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Waddah's Solar System Brochure


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Waddah's Solar System Brochure

  1. 1. On your way to the milky way Space T R AV E L T O T H Ewatch for planets and for caution M I L K Y WAY please don’t destroy them. GALAXY Are you tried of doing the same things in your galaxy so come on over to milky way where sun is bright and warm and in planet earth.
  2. 2. SAFETY GUIDES TO THE UNIVERSE Watch out for the sun ON YOUR TRIP Please watch out for comets if your wondering what is a comet a comet is a big chunk of ice rocks and gas. Did you know people think comets might valuable information about the origin of theIf you don’t know the sun is it is a solar system. Comets orbits can cross those plants.The cometsstar but these star goes up in themorning and goes down in the andfor your safely please keep away Neptune is a great place if you love to freeze. Alsofrom the sun .The sun has 72% neptune is a gas giant. And neptune is the 8 planet from the sun. Also neptune has 13 moons and 4 thinhydrogen and 26% helium. The rings.Neptune is mostly made by hydrogen and helium and scientist think there might be a ocean of super hottemperature in the center is water. But I bet you didn’t know that venus is a terrestrial planet.15,000,000C and 27,000,000F. Soin other words the sun is really hot. Venus is a terrestrial planet and venus is the secondSo don’t plan your vacation there. planet from the sun. venus isn’t bigger or smaller then the earth and there is no water in this place. So inAnd the sun’s other name is sol. venus it is very dry. Also it is impossible to see the surface.Venus is the second planet away from the sun. But the bad news is there is no water. So I hope you enjoy your stay at venus
  3. 3. So I hopeKuiper belt is a disk-shaped zone icy objects. Pluto is one of the objects in the kuiper belt. Must Earth is my home earth is the 3rd planet away from the sun. We only have 1 moon also we are a terrestrial planet. Earth has a you willof the objects in the kuiper belt is enjoy moderate (mild) temperature all the time. large. If you can you can drive Earth has nitrogen,oxygen,and liquid water.your space ships on the rings and Our moon orbits around us like how orbit around the sun. Our earth is super small take some pictures for your then the sun. our family members at home. galaxy
  4. 4. d This is our solar system the goes likesun,mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus,andneptune Type to enter textAlso this is our galaxy it is called milky way it is a great place to have your vacation so if I was you should drop off by