold Plans Career Plan Special Bonus Direct Commissions 100 € By selling any new franchise. 5 ways of income Being a franchisee of Goldbex you can get 5 different ways of income. Infinity Bonus 6% 5% 4% 2% Blling of the entire Downline Rewards for personal work and objectives *According to a promotion Monthly income 5 levels x3 Receive commissions From 5 levels down For monthly fee paid By your downline. Lingotes de Oro From 100€ you start Gold accumulation plans And triple your investment Just for recommendations
  17. 17. Work from home International! Opportunity ! ✓ Internet ✓ Skype ✓ Hangouts ✓ Trainings ✓ Conferences ✓ Flexible schedule ✓ Without bosses ✓ International business ✓ Limiitless earnings “And while earning money you become an expert in Financial Intelligence.”
  18. 18. Working tools ✓ Videos, Magazine, App, Goldbex Music, etc.. ✓ Virtual Office to control your business.
  19. 19. Personalised Website ✓ In 6 different languages. ✓ A virtual presenter. ✓ Automatic updates. ✓ Actual modern design. Your website works for you… ✓ 24 hours a day. ✓ 365 days a year. Goldbex Website With your website you can attract new people from around the world
  20. 20. What should I do?... ✓ Promote your business. ✓ Get new franchisees. ✓ Duplicate your knowledge. ✓ Create a network. You must just follow the steps… Organize your time... ✓ Join a team with a daily working plan. ✓ Devote a part of your time for recruiting and learning secrets of making business. ✓ Prepare your promotional campaign of online and offline recruitment.
  21. 21. Work Online ✓ Promote in Social Network! ✓ Put classified Ads. ✓ Invite to Meetings online. ✓ Come to trainings. ✓ Personal Blog. “Internet can be a great tool to let others know the business opportunity. But we advise you to manage your time carefully.” Globalize your business… Through Internet you can build an international network.
  22. 22. Work Offline ✓ Meetings. ✓ Ads in the local newspapers. ✓ Campaign of flyers. ✓ Posters in strategic places. ✓ Business cards. In Virtual Office you will find all advertising material that will help you in your promotional campaigns offline.” There’s life out of Internet… If you transmit the business opportunity of Goldbex out of Internet it will help you to grow faster.
  23. 23. Start today… ✓ No matter if you haven’t understood all. ✓ It tends to happen at the beginning… ✓ We want you to see the opportunity. ✓ Start and learn the business. ✓ Do not let the opportunity escape… Your promoter will help you to register… ✓ Contact the person who has invited you. ✓ Register and in less than 24 hours your business will start working. ✓ In case of any questions, enter: . “Join the movement of financial intelligence And do not let others steal your dreams”
  24. 24. Franchisee of Goldbex Start as a franchisee and earn 100 € for reselling your franchising. Get all necessary knowledge to success in your career in Goldbex. How to start... Gold Starter Pack Wiin Starter Pack Full Starter Pack + + + + Start as a franchisee and in the basic range of Gold Accumulation Plans , GBP100. Start as a franchisee and enter our exclusive Club of Financial Education, Wiin Club. Start the business with strength and determination. Franchising+ GBP100 + Wiin Club. Chose the option that better suits your needs.
  25. 25. Methods of payment ✓ Neteller ✓ Okpay ✓ Payza ✓ Bank transfer “When registering yo will receive an e-­‐mail with instructions explaining how to pay for your registration” Beginning in Goldbex… ✓ Use a method of payment that best suits your needs. ✓ You can start your business in Goldbex from any country of the world. *Goldbex recommends to use Neteller for its agility
  26. 26. Reach your dreams… ✓ Give yourself a chance. ✓ If something does not work, change it… ✓ If you fail, learn from your mistakes. “Remember that only with Financial Intelligence You will be able To achieve your dreams. Goldbex, “A key to success”. ✓ We want to help you to change you lifestyle. ✓ We have a plan that will let you getting financial freedom. ✓ We want to teach you managing your life with intelligence.
  27. 27. Philosophy ✓ Help us to change the world. ✓ We transmit the message. ✓ We learn to teach. ✓ We want you to become a part of this project to make the world more intelligent. “Fighting against the ignorance can only those people Who have enough intelligence to understand That they do not have it.” Antonio Lara Goldbex Foundation… With the business you make you will take part in the solidarity projects of Goldbex Foundation.
  28. 28. ¡¡ Podemos…!!