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Dossier goldbex english


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Dossier goldbex english

  1. 1. The formula of success
  2. 2. 1 Is it possible to get back on the feet having this economical market? 2 How many companies were created during this crisis? 3 How can we triumph during the time of economical recession?2 Goldbex - The formula of success
  3. 3. Actually Goldbex is a synonym of success. This International business is specialized in gold, finance and financial education. Only during 24 months of work it is in more than 60 countries. Antonio Lara got just the idea and developed it. He is the founder and the president of this company with more than 25 years of experience in financial coaching, educating leaders of different fields. This businessman from Barcelona leads his company with lots of success during the time of crisis from Switzerland. The secret of Goldbex is in its diversity covering different business areas. Gold investment, wealth protection and financial education are three main directions of this Multinational Company. All types of entrepreneurs gathered in this international company, among them there are about 8000 clients and franchises. The company’s address is in Switzerland, it’s the most prestigious financial place of golden commerce and custody as it gives wide legal coverage for clients’ wealth. World Goldbex • Spain • Portugal • Belorus • U.S.A. • Ecuador • France • Holland • Latvia • Argentina • + more than 50 countries. • Italy • Sweden • Brasil • Chile • Belgium • Russia • Colombia • Bolivia • Switzerland • Ukrain • Mexico • Peru3 Goldbex - The formula of success
  4. 4. Goldbex forms a part of the International Corporation Wiin Internationacional Group Ltd. marketing different products and services related to golden investment and financial education through e-commerce system. The fast expansion of the company is due to the commercial strategy “ a client recommends a client” that offers substantial discounts in clients’ purchases just only for recommendations the company’s products and services. The Goldbex philosophy is to offer this business opportunity to thousands of families in the world and to contribute financial well-being to those who is in the difficult situation during this time of recession and world crisis. “We’ve brought this business of gold and financial education closer to thousands of families in the world converting Goldbex to a new source of extra income” The formula of success: Internet and gold E-commerce consists of purchasing and selling products and services through Internet. At the beginning of 1970 the first e-commerce started. Nowadays it’s one of most successful markets against actual financial crisis. The number of companies that commercialize through Net is growing and advantages are also increasing. The main advantages of e-commerce are: Global outreach through Internet Interactivity with clients Universal standards Social technology Small infrastructure and initial expense4 Goldbex - The formula of success
  5. 5. Gold Gold is very precious material. It’s always been considered as a symbol of wealth all over the world. Moreover, it’s recognized everywhere and it can be changed for cash in any country of the world. If you invest in gold you have the assurance and the guarantee of financial stability having been proved for the last 10 years by high profitability against the crisis. In this case there’s no place to speculation. The facts and the numbers have tasted it out and without any doubt gold is the most coveted product in the world.9. The key. Gold is said to have increased its value for more than 500% for the last 10 years In 2011 gold has been revalued in 15%. To be exactly, gold is rising 10 consecutive years and the forecast clearly shows this growing. Opposite to financial instability and the weakness of dollar or euro in different circumstances gold has always been considered as important value for all investors. To all these facts we want to add the presence of a new element of insecurity as merge and bank restructuring that can cause the danger to the savings of a normal saver. According to that people are much more secure investing in gold as it gives them assurance against speculations. “Goldbex success is carried out due to clients involvement in this global business through Internet and, of course, to its product- investment in gold” 5 Goldbex - The formula of success
  6. 6. Golden ingots of Goldbex Goldbex sells golden ingots “London Good Delivery”. These golden ingots are homologated by Bullion Market Association and are accepted in international stock transactions without any limits. The designation “London Good Delivery” accredits that they comply the strict quality requirements to be sold as golden ingots of 24 carats in any place of the world. The golden ingots “London Good Delivery” have the purity from 995 up to 999.9 parts per 1000 of fine gold and some marks as number of series, refiner seal, purity and year of manufacturing can be found on them.6 Goldbex - The formula of success
  7. 7. Goldbex Franchising Goldbex Franchising is the unique opportunity of having online business in the sector of gold and financial education without being charged and paying unnecessary taxes for starting it. So Goldbex offers for those who are interested the opportunity to enter to this growing sector and form a part of the international business working full or part time from home or from a small office. Telecommuting is a good solution for thousands of people. You can decide when and how to work. By having this opportunity to choose you gain better quality of life and spend much more time with your people. The only requirements are to have a computer and internet connection. Moreover, you will enter to the growing sector and “gold of investment” has always had secure value. Starting franchising business gives you safety and prestige. If you rely on Goldbex your business will be guaranteed by the international signature which has been obtained this year, it allows to work and educate online.7 Goldbex - The formula of success
  8. 8. .¿Cómo gana dinero un franquiciado? Goldbex makes it easy. It offers its official website available in 6 different languages to all its franchisees and as its other tools. Through the virtual show-window various products and services are being sold: accumulation plans of gold, financial education and wealth protection. By this way franchisee consultants obtain their benefits. Business of “gold” forms a part of the international project and it’s the leader in its sector How does franchisee earn money? Franchising costs 160€. It includes Goldbex marketing licence, official Goldbex website, a virtual office of business control, including to the franchising map, 5 free lessons of financial education and Basic educational Goldbex training. This “Know How” is valued more than 1.500€ and a client gets it only for 160€ per year that contains updates, support and continuous training to the franchisee through virtual conference halls, skype, e-mail and other internet tools. Just after registration a client begins his global business in 24 hours without confronting to huge expenses as offices, stocks, working staff and so on.8 Goldbex - The formula of success
  9. 9. Accumulation plans of gold It’s one of the main products of Goldbex. That’s much more profitable to accumulate gold than money. The reason is simple: money loses its value daily, gold consolidates with time. Exactly the last one increases its revaluation each year. With “accumulation” system it’s possible to buy gold with great discounts for recommending new clients. Clients can accumulate as much gold as they want because there’re no limits. Moreover, gold can always be exchanged to cash. Totally there’re 6 accumulation plans of different amounts to offer this business opportunity to any person and just from 100€. “That’s possible to buy gold with huge discounts for recommending new clients with “accumulation” system”9 Goldbex - The formula of success
  10. 10. Recommendation system. Goldbex with many other well-known companies reward their clients with big discounts or presents for recommending their products and services to others. We want to remind the promotions made by Pelayo Insurance Company, Movistar, Jazztel, Sabadell Bank, Yoigo, Channel+ and many other companies in internet that reward just only for recommending their products and services to their friends, family, etc… That’s possible to get up to 66% discount out of the purchase price. The great difference between Goldbex and other companies is that it applies these discounts inside the product price of “pure gold ingots of 24 carats”. So clients are much more involved in the promotion and advertising system which can be called “mouth to mouth”. By doing this the company doesn’t invest in publicity and recompenses it with a huge discount to its best product “pure gold ingots of 24 carats”. Like that only for recommending accumulation Goldbex plans of gold you can get up to 66% discount out of the purchase price. 10 Goldbex - The formula of success
  11. 11. VipGoldPlan VipGoldPlan is the accumulation plan thought for the medium class investor. A client inverts 6.000€ and gets 15.000€ in gold of 24 carats and it can be sold at any moment or deposit to a safe box watching the increasing value of this gold. The system operation is similar to any other accumulation plan Goldbex. The great difference is that the investors’ gold community developed an advertising system, it generates new clients. So recommending work becomes easier. After having had success with accumulation plans of small amount of money, VipGoldPlan offers the opportunity to its clients to take part in a greater secure accumulation guaranteed by Swiss well-known financial institutions as Viamant International and Cim Banque. “Vipgoldplan permits to obtain high profitability investing to secure value as gold”11 Goldbex - The formula of success
  12. 12. Wiinclub: Financial education Wiinclub has created a system to generate incomes (royalties) with the opportunity to get financial education to keep and multiply obtained earnings. This financial education is thought for the whole family and most of all for young people who have to be clever enough in choosing their career in the nearest future. Wiinclub offers the opportunity to study these skills to generate wealth, stimulate savings paying doubts and that’s very important for many families all over the world nowadays. Wiinclub expresses clearly the philosophy of Goldbex is to help to overcome financial crisis to thousands of families. Children spend various years in the antique educational system studying things which they will never use and preparing to enter the world that doesn’t exist. Rich people teach their children skills of handling money, and this information is either taught at schools or universities as simple students don’t have access there. Using the strategy “a client recommends a client” only for recommending Wiinclub to others our students will get constant and increasing flow of money, it will add tranquility and stability to their desired financial life. Wiinclub is thought for young people and adults of all ages and of different social backgrounds.12 Goldbex - The formula of success
  13. 13. Offshore service This is a global business focused on e-commerce. Goldbex offers to its clients the management of different offshore services. Goldbex advisers’ team studies each situation individually revising all clients’ necessities. The aim of this counseling and establishment of offshore services is to obtain the major financial savings in international business or in any other activity through internet. That’s absolutely legal and many important companies as Apple, Google etc…locate their business in such countries as Luxembourg, Ireland where the taxes are not so high. The company doesn’t advise to form associations or to open offshore bank accounts for those who want to betray or avoid paying taxes. The constitution of offshore association, known as International Business Company (IBC), allows starting the activity without confronting the organization of big infrastructure. Such kinds of associations are ideal for entrepreneurs, businessmen, consultants, executives, brokers and for those who works with e-commerce. That’s also remarkable the fact that offshore associations don’t need to import the initial funds to start the business. We remind to all our clients that we don’t need your personal presence to carry out all management as in case of offshore association or in opening a bank account in Swiss, Goldbex manages everything through internet. Goldbex makes tax benefits and wealth protection available to everyone all over the world.13 Goldbex - The formula of success
  14. 14. Goldbex & Wiin Club Foundation Goldbex works in different projects for humanitarian aid. However, the main object of this foundation is eradication of financial ignorance in undeveloped countries. That’s not sufficient to donate medicine, food and other products. If we give this knowledge to people we can see them able to help themselves and to generate their own ways of survival. All our franchisees and clients collaborate with our foundation to promote business of Goldbex all over the world.14 Goldbex - The formula of success
  15. 15. 15 Goldbex - The formula of success
  16. 16. Antonio Lara’s Bibliography Antonio Lara is the president and the founder of Goldbex, a successful company created during the times of economical crisis. He is an experienced professional working more than 25 years in financial coaching and teaching leaders of different companies. In the same way he is more than 15 years in the sector of gold. This person from Barcelona leads this successful international business in the sector of gold and financial education through internet. He achieved just only for 18 months being present in more than 50 countries all over the world. He was born in Barcelona and from his early age he was considered to be an entrepreneur with new and advanced ideas of that time. “I’ve never worked for anyone and being a child I was always dreaming to change the world, contributing new ideas to make good for everyone”, he comments. This businessman from Barcelona with charismatic personality leads Goldbex project from Geneva, Swiss. It offers the opportunity to start franchisee business in the sector of gold and financial education. Productor musical y de televisión, presentador de tv, escritor y un avanzado experto en marketing publicitario, hace 25 años tuvo la oportunidad de conocer el concepto de networking americano por el que se apasiona e involucra. Recibió formación de filósofos y personajes muy influyentes del mundo de las finanzas. Entre ellos, cabe destacar al filósofo de los negocios Jim Rhon, entre otros, personaje que influye en la decisión de ejercer la docencia y convirtiéndose años más tarde en uno de los coachers financieros más influyentes de nuestra época. His passion for precious metals begins in 1996 and it still goes on. That’s obvious gold becomes important during times of economical crisis converting into the best investment for small and big investors. He derives all his professional experience to the foundation of the multinational company Goldbex in 2010 where he unites important concepts as financial education and investment in gold. Thus, he created online business and it actually has more than 4,000 people working individually in more than 50 countries all over the world.16 Goldbex - The formula of success
  17. 17. The project of Goldbex has grown up and continues growing. That’s why it gained its leadership incorporating financial educational service online called WiinClub. It offers a generating system of extra income to all its clients just only for recommending this new academy. “Money management is taught neither at University nor at school . These secrets are being told to children from their early age by their rich parents, so we open them to you. The new thing in this system is that we don’t only sell information but at the same time we facilitate to get a generating system of income. Without any doubts, it’s a magnificent opportunity most of all for young entrepreneurs who will find a big extra source of income and a future financial labor solution working with us”, adds Antonio Lara. Evidently this Catalan visionary has found the way to unite internet, gold, financial education and the opportunity to have own business during times of crisis and recession. This mixture allows to all entrepreneurs to enjoy it and also to find the opportunity to change their future that’s because Goldbex nowadays gives this magnificent opportunity to work and to obtain extra income and financial intelligence. And finally our hero wants to open his secret that he has hidden his first book called “Change your life now”. He wrote it thinking about those who are not satisfied with their labor situation. “Yes, really writing is my hobby and I want you to be sure that this book will not leave anyone indifferent. My intention is to show the people the way to be happy and let them know how to eliminate the heavy bulk of responsibility paying attention to small things around us”, he says. Undoubtedly, Goldbex and its president have many things to say.17 Goldbex - The formula of success
  18. 18. If you want to make your own success bussines don’t doubt to contactwith the person who has provided you this information! goldbex34000000!/Goldbex34Antonio LaraFounder & CEO of Goldbex