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PBL Handout for Linked Learning Symposium


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Published in: Education, Technology
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PBL Handout for Linked Learning Symposium

  1. 1. Student + Passion = LearningStarting PBL: Tips, Tools, & TechCore PrinciplesCommon Intellectual Mission, Adult/World Connection, Personalization, ReflectionProject PlannersTo download Word doc versions of the PBL Project Planner, and completed samples, I shared, visit the WorkTo see the work of the students of Room 28, check out To view work at other PBLschools, please see the Helpful Sites for PBL on the next page.CritiqueUse three basic principles: Be helpful. Be specific. Be kind. To learn more about critique & PBL, check out RonBerger’s book, An Ethic of Excellence & videos of him speaking at HTH, available on YouTube.Other Tips• Start small.• One good project a year goes a long way.• Reflection can be the most powerful learning experience during a project.• Give an authentic audience.• Mini-deadlines for portions of assignments keep everyone on track.• Share your work with other educators.ContactGina Olabuenaga, Ed.DMelrose Math/Science/Technology Magnet731 N. Detroit Ave | LA, CA | | melrosestars28.blogspot.comStarting PBL: Tips, Tools, & Tech by Dr. Gina Olabuenaga 1
  2. 2. Student + Passion = LearningHelpful Sites for PBLSite DescriptionEdutopia Sign up for their weekly emails. Each week, it is like professional development in your inbox! Many articles available to help coach you through your first weeks.Edutopia PBL Resources Edutopia put together all of their PBL resources on one place for download here.The Buck Institute for This organization focuses on research surrounding project-based learning. Nearly all of their PBL materials are available for free download as word docs & pdf. files. No matter what you need, you can most likely find it here. Their PBL books are also a great resource.Blogger Easy way to share your work and your students’ work. Great way to begin if digital portfolios are new to you. Links with your Google/ Gmail accounts.Wordpress Another tool for sharing the work. The basic free version has plenty to get any teacher started.Thinkquest Password protected, international educational website that allows teachers and students to collaborate and share projects.Google Sites Google Sites is another option you have for creating teacher & student digital portfolios/ webpages.Google Docs While the wonders of Google Docs never seem to end, Google Forms & Google Docs have been especially useful tools for feedback and collaboration among and between students during project work.Google Sketchup This 3-D sketching software for the conceptual phases of design. Great for art, architecture, engineering, and mathematics teachers!Vimeo Akin to YouTube, allows you to upload and embed student videos without firewall issues! Cleaner video feeds, too! Highly customizable.Starting PBL: Tips, Tools, & Tech by Dr. Gina Olabuenaga 2
  3. 3. Student + Passion = LearningSite DescriptionSlideshare Ever wondered how to embed a powerpoint on a webpage? Upload almost any document format here, get a link, embed! As simple as that. You can make documents available for download as well!Dropbox Safe, online storage site to share & save documents. Good hard drive back up,too!High Tech High This public charter organization is world renowned for their astonishing work with PBL. Check out the many teacher digital portfolios for project ideas, videos, and student work samples.Alfred Solis Here is a strong example of a teacher digital portfolio from a former HTH teacher, who now the Director of New Media at the Buck Institute. Great resource. Follow him on Twitter, too!Da Vinci Schools Two new charter schools in the Hawthorne area who already receiving accolades for their PBL work. The schools also offer teacher digital portfolios to help you generate ideas for projects!Expeditionary Learning & Berger The mission of this organization is to inspire and support educators in meeting the needs of all students. Supports the differentiation that will be required for your upcoming projects and student success. Ron Berger, who designed the critique I use in my classroom, works with the organization and is helping to shape it in positive ways.TED Conversations with the world’s most talented & innovative people. Visit here. Visit often. Be inspired.Twitter When I began teaching, who would have thought that I would be following people on Twit- ter to get resources for the classroom. Here are some people you should be following for PBL ideas and tips! | | | | Also, a recent article on Edutopia gives you more tips on how to use to Twitter to expand your professional learning network (PLN). This site, also available in a smart phone app, does all the internet resource searching for you! Search by subject area, (writing falls under language arts), to find ways to enhance your writing instruction.Starting PBL: Tips, Tools, & Tech by Dr. Gina Olabuenaga 3