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Erick's Solar System Brochure


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Erick's Solar System Brochure

  1. 1. Kuiper Belt Terrestrial planets EARTH scienceblogs.comOne of the kuiper planets is pluto.The astronomers Loremfound a knew planet that was a kupier planet and itwas called eris.Pluto has a small atmosphere butpluto is so cold.And pluto has a satellite that iscalled charon but it is about half of pluto. YOU SHOULD VISTED TERRESTRIAL PLANETS BECAUSE THEY ARE ROCKEY.ROCKY ARE LIKE IT HAS A LOT OF ROCKS AND ROCKS ARE HARD ALMOST YOU CAN’T BREAK THEM.AND Dear,aliens IT IS BUMPY.THEY ARE THE FIVE Earth is a nice planet and it is cool.Earth has PLANTES THAT ARE CLOSEST TO THE water and a lots of beaches in the world. Earth is kind of hot in summer and in winter is really cold. SUN AND MERCURY DON’T HAVE It has oxengen and hydroen.IF you vist our solar SATELLITE. system it will be cool.We have a moon to.
  2. 2. Gas planets The sun gas giants are bigger than the terrestrial planets. And the You should see sometime the sun is very hotgas giants are made from gas but the thing is that all of them and if you get so close to it maybe burn yourare differnet they are not the same if you go to jupiter their is a spaceship will burn because the sun is very verystorm that was there for years but we don’t know how was it hot. But it will be cool if you see the sun somade.And that storm is big it is almost like earth but earth is close .And it is very big biger than jupiter and itbigger.Jupiter it the most biggest planet but the sun is bigger and is like lava lava it is something that it like waterjupiter is kind of cold. but it is red and it is very hot so you could get burn. Earth is is almost close to the sun and earth is hot. I will tell you the four planets that are closest to the sun and they are earth,venus,mars and mercury.