Car industry buzz report


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Buzz report about the mentions of car brands in social media. Published by Goldbach Interactive.

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Car industry buzz report

  1. 1. Car Brands Social Media Buzz ReportApril 2012Jan Sedlacek, Dominic StöcklinPicture:
  2. 2. Introduction/ Brand managers and sales executives are often interested in how their brand performs in social media and news and what the characteristics are, which the brand is associated to./ Goldbach Interactive is looking at the buzz about the car industry. The following car brands are examined: - BMW - Audi - Mercedes - VW - Opel - Toyota - Ford - Renault - FIAT - Hyundai/ Our analysis reveals certain keywords in conjunction to the car brands: - Design - Quality - Purchase - Environment - Technology - Complaints - Performance/ Further analysis shows how we combine the keywords and the chosen car brands. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 2
  3. 3. Keyword analysis reveals the share of voice ofcertain characteristics Amount of mentions (in %) ⁄ “Design” (22.4 m), “Quality” (18.2 m), “Purchase” (15.2 m) and “Performance” (14.7 m) 4% 5% related keywords are most discussed. 9% 26% ⁄ The characteristic “Environment” (7.8 m) does have a lot of mentions, but is by 17% no means the most important topic. 21% ⁄ In summary, the importance of the different characteristics 18% vary significantly. Design Quality Purchase Performance Environment Technology Complaints © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 3
  4. 4. Car brands have a different share of voice for eachcharacteristic Design ⁄ Ford dominates overall (3.6 m mentions in total) followed by Toyota (2.7 m mentions in total) Performance Quality and BMW (2.5 m mentions in total). ⁄ Toyota and BMW show similar mentions except for a peak in environment from Toyota (450 Complaints Purchase k). In this characteristic Ford has only slightly more (500 k). ⁄ Opel does not show a lot of activity (only 390 k mentions in Technology Environment total). BMW Audi Mercedes VW ⁄ In conclusion while the same characteristics dominate, the Opel Toyota Ford Renault car brands tend to differ in its FIAT Hyundai share of voice. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 4
  5. 5. Car brands have a different share of voice across thedifferent sources News ⁄ Forums is the source in which car brands are most mentioned (over 5 m mentions). ⁄ Ford (2.7 m mentions) dominates (like before in the categories), except in forums, where BMW has Twitter Forums more mentions (1.2 m). ⁄ Toyota (1.9 m mentions) is coming in on a second place (as seen in the characteristics). ⁄ Opel has only 366 k mentions. ⁄ In summary the car brands are Blogs especially strongly represented in BMW Audi Mercedes VW Opel forums. The dominant brands are the same as in characteristics. Toyota Ford Renault FIAT Hyundai © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 5
  6. 6. Dominating car brands demonstrate a gap in mentions toselected other car brands Design ⁄ Ferrari has significantly more mentions(0.9 m) than Tesla (0.1 Performance Quality m) or Hummer (0.1 m). ⁄ Ferrari has very few complaints (26 k) and few mentions about environment (90 k). ⁄ Tesla and Hummer barely have Complaints Purchase buzz in comparison to all the other car brands. ⁄ Concluding, the distribution across mentions shows that the Technology Environment top 3 car brands have far more buzz than selected others. BMW Toyota Ford Ferrari Tesla Hummer © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 6
  7. 7. Mention distribution among age group revealed byanalyzing demographics100% ⁄ The age group that is most 90% relevant for the car brands is the group from 20- 29. 80% 70% ⁄ Audi percentually has the most 60% mentions in the group from 10- 20 (34%), compared to the 50% other car brands. 40% 30% ⁄ Hyundai is most relevant for the 20% group from 20- 29 with a conjunction of 54%. 10% 0% ⁄ The groups 50- 59 and 60- 75 don’t often mention car brands. This is due to their lack of presence in social media. 60- 75 50 - 59 40 - 49 30 - 39 20 - 29 10 - 20 ⁄ In conclusion the distribution among age groups is not well balanced. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 7
  8. 8. Mention distribution across countries showed throughanalyzing demographics100% ⁄ USA is often the dominant90% country (+40%). Renault (15%)80% and Opel (22%) being the70% exceptions.60% ⁄ UK has many mentions too,50% especially for Renault (22%)40% and Hyundai (21%).30% ⁄ Unsurprisingly Opel is20% mentioned a lot in Germany10% (18%). FIAT however does not 0% have a particularly high amount of mentions in Italy (3%). Renault on the other side is mentioned a lot in France (17%). Other Romania italy Netherlands Ireland Indonesia South Africa India ⁄ In summary the origin of your Australia Germany france canada brand somewhat affects where UK USA people are talking about you. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 8
  9. 9. Demographic analysis reveals mention distribution amonggender100% ⁄ Men do have a higher 90% conjunction on the amount of mentions than women. 80% 70% ⁄ Opel has the highest 60% percentage of mentions by men (78%). 50% 40% ⁄ VW is the brand which has 30% percentually the most mentions by women (34%). 20% 10% ⁄ In summary mentions are not 0% well balanced between the genders. But they conclude the different attributes of the demographics, which are crucial to know for the Female Male managers of car brands. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 9
  10. 10. Management summary/ With our research tool Goldbach Interactive identified and examined characteristics for car brands: - Design (22.4 m mentions) - Quality (18.2 m mentions) - Purchase (15.2 m mentions) - Complaints (3.6 m mentions) - Environment (7.8 m mentions) - Performance (14.7 m mentions)/ Within these characteristics we found the strongest car brands: - 1. Ford (3.6 m mentions) - 2. Toyota (2.7 m mentions) - 3. BMW (2.5 m mentions)/ Examining the mentions per source we revealed the following result: - Forums (5.1 m mentions) - Blogs (3.3 m mentions) - News (2.4 m mentions) - Twitter (1.8 m mentions)./ Furthermore the demographics of the people talking about the car brands are: - Mostly male (chance of 60%) - 10- 29 old - From USA or UK/ Because of our analysis the important characteristics and demographics for car brands have been identified. Out of this knowledge it is now possible to adapt your marketing- and social media strategies. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 10
  11. 11. Marketing and social media strategies: Scope of action/ Goldbach interactive identified the key figures for the car industry. Now it is your turn to use the findings and adapt your social media management process:/ Listen to what people say about your brand: - Listen closely to what your competitors and fans say concerning the characteristics, to get ahead of the competition or to stay on top./ Analyzing what the topics about your car brand are: - Be aware of what is defining for your brand. Analyze what characteristic is the most important for your car brand./ Engage with the users in social media: - Engage and communicate with your influencer and fans that are mostly relevant for you by talking to the right demographics group./ Adapt your social media strategy: - Focus your strategy on what you have learned from your influencer and lie and emphasis the important characteristics for a new campaign./ If you are interested in further analysis, then contact us, because we have several research tools to analyze, manage and optimize your social media investment. © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 11
  12. 12. Time period of the analysis• The analysis covers the last 365 daysScope of the analysis• The car industry and well known car brandsGeographical restrictions• NoneLanguage restrictions• NoneSources• Blogs, Forums, Twitter, News © 2012 Goldbach Interactive 12
  13. 13. GOLDBACH INTERACTIVE (SWITZERLAND) AG Jan SedlacekMattenstrasse 90, 2503 Biel/Bienne @JanSedlacek1Seestrasse 39, 8700 Küsnacht +41 32 366 01 90 Dominic Stöcklin @dstoecklin +41 32 366 01 73