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Bernie's Tour of the Solar System


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Bernie's Tour of the Solar System

  1. 1. lorem + elementum lorem + elementum Solar SystemTHE SUN SaturnThe sun was madewhen the galaxy ex Saturn doesnʼt hadblow the milky way any solid surface.and the first planet It has cloud andwho became a star storm like Jupiter.was the sun Saturn had manybecause the sun moon. Saturn iswas so very big. the second biggest planet. Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun.
  2. 2. Jupiter CometJupiter is a gas Comet are fasterplanet. Jupiter has they can hit othera red spot on the planet. Comet aremiddle. Jupiter is may of ice, rock,the fifth planet and gas. Theaway from the sun. comet go aroundJupiter have sixty- the sun and travelthree moons. many planet. The comet travel around the solar system
  3. 3. MercuryEarth Mercury is theEarth is the only one closet planet tothat has atmosphere the sun and itof nitrogen,oxygen, very so hot.a n d l i q u i d w a t e r. Mercury is theEarth is the third terrestrial planetplanet away from the and is very sosun. Earth has one hot.moon the moontravel around theearth. Earth is theonly were we breath.
  4. 4. lorem + elementum lorem + elementum The kuiper belt The kuiper belt it look like a stars is so small they even look like little planet and has many colors but there are so small to see.