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Direct Plan (English)


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Enjoy the new direct plans. With 2 only two direct, close your contract and earn 50% extra.

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Direct Plan (English)

  1. 1. Gold Accumulation Plans Direct Plan Noviembre 2014 – V 1.0
  2. 2. We want to introduce you our successful Gold Accumulation Plans ✓ Goldbex operates in more than 100 countries. ✓ It has thousands of customers and franchisees. ✓ It is more than 4 years on the market. Welcome to Goldbex Gold Accumulation Plans– Direct Plan
  3. 3. Gold It is the most desired product in the World… ✓ This product is desired for everybody ✓ It is a symbol of power and wealth.. ✓ It is recognized around the world. ✓ It is always exchangeable for money. Secure your heritage...….. Goldbex Accumulate gold ingots of 24 carats .
  4. 4. Recommend our Plans and get big discounts… ✓ Recommend and earn with Goldbex. ✓ Big discounts at the purchase of Gold. ✓ Thousands of companies offer discounts. ✓ In Goldbex you get discounts in: Bring… Gold ingots of 24 carats. 2 people and get incredible discounts….
  5. 5. Goldbex DP Gold Accumulation Plans, How do they work?... ✓ Sign a contract of the gold purchase ✓ Pay only 50% of the final price The remaining amount you may pay: ✓ With your work of recommendations. ✓ Or paying money for it. 4 Plans DP Accessible just from 100 €.
  6. 6. The contract ✓ It could be done electronically. ✓ The maximum duration is 12 months. ✓ You need a promoter who brought you. The Cycle of DP ✓ Bring 2 new clients and finish the contract. ✓ When you cyclize you can open a new contract. ✓ You can do this operation endless number of times. With only 2 recommendations, you will close your DP contract ✓ You can cyclize several contracts in the same day…
  7. 7. Goldbex Gold Accumulation Plans, modality of Direct Plan 4 different plans: ✓ DP100 ✓ DP300 ✓ DP500 ✓ DP1000 For everybody… Choose the most convenient plan for you…
  8. 8. Direct Plan 100 Recommend and earn… Investment of 100 € The obtained profitability is 50% María – DP101 1 2 Dylan – DP101 Allan – DP101 DP100 Purchase value 200 € Payment on account 100 € Recommendations 2 Bonus 100 € Management fee (25%) 50 € Total repayment in gold 150 €
  9. 9. Direct Plan 300 María – DP101 1 2 Dylan – DP101 Allan – DP101 Recommend and earn… DP300 Purchase value 600 € Payment on account 300 € Recommendations 2 Bonus 300 € Management fee (25%) 150 € Total repaymnt in gold 450 € Investment of 300 € The obtained profitability is 50%
  10. 10. Direct Plan 500 María – DP101 1 2 Dylan – DP101 Allan – DP101 Recommend and earn… DP500 Purchase value 1000 € Payment on account 500 € Recommendations 2 Bonus 500 € Management fee (25%) 250 € Total repayment in gold 750 € Investment of 500 € The obtained profitability is 50%
  11. 11. Direct Plan 1000 María – DP101 1 2 Dylan – DP101 Allan – DP101 Recommend and …earn DP1000 Purchase value 2000 € Payment on accouny 1000 € Recommendations 2 Bonus 1000 € Management fee (25%) 500 € Total repayment in gold 1500 € Investment of 1000 € The obtained profitability is 50%
  12. 12. FOLLOW ME María – DP101 1 2 Dylan – DP101 Allan – DP101 María – DP102 Dylan – DP102 Allan – DP102 FOLLOW ME My list of recommendations When they close their contracts and open again news contracts , they will come to me again.
  13. 13. Fast Cycles 6 direct Referrals = 3 cycles + FOLLOW ME Accelerate the closure of your contracts by recommending the major number of direct referrals… “Also, keep in mind that when your referrals close their contracts and they open new ones, they will come to you again”. Direct Referals If you refer the major number of direct referrals, the closure of your contracts will accelerate.
  14. 14. Repurchase of Gold, Inmediatlly after of cycle … ✓ We guarantee the repurchase. ✓ Fast Management. ✓ 24/48 hours. ✓ Sending money to Payment Platform ✓ Sending money to your Bank. Cycle your contracts and request the repurchase ✓ An easy way to convert gold in money. ✓ Obtain profitabilty of 50% of your investment.
  15. 15. The Deposit of Gold in safe cameras is the best option… ✓ Don’t pay transportation. ✓ Don’t pay insurance. ✓ Don’t pay import duty. ✓ Gold doesn’t lose its value. Take advantage of the deposit ✓ If you want to have your heritage in gold, it is the best option. ✓ You will receive a certificate of depository guarantee.
  16. 16. It is impossible to send gold in certain countries because of customs and custom duties. ✓ High taxes on gold. ✓ Prohibitions. ✓ Insecurity of reception. Gold sending is limited to some countries ✓ The best solution is to have a depository certificate. ✓ Remember we repurchase the gold when you need it.
  17. 17. Money sending of repurchase International Payment System anywhere in the World. ✓ Neteller ✓ Okpay ✓ Payza ✓ Bank Transfers “Also you could use your GOLDBEX MONEY to pay contracts or contract other Goldbex services.” Credit Cards of Neteller, Okpay or Payza… ✓ Get money at thousands of ATM machines around the world. ✓ Use them for your personal purchases. * Goldbex advises you to use Neteller platform for its agility..
  18. 18. Tools of work and promotion ✓ Website, Videos, Magazine, App, Goldbex Music, etc.. ✓ Virtual Office in order to control your business
  19. 19. Personalized Web ✓ In 6 different languages. ✓ Virtual Presenter. ✓ Automatic updates. ✓ Moderm and current design Your web works for you… ✓ 24 hours a day. ✓ 365 days a year. ✓ With Goldbex Website your web you can attract new people around the World. ✓ Get more referrals by promoting your web.
  20. 20. Start yoday and join our success ✓ It is never mind if you haven’t understood something. ✓ It could happen at the beginning… ✓ We want you to see this opportunity. ✓ Start and let others to teach you. Transmit the opportunity… Contact 2 people today … ✓ Look around and you will see many people who want to earn money. ✓ Organize a meeting with 2 people and they will understand that it is easy to close contracts.
  21. 21. How could I start?... ✓ Register. ✓ Enter ✓ You ✓ Chose ✓ Visit Register now… ✓ Register the web. will need ID number of your promoter. a plan. trainings online. and recommend… and in less than 24 hours your business will start working. ✓ If you have questions, please enter .
  22. 22. Payment of registration ✓ Neteller ✓ Okpay ✓ Payza ✓ Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards ✓ Bank transfer “When you register you will get an email with instructions how to pay for your registration”. Starting in Goldbex… ✓ Use the way of payment that better suits your needs. ✓ From any country of the world you can start your business in Goldbex. * Goldbex advises you to use Neteller platform for its agility..
  23. 23. Join our project and get Financial Freedom… “Stand on the top of the world. Do not limit yourself and make a plan to release you from chains that are oppressing you” It is much more than GOLD… In Goldbex we teach you the way money work for you while you learn money management.