Earth Sciences Review Sheet


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Earth Sciences Review Sheet

  1. 1. Science Review: Earth Science Page 1 of 2Name: _______________________________________Directions: Read the terms & concepts below. Check off the boxes to indicate how confident you are about your knowledge on those subjects. Spend moretime studying the areas where you need additional practice. Make notes if you need to. Good luck! Notes:Solar System: Terms & Concepts 4 3 2 1The role of the sun in the solar systemTerrestrial versus Gas PlanetsHow much of the Earth is water (salt & fresh water)How does the moon stay in placeHow do objects stay on EarthAsteroids, comets, moons, meteors, planets, starsThe Water Cycle: Terms & ConceptsEvaporation/ Condensation/ PrecipitationWhy is the water cycle importantHow do clouds formWhere is water stored
  2. 2. Science Review: Earth Science Page 2 of 2Weather Notes:What causes windHow do land & water affect wind/ temperatureWhat causes severe weatherWhat type of weather occurs under low/high pressure systemsWhat type of weather occurs with cold/ warm/ stationary frontsAir pressure & its affect on weatherReading a weather map