Autobiographical Map Planning Overview


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Autobiographical Map Planning Overview

  1. 1. Autobiographical Map Experience: Writing Planning Overview Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Teacher Model of List Students Narration: Pre-writing: *Students narrate one The Time I Got Caught of their Painting My Nails autobiographical map * Retell story stories (or a new one if Students to draw own * List events, details as they prefer) with a Autobiographical Map autobiographical maps: story is narrated in partner. Experience: *Share three stories with a note/ pictorial/ *Students create a list Author’s ChairWeek 1 *Teacher model group of 3 students fragment form akin to teacher sample. continued… *Students to draw (time *Author’s Chair with 1 *(NOTE: Intentionally *Narrate story permitting) student per triad put them out of according to the list (time permitting) sequence) with a triad. *ASK ME! Activity: *Triads complete ASK -students to ask teacher ME! Group members questions about her are to write questions story. Answer & add on post-its for the the details to the list. writer.Timing 1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour Time as needed 1 hour 1 hour 30 minutes CRITIQUE: ASK ME! *Pull some student Separating the Details: *New triads with questions & as a class, *With teacher sample, students who have Optional: Complete one discuss the questions. class helps teacher identify NOT previously heard more round of ASK ME! -How does the details in the list & circle the story with a new triad to look question help improve them with colored pencil. *Revise story with the for details & sequence the writing?Week 2 *Identify the events & Rough Drafting questions asked by -How does answering number them group members Rough Drafting: the question better *Share out a few Using list, create rough improve the reader’s Students to complete with questions to see if draft of the story understanding? their own list pre-writing questioning is in line -Are the questions pieces with expectations. helpful, specific, and kind?Timing 1 hour – 1 hour 30 min 1 hour 30 minutes Time as Needed 45 minutes 45 minutesWeek 3 Revision: Editing: Final Drafting & Catch Final Drafting & Catch Final Drafting & Catch Continue as needed #1: Misspelling Hunt Up Up Up (Partner) -Students switch papers Olabuenaga © 2011 pg. 1
  2. 2. Autobiographical Map Experience: Writing Planning Overview and circle any words that they think might be misspelled because either they are unfamiliar or look strange to the reader in any way. Writer is to verify the spelling of each word circled by the reader. #2: Red Light, Green Light (Partner or Independent) -Students switch papers with partner. With a green colored pencil, reader circles the first letter of the sentence ONLY if the first letter is capitalized. If not, correct & continue until student finds ending punctuation. Circle all ending punctuation in red. Student can only continue reading of they have a “green light” (capital letter @ beginning of sentence).Timing Time as Needed 1 hour Time as Needed Time as Needed Time as Needed WRITING WRITING CELEBRATION CELEBRATION: continued: *Students share writing in *Students share writing in triads. Offer critique triads. Offer critique (praise, question, polish (praise, question, polishWeek 4 that is helpful, specific, & that is helpful, specific, & kind). kind). *Volunteers share in *Volunteers share in Author’s Chair. Class to Author’s Chair. Class to offer critique. offer critique.Timing 30 minutes 30 minutes Olabuenaga © 2011 pg. 2