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Law’s of thermodynamics


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Law’s of thermodynamics

  1. 1. Laws of Thermodynamics By: Golani Nirav
  2. 2. Law’s of Thermodynamics Zeroth Law of thermodynamics First law of thermodynamics Second law of thermodynamics Third law of thermodynamics
  3. 3. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics.  “If object A is in thermal equilibrium with object B and B is in thermal equilibrium with object C then A & C are in thermal equilibrium with each other”  if two closed system with different temperatures are come into contact then heat is transferred from high temp. to law temp.  it is the basis for temperature measurement of a body or object.  This law is also used for designing the thermometer.
  4. 4. First law of thermodynamics  “Energy can not be created nor can be destroyed there is only the transformation of one form to another”  In other word “the energy of whole universe is remain constant”  It gives relation bw heat supplied & work done ∆Q = ∆U + ∆W ∆U =chang in I.E ∆Q =Heat given to system ∆W =work done by system Δ Q = Δ U + Δ W
  5. 5. Second law of thermodynamics  “In any spontaneous reaction the entropy of system is always increase & gibb’s free energy is always decrease”  Entropy is a randomness of dissorder  2nd Law of Therm. says that nature always goes from order to disorder  The ice crystal molecules are much more ordered than the free moving liquid water molecules.
  6. 6. Spontaneous reactions
  7. 7. Third law of thermodynamics  “The entropy of any crystline material at absolute zero temperature will be zero”  The absolute zero temperature is the reference point for determination entropy.  Importance of this law 1. It helps in calculating the thermodynamic properties. 2. It explains the behavior of solids at very low temperature.